Halong Bay is not only a breathtaking tourist destination; it also offers a variety of history and culture just waiting to be explored. In Ha Long Bay, it typically takes 3 days to experience the wonderful atmosphere, awe at the breathtaking scenery, engage in exciting activities, and learn about the local way of life.

We have put up the Best Halong Bay 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary to assist you more easily find what to do and what to see on a 3-Day visit to HaLong because there are so many things to explore and experience there.

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Option 1: Classic Halong Bay 3 Days 2 Night Itinerary

  • Arrive in Halong Bay and board a cruise through tranquil Bai Tu Long Bay, then kayak and swim here.
  • Visit Vung Vieng Fishing Village and Pearl Farm
  • Swim, relax, enjoy the magnificent scenery from the top of the mountain at Titop Island

Day 1: Hanoi – Halong Bay


  • 08:30: Pick up at hotel or a picking point which has been informed before


  • 12:30: Arrive at Halong Bay marina.
  • 13:00: Board the cruise and enjoy a cool welcome drink
  • 13:30: Have an outdoor lunch on the cruise, admire the scenery along the route and take in the unspoiled beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay.
  • 15:30: Around this time, you will have time to kayak among the majestic islands of the bay. Go to a beach for a swim or simply a relaxation
  • 17:30: Back to the cruise, tourists can have a shower, rest a bit or enjoy a cold drink and take in the view.

Night time:

  • 19:00: Have dinner on board with special local dishes
  • 20:30: When night falls, tourists can experience squid fishing or simply spend time with your loved ones.
  • On clear nights, let’s go to the top deck and watch the stars.

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Day 2: Luon Cave – Cua Van Floating Village – Pearl Farm

  • Do a Tai Chi session and Have breakfast

After waking up in the morning, tourists should have some coffee or tea before doing Tai Chi on the cruise deck. Refreshing your day with this 30-minute physical and mental workout will help you improve your health balance and relieve stress. