Most tourists are known to model travel agent offices around the world. As in Vietnam Travel Agency model is well developed and is no stranger to international travelers. Along with such development can’t avoid bad issue from some travel agents caused to customers.

Especially as the recent case 1 Australian tourists named Lynne Ryan encountered when he booked tours in a no reputation tourist office in Hanoi for Tour 2 Days 1 Night on a Cruise in Ha long Bay with title: “Our horror trip to Halong Bay” was published in many major newspapers inAustralia. View more Link articles in: AU. NEW

This makes clients lose confidence and increase concerns when they want to find a travel agency for their trip in Viet Nam. Customers are always wondering whether to believe the travel agent anymore or not?

And if so, How to find a reputable travel agent to avoid situations which Lynne Ryan has encountered? We will help you answer that you still should believe and continue using their services. And how can you choose a reputable,best travel agent in Hanoi as well as in Vietnam?

What is Travel Agency and Booking Office

Besides, Hanoi is known for ancient streets,it is easy for you to see a lot of Famous Street Foods, Booking Offices and Travel Agency in Hanoi.

I’m sure that most of you cannot clearly define what are the similarities and differences between Booking Office and Travel Agency?

So, I will help you have precise definition of scale and mode of operation of two kinds of office in Hanoi.

Vietnam Eco Travel

What is Travel Agency

Travel Agency is an Office providing full information about the type of tour that you need.It has full legal recognition by law to provide information and customers can book a tour directly.

Normally,travel agents have contracts with Tour Operator Companies and get percent on each type of tour that they sell.

Depending on the scale of each Office as well as the level of credibility Office that customers always get more reasonable prices, better than using the same type of tourist services in other travel office. At here, they provide full tours information throughout Vietnam when customers demand.

These Travel Agency usually can be opened as individual as Lily’s Travel Agency, Rose Travel, Dao Travel …They usually focus on short- term tours. But if you choose travel agency which is opened by individual, you should also select carefully before booking tour with them.

Because of their low legal responsibility and they have almost no guarantee for their service or a center where the problems of customer complaints are solved.

Travel Agency is run by the Reputable Travel Companies you will get many more incentives and assurances.

Because of this type of Office, they have very high legal, and there are always people who support you 24/24 when you request.

Their customer care center is also very reputable. If you encounter unexpected issues they will always settle and take full responsibility .

They ensure that they will give you 100% refund if your tour is incorrect as what they offer and sell for you. Because they are run by reputable travel companies in Vietnam and have been in operation for a long time in the tourism industry.

Thus, they will not let a small mistake affect their credibility as well as their brand which they’ve built for many years.

Second reason,you should choose travel agency is operated by reputable travel companies than tourist office is opened by one particular individual.

That’s all their staffs are always very carefully selected, trained language and knowledge of tourism, they are experts in the tourism industry.

That is reason why you will peace of mind in choosing travel agency for your vacation. One of the most famous travel agencies is Hanoi Explore Travel – 1 of Top Best Travel Agent in Hanoi on Tripadvisor or Anna Booking Office…

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What is the Booking Office

It also makes sense as an office that provides tour information for international visitors. But scale of Booking Office is smaller than Travel Agency.

Booking Office in Hanoi usually specializes in providing short-term tours and services such as bus ticket, train ticket, Booking Office also have laundry services, rental of motorcycles and bicycles.

They have no function, duty to provide and sell to customers all kinds of Vietnam Package Tours. Normally, they can only sell types of ticket in one particular local as Ninh Binh 1 Day Tour, 2 Days Tour, Halong Bay 1 Day, Halong Bay 2 Days 1 Night Tour, Sapa 2 Days 1 Night Tour.

They rely on programs available to give guests. They do not have the function of planning or organizing tours on request of customers .

This type is low legal. So I suggest that you should find reputable Booking Office to book tour for your trip.

Hanoi Explore Travel is one of best Hanoi Travel Agency


How To Find A Reputable Hanoi Travel Agency

I think that all of you understand similarity and different between 2 models and the important thing is how to find them and criteria for evaluating a Reputable Travel Agency.

First of all, we can learn through Google’s search engine or the famous tourism forum in the world. And especially mention is Tripadvisor-one of the world’s largest website about tourism services assessment. You should choose them according to the following criteria:

Search online

+ On Top 10 of Travel companies on Tripadvisor website in Hanoi.
+ Website with accurate information such as addresses, Hotline, Email, representatives and business license.
+ Website has the terms of the rights, as well as cancellation policy for clients.
+ Website must be committed and compensation terms of contract, if they do not provide services like selling to customers.

Another important Tip is that you should learn about history, representative of that office and as well as how many years they have been active in the tourism industry?

Thus, you will always receive the most useful information and good price from experts. Then, you can consult tour program via the website or send an email to book tours that you want

Go directly to the office

If you have time you can visit the old quarter and go directly to that office.
+ At first time, you come to the office you will always get their attention and enthusiast regardless of using their services or not. But for those are not prestigious office you will find that the staff’s attitudes will change if you don’t use their service after asking for information and price but you don’t use their service.

+ For a reputable travel agency: After advising you, they will always give you the terms of the contract compensation if the quality is not true as they offered.

+ Travel Agent in Hanoi will give you one copy of clear information about the name of the ship, hotel, schedule, accurate picture of tour that you want. This is only in the prestigious offices

+ They will sign one contract to make sure that you will always get the benefit of unfortunate circumstances occur during the tour.

+ They are the major partners of the company’s largest travel organizations, the most prestigious in Vietnam so they will always give you the best price and best deals.

+ After the end of each tour, They will come to your accommodation, to check the quality of the tour that you just finished. So you are always assured of benefits in cases the unfortunate happen.

This article is my whole experiences that were drawn during more than 10 years in tourism industry. I held many positions from travel agency to tourism organization. I hope that this article is useful for you to have a right choice Hanoi Travel Agency to book the Vietnam Package Tours for your holiday

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