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Halong Bay Cruise with Kids – Best things to know when traveling with your Family

Are you planning a family cruise around Halong Bay? One of the nicest things your family can do in Vietnam is perhaps take a Halong Bay cruise. Every member of your family will find an engaging experience while cruising to this spectacular bay.

This article will go through the various cruise options, as well as onboard amenities and safety. All in an effort to make your trip to Halong Bay Cruise with Kids an unforgettable one.

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Best Tip to choice a Halong Bay Cruise for your Family

Choose a suitable Halong Bay cruise for your family

Before making a reservation for a family cruise to Halong Bay, there are a few things you should think about. Let’s examine them:

  • Verify any age limitations. This varies according to the cruise line; some don’t accept kids, some let kids five years old and above, while still others allow kids of all ages.
  • Verify whether kid-sized life jackets are provided for the passengers. If you have little children, think about bringing your own even if they do.

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Family-Kayaking-in-Halong Bay
Kayaking is one of must things to do with your family in Halong bay

Larger cruise ships are a better choice with small children

Finding a cruise ship that is appropriate for families with little children should put comfort first. A cruise ship with four stars or more isn’t always the best option. These ships typically have between 15 and 25 cabins. A nice dining room with a bar is available. There are also some games and benches in the relaxing area, but these are more for older kids to enjoy themselves in.

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A Big Cruise is a best choice for your family with kids

For families with little children, family room type is always the ideal option. Up to 5 people can stay in this cabin as it typically has 2 distinct rooms connected by a connecting door. In addition to offering ample space for your family to care for your kids with ease, this kind of room also features a private area for kids and parents to spend time together.

Sundeck a-1
A Luxury Halong Bay Cruise with suitable facilities for your Family

Most offer kid-friendly menus and include a kids’ area with toys or even an indoor playground. And some ships also come equipped with small pools and/or jacuzzi.

Select the cruise itinerary

When choosing an itinerary, take into account the amount of days you would like to spend at sea. Cruising to Lan Ha Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay is less touristy and will allow your family to have more leisure time. Halong Bay cruises, meanwhile, are ideal for energetic families with kids who like participating in a variety of activities.

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Halong Bay Cruse Route Map

Be aware of the activities that will be offered on board, and ensure that your child will have enough age-appropriate activities to keep them interested and involved. Additionally, by participating in these activities, they can interact with kids their own age, which will help them make new playmates along the way

Consider on-board activities for kids

Do kids have any activities available on board, or will you have to find something to occupy them?
For kids, the sundeck is always the perfect spot to play. Children can have more space to play on luxury cruise ships because they feature movie theaters, outdoor swimming pools, and children’s playgrounds. Check out these opulent cruise ships.

  • Taking a Tai Chi class: Tai Chi instructors are usually present on luxury boats and sailboats. Your family is encouraged to participate in a Tai Chi practice in the morning, which primarily occurs on the sundeck. The wonderful natural surroundings will make it a memorable class for your family.
Enjoy a Cooking Class on Cruise
  • Taking a cooking class: You can take a cooking class right after lunch, where you’ll learn how to prepare fried rice and spring rolls, among other things. It’s a great thing to do while on a Halong Bay cruise with the kids!
  • Unwind on the sundeck: Taking in the bay and all of the small islands while relaxing on the sundeck is the finest thing to do. You’re going to have the best afternoon ever if you have some cocktails and order some fresh juice for your kids.
Relaxing on sundeck’s Cruise
  • Go squid-fishing: The fishing poles are brought out after supper for another exciting activity. You can entice squid by throwing your fishing line and glowing bait into the water. It is a really enjoyable pastime to engage in with kids.

Be aware of food and drinks

All meals are included in the cruise itinerary but beverages aren’t. Drinks are an additional cost that you must pay for. The drinks you purchase at the bar fall under this category as well, of course. Check the menu to see what your kids can eat while on the cruise. The majority of the meals offered on the Halong Bay cruise is seafood. Additionally, you can still have beef or chicken dishes on the ship.

Be aware of food and drinks on Halong Bay Cruise

You can join the cruise ship to prepare food for your child if they are too little to eat what the ship offers. To make the trip to Halong Bay more pleasurable for the kids, you should also pack some food and snacks for them.

