Ti Top island is favored with the enchanting scenery and pleasant weather

Ti Top Island – A gem of Halong Bay

  • Do you want to know which island in Halong Bay you really should visit?
  • Do you have any difficulty when choosing a stunning island for your Halong Bay tour?

There are more than 1900 islands and islets in Halong Bay, making it challenging for visitors to pick an appropriate island to visit.

Ti Top Island, where you can zoom in on a panoramic picture of Halong Bay, is suggested to help visitors overcome this difficulty. It possesses a crescent-shaped beach that is renowned for its tranquility and stunning quiet blue seas. The beach’s white sands dyed by the ocean’s surf, creating a picturesque scenery for this site.

Ti Top Island is a well-known attraction in Halong Bay that welcomes visitors from all over the world, including both domestic and foreign tourists.

Many cruises visit Titop Island


  • The island covers a total area of 3.7 hectares (0.037 km2).
  • The island was given that name by the most respectful hero of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh, in honor of the Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov, who visited Halong Bay for the first time in 1962.
  • There are about 400 steps to ascend the peak of Ti Top island’s mountain, which is 110 meters in height.
  • Ti Top Island is considered as one of the most attractive sites for both international and domestic tourists to Halong Bay.
Titop Island in the Sunset


  • Due to its convenient location, Ti Top Island is a favorite among travelers on Halong Bay cruises. Bo Hon island and Sung Sot cave are located in front of the island, Dam Nam island is to the right, and Cua Luc Bay is to the rear. Furthermore, Bai Chay tourist area is only 7-8 kilometers southeast of Ti Top beach.
  • Ti Top has a steep slope on one side and an inclined slope on the other side when viewed from above. The beach here is shaped like a crescent moon with fine white sand and is blessed with beautiful scenery by nature.
  • The island’s water is so clear all year round that the pebbles can be seen on the sea bottom. All these geographical factors make Ti Top Island a must-visit stop in Halong Bay.
Ti Top Island is a favorite among travelers on Halong Bay Cruises.

The history of Titop island Vietnam

  • In the past, Ti Top Island used to be known as Nghia Dia or Hong Thap Tu in memory of the sailors who died when a French cargo plane crashed in Halong Bay.
  • The current name of the island is named by Uncle Ho, after the Russian astronaut Gherman Titov who visited Halong Bay in 1962. A memorial stone on the island provides detailed information of the island’s history once you visit

Best Time to visit Titop Island Halong Bay

Ti Top Island is open to visitors throughout the year, however, there are two peak seasons for tourism:

  • June and July: Time for most domestic and Asian tourists.
  • December to February: Time for most tourists from Europe, America, and countries with cold or temperate climates. They typically travel with Halong Bay cruise, which has a stop at Ti Top island on its itinerary.
  • If you plan to visit the island during the two peak seasons, you should be aware that there may be an issue with higher costs and restricted cruise availability. Early reservations for your vacation are essential to getting the best price.
  • Between August and October, as well as April and May, is the low season for Halong Bay tourism. At that time, there are fewer tourists and cruise prices are lower.
Climbing to the top of Titop island – One of mos interesting activities you should not miss

Top Best Things to do in Titop Island Halong Bay

Coming to Ti Top Island, you can not only immerse yourself in nature but also engage in a variety of tourist activities, including:

Swimming and Sunbathingat Ti Top Beach

  • The beach is ideal for recreation activities including swimming, sunbathing, and other water sports due to its fine white sand and calm water. You are also given all services and equipment needed for activities so that you can engage in them all without restriction

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Sunbathing at Ti Top Beach

Kayaking – An indispensable activity in Ti Top Island

  • Kayaking is a must-do activity when coming to Ti Top Island. You will kayak by yourself through the caves to discover the amazing beauty of nature. The cost of kayak rental is approximately 150,000 VND per hour.

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Kayaking at Titop island

Drinking and relaxing on the beach

  • There is a bar on the island where you may stop by for a couple drinks and swimwear rental as well. There are deck chairs available, but you will need to buy some food and/or drinks. The beach offers refreshing beverages during the hot summer months. After sunset, you may wander along the moonlit beach to take in its vibrant nightlife.

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Drinking on Titop Beach


  • Climbing to the top of Titop Island is a must-do activity for young people and adventurous travelers. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Halong Bay and take in the fresh air after roughly 30 minutes of climbing.

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Climb Mountain in Titop Island

Beach paragliding

  • For those who like to swing in the wind and enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay from above at the same time, beach paragliding is a perfect choice. However, this activity requires participants to be in good health. If you get the requirement, try it now so you don’t miss this great experience!

Team-building activities

  • If you are traveling with your colleagues, it would be great to organize team-building activities such as volleyball and soccer in the beach area.

How to get to Ti Top Island Halong Bay?

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The question of “How to get to Ti Top Island” is one that many visitors to Halong Bay have in mind.
Even if you are only visiting Halong Bay for a day or have a short cruise time, Ti Top is accessible due to its close proximity to Bai Chay harbor.

There are a variety of ways to reach Ti Top Island, however travelers frequently choose between three options:

Take a day cruise tour

Have a look at: 

The only island that is visited is Ti Top. It is the best choice for anyone who has limited time or who knows exactly where they want to go in Halong Bay. Choosing this option will let you skip through unnecessary stops in places you don’t wish to go and travel right to the island.

