A Guide To Most Beautiful Halong Bay Beaches

Needless to say, Halong Bay has long been known for its amazing scenery, list of sea activities and good food worldwide. Tourists coming to Halong will not only want to admire the splendid beauty of the bay but also definitely look for chances to enjoy days by the beach.

So, if you are looking for a beach vacation in Halong Bay, here is the list of top 6 most beautiful Halong Bay beaches with their detailed information.

Have a look at:

Tuan Chau Beach

  • Location: Ngoc Chau, Tuan Chau island, Quang Ninh
  • Opening time: 24/24
  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Google Map

Tuan Chau Beach is among the best beaches in Halong Bay. This artificial beach is quite crowded during the hot season. It is a 2 km long white-sand beach with sparkling water. The service at Tuan Chau Beach is considered good quality as it offers beach full service, from the parking place for tourists, shower service after sea bathing, beach chairs, and catering, …

The beach is some steps away from the Tuan Chau Entertainment Park and Tuan Chau International Port. There is a wide range of choices for accommodation in Halong Bay: cheap hostels, 1 to 5 star hotels, and resorts, …

Some activities you can do at Tuan Chau Beach: high-speed motor boat, parachuting, windsurfing, fishing, rowing, hot air ballooning over the land and sea, mountain climbing, camping, …

tuan chau beach

Titop Beach

  • Location: Southeast of Halong Bay, about 7km from Bai Chay port
  • Opening Hours: all day long
  • Entrance Fee: 50.000 VND (~ 2.27 USD)
  • Google Map

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Titop Beach is situated on the island of the same name. To get to Titop Island, you have to take a 14km cruise trip from the Tuan Chau Harbour. It’s a little island but is quiet and not too crowded. The beach has a steep coast, so the safe bathing area for tourists is not too large. The deepest area recommended for tourists is 3 meter of depth.

Another disadvantage is that there are shells and rocks under the water which will cause sore feet. Titop beach offers you a chance to immerse in the clean water while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

There are 3 typical ways to get to Titop Island which are in-day cruise trips, multi-day cruise trips, seaplane trips, However, there is no way to get to Titop Island only. It’s included in the package tour on the cruise trips and seaplane trips. There are no choices of accommodation on Titop Island, either.

Some activities you can do at Titop Beach: kayaking, parachuting, banana boat ride, …

Titop Beach

Ngoc Vung Beach

  • Location: Ngoc Vung Island is located in Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province, between Phoenix and Hon Net  Island.
  • Google Map

Ngoc Vung is an ideal beach destination for those who like a vast, clean beach far from the inland. A stay near the Ngoc Vung Beach will not only let tourists enjoy the wild, peaceful and poetic scenery but also join some exciting activities which other beach destinations don’t possess such as fishing and discover the fishing village.

Ngoc Vung Beach is situated on the Ngoc Island (Pearl Island). Its name is derived from its story told by old local people. The island is said to have been a place where numerous types of precious pearls can be found. These pearls shone brightly even at nights, and can be seen by the ships and boats passing by from afar.

There are some good choices of accommodation on the Ngoc Vung island so you can stay near the Ngoc Vung beach. One of the best accomodation is FLC resort which is a famous luxury hotels and resorts brand in Vietnam. It has a complex of relaxation facilities such as rooms, hotels, conference room, casino, golf course, zoo, museum, library, …

Ngoc vung beach in Halong bay

Soi Sim Beach

  • Location: Halong, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
  • Google Map

Soi Sim Beach is a small island, which located 12km west of Ha Long City. With the area of 8.7 hectare, the beach and the island has very special geological formation in which 2/3 covered by Feralit and soil weathered by wind. It also includes a primitive forest with varieties of flora and fauna, and plants endemic to Halong Bay Ecology.

Soi Sim beach and island have been existed about hundred of million years ago and surrounded by the sea then there are endemic plants, according to researchers. The name of Soi Sim derived from the ancient story that there were a lot of Tomentose rose myrtle alive at the island then the local people called it Soi Sim.

Soi Sim beach is pretty new to compare with other attractions in Halong Bay, since it has just been opened for 10 years. Soi Sim island and beach attract tourist by its green color of plants, wild scene, quiet atmosphere, clean and clear-cut emerald water, you will even witness school of fish underneath… That is the reason why people like to swim there.

Moreover, you can also enjoy Halong Bay panorama from the highest peak of this island. This is the wonderful place for photo walk and others activities…

Soi Sim beach, a white sandy crescent-shaped stretch that hugs the outline of the petite Soi Sim island. The water is shallow. Shady umbrellas abound. Relax, kick back on the beat, lying on huge beach towels.

You notice the more sporty among the guests climbing up a hill on a small natural trail. Once on top, they savor the moment – a panoramic view of a world’s heritage. Definitely a photo hunt moment.

Quan Lan Beach

  • Location: About 2 km from the center of Quan Lan Island
  • Google Map

Located on the Bai Tu Long Bay which is in the east to Halong Bay, Quan Lan Island is 55km away from the uptown area. The island features a beautiful beach as it still preserves its original look, has not been polluted and is at good ecological balance.

To get to this island, tourists should get to Cai Rong Port (in Van Don District, Quang Ninh) to take a speed boat trip which takes 40 mins or wooden boat trip which takes 2 hours.

