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If tours and cruises are not your hobby, you can choose another option- exploring Halong Bay on your own style. This place is also a great place for those looking for adventure- climbing mountains in Halong.

As usual, rock climbing in HaLong Bay will combine with kayaking because you have to use a kayak to get to many climbing routes. Although It is so difficult to climb with the winding rocks and narrow passageways, it is definitely fun

Rock Climbing in Halong Bay

Halong Bay – owning thousands of limestone islands is the perfect place for mountain climbing. This amusement activity growing in popularity and several companies have organized mountaineering trips in Halong Bay. Some companies provide available equipment for climbing, but you should bring your gear and equipment if possible.

There are many climbing routes that can be found in Halong Bay, more than 120 trekking routes on 13 cliffs, from 4a to 8a on Cat Ba Island and the beaches of Halong Bay. More than 230 deep water solo tracks on 24 cliffs, from 4a to 7c + are waiting for you in the bay.

Here is a list of places of interest that most locals and tourists alike enjoy:

  • Luy Tam Biet
  • Cerro Torre
  • La Plage des Pirates
  • Elephant Man
rock climb in halong bay

Best Time for Climbing in Halong Bay

  • May, June, September, October, November and December are considered the best months for mountain climbing in Halong Bay. It is nice and dry, the sky is clear and the temperature is may be chilly, sometimes it has fog in the early morning and in the afternoon. If you are not afraid of poor visibility and cold, you can still climb these months.
  • From July to August, It is the rainy and stormy season in Halong Bay. However, you can explore nearby attractions while waiting for the storm to pass.Some cliffs are covered, making it possible to climb even in bad weather. You can go hiking at any time of the year in Halong Bay as it is one of the regions of Vietnam with the least amount of rainfall in the country. This activity is often combined with kayaking to explore Halong Bay. You can kayak through archways, caves and floating villages on the bay. After that, you will climb up the mountain to see the panorama clearly.

Next, you can join in activities such as sunbathing, sightseeing, swimming …

All feelings of fear or pain will be healed when you stand on the high cliffs, witness the peaceful and beautiful Ha Long Bay view and watch the natural wonders of this sea as a victory for your challenge.

Soaking in the seabreeze and letting yourself into the ocean is a wonderful thing. After that, you can awaken all of your senses. After each experience, you can not only explore the amazing Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island, but also discover hidden corners of your soul!

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climbing in halong bay

What to prepare for climbing in Halong Bay

What you need to prepare depends on your climbing experience and expertise.Skilled hikers need only a pair of good shoes. If you are not an experienced climber, you should prepare for a good healthy as the cliffs in Halong Bay are significantly more challenging than the other cliffs. You should also use gears for added safety. The gears can be self-supplied or rented, including spearhead climbing shoes, belts, ropes, helmets and hooks.

  • Three-day tours to Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island including rock climbing are also available. The cost of a trip including climbing can fluctuate from $ 150 USD to $ 310 USD.
  • Half-day climbing costs about US$ 30
  • The cost of climbing all day is US$ 50 including transport from Hanoi to HaLong Bay, ferry, boat, food and drink.

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Cat Ba Island Rock Climbing

Cat Ba Island prides itself on its breathtaking charms in all of Ha Long region.Unlike other islands in Halong Bay. Cat Ba Island has less crowds and larger boats, so it is an ideal place for those who want to explore the unspoiled nature and experience hiking here.

Some people claim that the pegs in Cat Ba have been slightly damaged, so you should not climb on your own and when being unaccompanied. In general, if you are going with someone (preferably a tour guide) and you can swim well, nothing to worry about.

However, calculate the water depth before you jump; it can be very risky to jump from a position that is too high.30 meters in height is ideal for training and entertainment purposes; Equip if you want to climb higher.

There are more than 300 mountaineering routes in Cat Ba Island, however, here are some of our recommendations:

  • Butterfly Valley.
  • The Cave
  • The Farm
  • Ben Beo
  • You Enjoy Myself (6b, 20m)
  • Test Pilot (7a, 22m)
  • Big Brown B-Hole (7b, 19m)
  • Eternal squanch (6c, 35m)
  • Deep-water soloing is recommended in these locations:
  • Streak of Lightning (7c+, 12m)
  • Hawaii 5-0 (7b)
  • Dinner at sea (6a+)
  • Leap Frog (5c+)
  • Loco Mexican (4c, 14m)

Tips on Climbing in Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island

  • While rock climbing is generally safe, you should keep these top tips in mind for the perfect experience:
  • Only go alone if you are a highly skilled hiker. Most of the time you should be accompanied by a local guide.
  • To reach the cliffs.For a seamless, stress-free experience,contact with your local tour operator to arrange everything for you.
  • Mountain climbing can be combined with kayaking.It is interesting to explore the caves, caves and islands on your own.

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