Inexpensive Halong Bay Backpackers Cruise

Budget Halong Bay Cruises for backpackers – Tips for solo travelers

When visiting Vietnam, Halong Bay is unquestionably a destination that all travelers should not miss. However, the well-known Ha Long Bay excursion is sometimes mistaken for a luxury journey on big cruise ships with pricey services.

In actuality, some people, especially backpackers, cannot afford to spend a fortune on travel, but they nevertheless want to make the most of their time in Halong Bay.
Halong Bay, the most popular tourist destination in Vietnam, can still be visited at an affordable cost.

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Swiming in Halong Bay

If you are looking for a budget cruise to Halong Bay, be careful with scams and low-quality cruises that will make you disappointed.

It’s possible that you will find yourself stranded aboard an outdated boat with a group of unfamiliar people, visiting Halong Bay quickly and getting poor service. Therefore, let’s refer to these budget travel tips for Halong Bay for backpackers instead of randomly booking a low-cost but high-risky boat!

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Budget cruise in Halong Bay

Overview of Halong Bay

First, you should know a little about Halong Bay before planning your trip. As one of Vietnam’s most well-known tourist sites, Halong Bay is situated in northeastern Vietnam and is west of the Gulf of Tonkin. It features stunning natural scenery with magnificent limestone mountains. The area is home to amazing cave systems as well as an estimation of 2,000 islands and islets.

Actually, Halong Bay travel packages often allow you to explore one of destinations that are very comparable to each other in terms of geology: Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island, and Halong Bay. However, tours of Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay are typically more expensive than tours of Halong Bay, so if your budget is tight, you might want to consider visiting Halong Bay.

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Amazing Halong Bay

Halong Bay Cruise: Is taking a cruise trip a great way to explore the bay?

Cruises are typically used for Halong Bay excursions. Since most natural landscapes and tourist attractions are on water, taking a cruise is the ideal way to enjoy the beauty. Many travelers may think that cruising is a pricey and exotic experience, but the average cost of a cruise is actually rather reasonable, and if you are able to spot a reputable tour operator with competitive rates, you may have an excellent trip for less than $100 USD.

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Make an appropriate travel plan: Things to consider before taking a budget-friendly Halong Bay cruise

Things to consider before taking a budget-friendly Halong Bay cruise

Before you go to Halong Bay, you should plan your travel, including where to go, how long to stay, what to do, and how much to spend. We know that you don’t need upscale accommodations and that your goal is to arrange a trip with reasonable costs, enjoyable activities, and memorable experiences. Thus, the following tips will help you to resolve this issue:

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Halong Bay Cruise Length

Consider the length of your trip

Typically, you can select a short trip lasting no more than four days and three nights. It all depends on how long you plan to stay, what your budget is, and how much you want to explore Halong Bay.

A short trip to Halong Bay is suitable for tourists with limited time and budget or just want to get a quick glimpse of Halong Bay. The day tour usually includes Halong Bay’s highlight destinations like Sung Sot Cave and some of the most popular activities such as kayaking, swimming and dining.

Amazing Sung Sot Cave in Halong Bay

Your day trip ends when you return to the port. Although the trip is short, it will still be enjoyable with engaging activities and a usual cost of less than $50 USD. But it can be a little rushed, and you might miss out on a lot of other enjoyable things, like squid fishing.

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A less rushed option is overnight cruises, which typically go from two days and one night or three days and two nights to four days and three nights. The longer the trip is, the more experience you get and of course you have to pay more. Backpackers usually choose a 2-day, 1-night trip because it’s affordable, fits into their schedule, and seems like everything they’re looking for.

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>>> Then, it’s time to choose the destination you want to go.

Determine where you want to go

It is not true that Halong Bay is the only option if you want to visit this well-known bay. The most well-liked tourist destinations for a Halong Bay cruise are Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Halong Bay.

It’s understandable why so many people pick Halong Bay. However, that doesn’t mean Halong Bay is the best, as it may get crowded and have limited visibility during the peak season of year.

3 Main Routes in Halong Bay

Therefore, you can consider other options like Lan Ha Bay with a beautiful sandy beach, stunning scenery and panoramic view of the bay. Another option is Bai Tu Long Bay, an emerging tourist destination with wild beauty, poetic scenery and few tourists but the prices of these tours are relatively high.

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Kayaking is a signature activity of Halong Bay that you must try!

Choose the suitable cruise company

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This could be the deciding factor that can make or ruin your trip. It will be the best if you are lucky enough to choose a great cruise with the right itinerary, excellent service and reasonable price. However, falling for a scam will undoubtedly leave you feeling let down and angry.

