Ninh Binh Travel Guide

Ninh Binh Travel Guide

 Ninh Binh now is an attractive destination for tourists. Ninh Binh is not only famous for its beauty but also special foods such as rice crust, mountain goat meat, Kim Son rice wine, etc or its culture. Hoa Lu in Ninh Binh is a capital of Dai Co Viet (an old name of Vietnam) under the Dinh and Le dynasties.  Visiting Ninh Binh to enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food, why not?.
Ninh Binh Eco Travel provides a lot of information about Ninh Binh. In this article, we would like to give you an overview about Ninh Binh and tourist attractions also.

1.    When is the best time to visit Ninh Binh?

You can visit Ninh Binh whenever you you would like to go because each season will have its own beauty and attraction. Visiting Ninh Binh in the summer is the better time to explore this landscape.
To have an unforgettable tour in Ninh Binh, you should care about destinations and the good time to visit each of them. In new year, Bai DInh pagoda is a best place to visit. In the summer, from may to july, it’s the time to travel to Tam Coc when rice fields are yellow, it makes Tam Coc more beautiful and attracts tourists from all around the world.

2.    Transportation to travel to Ninh Binh
You can visit Ninh Binh by motorbike, car, bus or train. It’s about 100 km far away from Hanoi, not far much but Vietnam Eco Travel advises you to go there by bus to save time and your health.
The destinations in Ninh Binh are far from each other so you can spend 2-3 days to explore them. To make sure that you don’t miss any landscape, you should choose tours with Vietnam Eco Travel with good prices and services.
On the way to go to Ninh Binh, on 1A highway in Phu Ly, you can try Gia Bao bread which is very famous and cheap, with only 5000 for one. It has another name is Phu Ly bread, becomes a must try food and a gift for our relatives. 

3.    Where should you stay in Ninh Binh?
Ninh Binh now is a tourist destination so there is many hotels, hostel, homestays from Ninh Binh city to famous places. 
Cuc Phuong resort or Emeralda Resort & Spa is one of best hotel to relax when you travel to Ninh Binh. You should book a room online before visiting here because it will be full in high season.

4.    The destinations in Ninh Binh that you shouldn’t miss
With 10 famous landscapes, Ninh Binh will be a wonderful place for your tour. In the summer, when rice fields becomes yellow, Tam Coc and Hang Mua are two places you can see the unique beauty in Ninh Binh. You will never forget your time here.
Bai Dinh festival is a spring festival, is celebrated from 6th in lunar month to the end of march. In another time, tourists still can visit this pagoda or other famous places near Bai Dinh such as Van Tring cave, Cuc Phuong national park or Hoa Lu ancient capital.
If you love boat trips, you should visit Trang An or Tam Coc. You will have a chance to row the boat or sit on a wooden boat, enjoy the awesome sightseeing.
Trang An Landscape Complex is a spectacular landscape of limestone karst peaks permeated with valleys, many of them partly submerged and surrounded by steep, almost vertical cliffs. . Take a boat to go around Trang An, see the green river, mountains, natural scenery. Enjoy your time here!.
Another destination in Ninh Binh are Phat Diem stone cathedral which is one of oldest cathedral in Vietnam. It has an ancient architecture ad a big cathedral. It can be said that Phat Diem stone cathedral is the capital of Christian in Vietnam.

5.    Must try food in Ninh Binh
Ninh Binh special foods such as mountain goat meat, rice crust, Kim Son rice wine, etc are very famous in Vietnam.
Ninh Binh mountain goat meat is the most popular food here. You can find it in every restaurants in Ninh Binh. There is lots of dishes are made from goat meat such as rare goat meat mixed with lemon, steam goat meat, grilled goat with five-spice powder, goat cooked with curry, etc. We want to give you some names of the good restaurants here: Que Vu restaurant, Thanh Cao restaurant, Tung Bach restaurant. 
Ninh Binh rice crust (Com chay Ninh Binh) is made from Huong sticky rice which has pure and round grains helping the dish get extra flavor. Com Chay should be supported heat by charcoal and during cooking, keep suitable heat to create burned rice  with equal thickness around the bottom of the deep pot . It is one of the most difficult step in cooking. After that, burned rice is put out to dry in the sun several times  and preserved in fresh places to avoid mouldy state and keep its flavor. After drying, slices of steamed rice are fried in hot oil pan until they turn yellow and crisp. Together with main ingredient, steamed rice, are beef, pig’s heart or kidney, some vegetables like mushroom, tomato, carrot  and spices such as fish sauce (nuoc mam), pepper, red chili, onion, salt. Beef and pig’s heart or kidney are thinly sliced, marinated with such spices and mixed with vegetables . Then the mixture is  fried until fragrant and put into Com Chay bowl.
Kim Son rice wine is one of 10 famous rice wines in Vietnam. It is made from sticky rice, Chinese medicine barm and made with secret way of locals in Kim Son. Kim Son rice wine has good smell, and unique flavor. It is usually mixed with some animals such as star fish, gecko, boucal, etc, it’s good for your health.

6.    Souvenir in Ninh Binh
Buying some gifts after traveling somewhere for our relatives is important. So what should we buy when we visit Ninh Binh?. We will recommend for you what you should buy here.
Ruou Can Nho Quan (Nho Quan wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) is one of the special cuisines in Ninh Binh. To get a good bottle of wine, it must undergo several stages: from selecting ingredient to the processing and especially to calculate the appropriate time so that just in time. Ruou Can Nho Quan is made from sticky rice. The Sticky rice must be chosen new rice, the alcohol will be delicious. Alcohol yeast are made from the peel of trees mixed with chili powder, ginger powder, rice powder and water, this combination is cut into smaller pieces and dried in 10-15 days, then crushed and mixed with the dried mixture of cooked rice and rice hulls, which is kept in the vase in 1-2 days, then dried banana tree’s leaves are covered on the surface of the mixture in 1 month before the wine is ready to drink.  The longer the wine is kept, the better taste it has.
Ninh Binh rice crust, mountain goat meat or Kim Son rice wine are also gifts you should buy for your friends or family. 
Kim Son sedge mat weaving is sold in Kim Son village which is famous. are made by local craftsmen in Kim Son, Ninh Binh. In Kim Son, . Kim Son weaving sedge mats is hard work because everything is done manually and requires great attention to detail, from choosing and drying the sedge to the weaving itself. Under the skillful hands of people sedge weaving mats, they have created beautiful sedge mat products which are various in designs, neat, light-weight and easy to fold . Besides Kim Son sedge mat weaving, there is many sedge products such as vases, sewing boxes,animal figures, baskets, boxes, bags,etc. Buy them as a lovely gift for you families and friends. They’re beautiful and unique.