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Taking an overnight cruise

Most tourists choose to take a cruise to Halong Bay that includes a stop at Titop Island. This is the simplest way to travel to Titop Island because you just need to pick a cruise that includes Ti Top Island and embark on the voyage.

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Some of famous Cruises to visit Titop Island

Many cruises visiting Halong Bay consist of visiting Titop Island as a part of the itinerary. Tourists can consider some suggestions below:

Day Cruise Overnight Cruise

Taking a seaplane tour

  • In recent years, many tourists have found that visiting Titop Island and the surrounding bay by seaplane is an enjoyable activity. You may take the best pictures and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the bay from a height of 300 meters.

Suggested Ti Top Island Tour

If you’re unsure of how to plan your trip effectively, the Hanoi Explore Travel Team will introduce the most time-saving trip in just 1 day departing from Hanoi. Along with visiting Ti Top Island, you can fully explore the most popular tourist attractions in Halong Bay, as follows:

  • 08:30: Pickup by car and guide from hotels in the center of the Old Quarter. After that, set off on a trip to Ha Long Bay with an appealing itinerary – route 2, which is similar to the itinerary of overnight cruises on the Bay.
  • 11h30-12h00: Once reaching the harbor in Ha Long, wait for the tour guide to buy your tickets so you may board the ship and start your excursion on the bay. The ship will travel through a number of islands and islets with unique shapes and names, like Cho Da (Stone Dog) Islet and Ga Choi (Fighting cocks) Islet. Have lunch on board.
  • 14h00: Arrive at Bo Hon island and visit Sung Sot Cave – One of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay. You’ll then paddle a kayak or a bamboo boat to Luon Cave. After kayaking for 30 minutes, you board the boat to travel to Titop island, where you can swim at the white-sand beach or climb to the top of Titop mountain to get a panoramic view of Halong Bay.
  • 16h30: You get back on the cruise and head back to the port. At this time, you can sunbathe on the deck, listen to music, and immerse yourself in the nature of Halong Bay.
  • 17h30: Return to Ha Long port. The bus takes you to Hanoi.
    20h00-20h30: Arrive in Hanoi. The car will drop you off at the original pick-up point. End the day trip to discover the natural wonders of the world – Halong Bay. See you again!

What is included:

  • Round-trip shuttle bus via the new Hanoi – Hai Phong highway
  • Cruise to visit Halong Bay
  • Sightseeing tickets to visit Halong Bay.
  • 01 lunch on board
  • English speaking tour guide for the whole trip from Hanoi
  • Free kayak boat or bamboo boat to visit Luon Cave
  • Drinking water served in the car, 01 bottle/person/tour
  • Travel insurance during the tour.


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Nearby attractions

Visitors can visit Ti Top island together with other nearby tourist destinations when traveling there. Here are a few suggestions for you:

  • Cong Tay Island: Cong Tay Island is a beautiful attraction located in Bai Tu Long Bay and about 40 kilometers from Bai Chay tourist port. From Cam Pha port, it takes about 30 minutes to reach Cong Tay Island. The island is still unspoilt and unexplored despite the extensive exploitation of tourism.Wandering along the beach, you can observe hammocks hanging under the trees of all shapes. The location is ideal for taking a seat and unwinding by the beach. For those who love tranquility, Cong Tay Island is completely ideal for yours.
  • Dau Be Island: Dau Be Island, which is primarily made of limestone, is regarded as one of Halong Bay’s most breathtaking islands. It covers an area of around 22,863 square meters and its splendor draws many visitors to come. The tall limestone cliffs that tower over the area like a gigantic wall and have a variety of odd formations are what draw tourists there. The island’s abundant vegetation and undiscovered natural beauty add to its allure. Dau Be Island features six lakes, and there is a mythology associated with each one that has been passed down through the years. To visit Dau Be Island and take in the stunning surroundings, tourists simply need to rent a kayak or small boat.
  • Cong Do Island: Cong Do Island is renowned for the diversity of its flora and fauna as well as its natural settings, making it an alluring discovery for tourists. Both domestic and international travelers find this place to be a desirable tourist attraction. Visitors to Cong Do Island experience serenity and relaxation as they take in the island’s tranquility and calm lifestyle.

Tips on traveling Ti Top Island

  • Better travel in the summer: In the summer, Titop Island in Quang Ninh features white sand and yellow sunshine in the summer, making it a great destination for vacations and exploration journeys. The island’s wintertime weather is quite cold, and the surroundings are deserted.
  • Bring snacks when going to the island: On the island, there aren’t many places to eat or rest. Therefore, you should bring food to fend off hunger.
  • The road to the top of Ti Top’s mountain is relatively challenging with 400 steps. To ensure safety, you should be careful to follow the road, cling to the handrails when ascending or descending. Bring some essentials, such a phone charger and sunscreen because the island has a lot of sunshine.
  • Reserve a hotel or cruise in advance: When tourism is at its peak, Ha Long welcomes a large number of domestic and foreign visitors, so make reservations for a hotel or cruise in advance to avoid situations when there are no more rooms or cruises available.

Ti Top Island stands out as one outstanding illustration of the Halong Bay islands’ breathtaking beauty. We hope that the information we’ve provided on Ti Top island will help travelers make the most of their trips to take in Quang Ninh’s breathtaking beauty.

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