Choose the suitable cruise company in Halong Bay

Although there are numerous cruise lines that provide trips to Halong Bay, not all of them are the same. Especially when your preference is mid-range options, you need to consider it carefully.
Check the reliability of the cruise company and read its reviews on the internet. The company that is offering trips at an extremely low price and seems tempting should be avoided as it is probably a scam.

Every scene of Halong has a unique beauty in Fall

When taking a Halong Bay cruise, tourists have more options than just visiting Halong Bay. Other well-liked tourist destinations are the neighboring Bai Tu Long and Lan Ha Bay. The ideal cruise choice is unquestionably the cruise line that can provide you with a detailed itinerary, an affordable pricing, contact details, and a commitment to providing you with the greatest possible experience. Instead of using fraud, they are trying to make a life via hard work.

Here are some recommended cruise companies:

3 Star Cruise 4 Star Cruise 5 Star Cruise

For the best decision, you may also look through the list of the top Halong Cruise Companies:

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Carefully review the itinerary to see what is included and what is not

If you want to avoid running out of money, thoroughly review the itinerary. Although the cruise excursion’s description could be the most alluring aspect, you should also give the schedule more thought. Carefully read the tour’s inclusions and exclusions can help you find out whether or not there will be an additional cost.

Fishing village in halong bay

The cost of the beverages is the most commonly-mentioned tour’s exclusion. Be aware that drinks on a cruise may cost two or three times as much as they normally do. In order to avoid being taken aback when you receive the total bill, you should also inquire about any additional expenses.

In addition, the itinerary will provide you with a general plan of your trip so that you may prepare ahead of time. The most popular activities on a Halong Bay cruise typically involve seeing a pearl-raising farm, visiting a floating village, swimming, exploring caves, taking in the scenery, practicing Tai Chi, going squid fishing, and attending a cooking demonstration.

Estimate the amount of money you need to spend

You should conduct some research to find the average cost of your trip and make appropriate preparations so as not to break the bank.

A Halong Bay Tour package typically costs between $30 to over $300 per person, depending on the length of the trip and the standard of service. A day tour in Halong Bay will normally cost you about 30 – 50 USD per person. This tour package will give you a basic itinerary that includes lodging, meals, and activities.

Estimate the amount of money you need to spend for your cruise

If you want to take an overnight cruise, the price will start at $100 per person. Overnight cruise is regarded as a “mid-range” option since it offers more tourist spots and a more reasonably priced itinerary. This option is the thing that backpackers should consider, not luxury travel with lots of zeros on the price quotation

How and when to travel to Halong Bay

When traveling to Halong Bay, there are some notes and tips that you should remember:

Halong Bay Weather

Best time to visit Halong Bay

As Halong Bay tour packages are usually cruise tours, the weather will greatly affect your experience. While Halong Bay may be visited year-round, the ideal months to go are those with dry, clear skies and moderate temperatures.

Let’s take it into consideration and find out the best time to visit Halong Bay

If you want to know more detailed information about the weather in Halong Bay, read the following

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Summer is a best time to visit Halong bay

Transportation from Hanoi to Halong Bay

There are a number of ways to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay, however bus travel is recommended for backpackers because to its low costs, frequent schedule, and being tourist-friendly.

  • From Hanoi to to Halong: The bus ride from Hanoi to Ha Long takes two to three hours, and the cost of a ticket ranges from eight to a few dollars. You can choose shuttle bus or public bus for your travel.
  • From Quang Ninh bus station, you will have to move a little further to reach the cruise terminal and you can choose to go by a taxi or motorbike. Simply keep in mind that a motorbike ride will cost no more than 5 USD (100,000 VND), and a cab ride will cost no more than 10 USD (200,000 VND).

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Limousine Bus from Hanoi to Halong Bay

Some tips to get a better trip with a budget cruise

  • It’s a good idea to bring some food, drinks, and snacks with you. You might require more energy because the tour typically just covers the main meals and drinks. In addition, extra food and beverages on board are frequently very expensive. However, you should find out from your travel company whether you can bring them along.
  • In addition, you will be spending a lot of time outside when visiting Halong Bay, so you should consider bringing some of the following: sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, insect repellant, swimming clothes, warm clothes (in winter) ), original passport with valid visa, some cash VND/USD for personal expenses.
  • Make new friends and form a group: Making friends is easy when you travel alone. Young visitors are often willing to join a group of other travelers and have fun together.
  • Kayaking alone? Don’t worry, it’s completely fine and there are plenty of solo riders paddling around the bay. You will sit in the back seat of a two-seat kayak.

That’s it for our advice on how travelers might visit Halong Bay on a tight budget.

Kindly get in touch with us if you have any more inquiries or would like further details. Helping you enjoy your stay with us is something we are willing to do!

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