There are a few choices of accommodation on this little island. Here’s a list of top 5 most recommended hotels in Quan Lan Island:

  • Minh Chau Beach Resort
  • Van Hai Xanh Hotel
  • Song Chau Villa
  • Lepont Quan Lan Hotel
  • Khai Mai Hotel

Besides, during your time on this island, don’t miss to pay a trip around since there are good sites to visit here such as Quan Lan Wind Waist, Quan Lan Temple, Con Chan Tien, Ba Trai Dao Beach, …

quan lan beach

Bai Chay Beach

  • Location: Hạ Long, Vietnam
  • Suggested visit duration: 3-5 Hours
  • Amission Fee: Free-Of-Charge access
  • Google Map

Located in the center of Halong Bay, Bai Chay is the most popular beach destination and is busy during hot weather. It’s an artificial beach boasting stark white sand, coconut trees and calm water. It’s a perfect place to get chilled whether bathing in the sea, sunbathing on the shore or lying lazily under a beach umbrella.

Some popular activities you can do: biking on the beach, parachuting, surfing and flying kites. There are food stalls selling fresh seafood and drinks on the beach so you can enjoy delicious food while immersing yourself in the sea and the lapping of the waves.

A vacation near Bai Chay beach is not perfect without visiting the night market for souvenirs and fresh seafood, taking photos at Bai Chay Bridge. If you like to join some fun games and activities, a day at the Sun World Halong Complex is highly recommended.

Here you can enjoy the water park, visit the zen garden, and experience the charming beauty of Halong Bay from the cable car, …

bai chay beach

Minh Chau Beach

  • Location: Minh Chau Commune, Quan Lan Island, Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province
  • Google Map

Aside from Quan Lan Beach, Minh Quan Beach is also located on Quan Lan island, and is only 15km from Quan Lan beach. If you love to explore the beauty of unspoiled beaches, possessing a long stretch of fine white sand, Minh Chau beach is an ideal place. Besides, this beach has a moderate water depth with light waves which is suitable for swimming.

In particular, overnight camping on the beach is allowed on Minh Chau Beach. What’s more interesting than waking up to the shimmering sunrise on the beach in the morning? Yes, it is a must-try experience compared to staying at a hotel within 4 walls for every vacation.

Ba Trai Dao Beach

  • Location: Located about 14 miles (23 kilometers) from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf
  • Google Map

To the Ba Trai Dao Beach, it costs 3.5 to 4 hours by cruise from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. It has that name as Ba Trai Dao Beach (meaning the three peaches), features three small beautiful sandy beaches embracing small islands. These islands, seen from afar, resemble three peaches…

Legend has it, that fairies escaped from Heaven and came here for sight-seeing and swimming. The youngest fairy, which was very pretty and virtuous, fell in love with a young fisher- man. The young fairy stole three peaches from Heaven for him, that if he ate, would give him eternal life, allowing them to live together forever.

But while she waited for him on the island, the King of the Heavens discovered the robbery and turned the peaches into stone island. Chastised, the young fairy had to return.

What To Bring To The Beach?

Here are my some ideas on what you should bring on a beach trip.

  • Sand toys for kids
  • Picnic blanket and beach towels
  • Beach umbrella
  • Flip-flops for all
  • Beach lunch and snacks
  • Change of clothes + hats
  • First aid items
  • Wallet, phone, camera, keys
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Reusable water bottles

In the summer, Halong is like other famous beaches that are sunny and hot, this will cause your skin to be damaged so in order not to be sunburned, the indispensable item is sunscreen.

Hats, sunglasses to protect the eyes from glare. In addition, eye drops, shower gel, shampoo are also useful uses.

If you go to the bay, you will also go to the beach and visit some caves, so preparing yourself for a soft pair will make you feel comfortable when walking.

What is the best time to visit Halong Bay beaches?

Halong Bay is located in northern Vietnam, where the weather has 4 distinct seasons, The best seasons to visit

In the summer

In the summer, cool winds cover Halong, so this is a very good opportunity for you to experience sea activities such as sailing, windsurfing, parachuting, …

If you plan to go to Halong in the summer, you should go between 3-5 months or from August to October. In personal experience, June 6-7 is a less reasonable time period because:

The weekends of June – July are the peak days, the number of tourists coming to Halong is very large so you may feel the discomfort and the price of services is usually higher.

At the same time about the weather, according to the law of nature, June – July is the month when a lot of storms hit the Gulf of Tonkin and Halong, which will greatly affect the enjoyment of the heroic scenery. Great in Halong.

If for some reason you must travel to Halong in June – July, you could find a travel agency to organize and help you to reduce those disadvantages.

Summer is a very good opportunity to experience sea activities with your friends


In this time, the beaches in Halong are also very beautiful. Time from September to November in Halong always has beautiful sunshine, clear sky, the weather is not very cold, you can still swim and experience interesting activities here.

At this time, the typhoon is also less, the number of tourists also decreases so it will avoid the heaps of casting.

If you have the opportunity to visit Halong Bay, don’t hesitate to take a vacation on one of its beaches to dive in the cool jade water, run freely on the smooth sand, and discover the stories of this natural wonder to better understand our beautiful country.


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