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Choose the best time to travel with your family

There are four distinct seasons in Halong Bay: spring, summer, autumn and winter. From April to September, the weather is hot and sunny with occasional rain while from October to March, it is quite cool and pleasant. The best time to cruise on Halong Bay for your family is in spring and autumn (from April to October) because the weather is cool. However, you can come to Halong Bay anytime of the year.

Halong Bay Weather

Summer experiences the average temperature of about 34 degrees Celsius and sometimes can reach 38 degrees Celsius. But thanks to the closed sea location, the heat is significantly reduced and you will feel more comfortable when traveling on Halong Bay. During this time, you can participate in many engaging activities at the beach such as swimming, kayaking…

Swiming in Halong Bay

Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful landscapes as well as clear blue water. On the other hand, the weather here is colder in winter with temperatures as low as 13 degrees Celsius. If your family wants to avoid the crowds like in summer time, taking a Halong Bay cruise in winter is still a good choice.

Thus, your family can cruise Halong Bay all year round. No matter what time you choose, Ha Long is always ready to make sure your family has the finest time possible with your kids.

Types of Halong Bay tours for families

A cruise vacation allows you to explore the world natural heritage Halong Bay in comfort and luxury at an affordable price. Below is the Halong Bay cruise itineraries offered currently in this bay:

Sunset on Halong Day Cruise

A family day trip

Take a one-day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and spend time on a day cruise with your family. Unwind and take in the spectacular scenery from the boat. Along with the chance to swim or kayak in the refreshing turquoise water, you’ll be treated to a freshly prepared meal on board.

2-Day, 1-Night Tour for Family

Treat yourself to an overnight cruise on Halong Bay and take time to enjoy the bay’s stunning views of its countless rocky limestone islands. Savour the fusion food and traditional Vietnamese cuisine offered on the Halong Bay Cruise as you sail around the bay.

A most Luxury Halong Bay Cruise for your Family

You also can swim in the clear emerald water and lie down on one of the secluded beaches scattered throughout the bay. Enjoy the sundeck on your boat and take in the sunset or a Tai Chi class in the early morning. With two days and one night, you have enough time to explore more of the bay and save your time for orher destinations in Vietnam.

3-Day, 2-Night Tour for Family

A 3-day, 2-night cruise might be something to think about if you are seeking for more experiences in Halong Bay. You can do so much more on the bay if you set aside three days to visit Ha Long.

Halong Bay Overnight Cruises

You’ll be able to explore the entire area, venturing the nooks and crannies of the bay, away from the more crowded paths that most day-trippers follow. Discover the way of life of the people who live in a secluded fishing village. Spend time canoeing among enigmatic islands and exploring secluded lagoons by kayaking. On a two-night Halong Bay cruise, you will truly immerse yourself in the scenery of the bay.

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Some advice for family cruises

Making reservations well in advance is the best recommendation for families planning a trip to Halong Bay. In order to maximize your options, find out how many cabins are available, and determine which kind of cabin is best for your family, reservations should be made well in advance.

It is necessary to reserve a tour in advance if you want to take a cruise on Halong Bay. You can book a tour online before traveling to Vietnam. Otherwise, directly reserve it at your hotel or through one of the travel agencies located in the old town of Hanoi. However, this option is not recommended if you do not want to miss your family vacation.

Halong Bay is a popular tourist destination with many intriguing things to attract tourists

Booking online is the best option you should consider. Especially during peak seasons, if you don’t make reservations in advance, your family may not have a room, or if they do, the cost of the cruise will be high.

Above all, it is crucial to remember that not every cruise ship has a large number of family accommodations. Naturally, there won’t be any room available for your family if you make it late. Once you have a detailed plan for your upcoming vacation, it is recommended that you book it 1 or 2 months in advance.

To visit one of the best tour companies in Hanoi, check the followings:

In addition, you can also make reservations directly from the cruise lines’ websites. However, the price will be higher than when you book with travel companies and the downside is that you will not be provided with a shuttle bus from Hanoi.


The prices differ depending on the cruise ship, the dates, and the itinerary, so it’s wise to weigh all options available to select a suitable one.

We really hope that the information above will help you get ready for an amazing family vacation to Halong Bay! Check out our list of the Top Family Cruises on Halong Bay to make the best decision if your family is thinking about taking a cruise on the bay. Furthermore, in the event that you have any queries or worries, kindly get in touch with Hanoi Explore Travel Team. We are here for assisting your family!

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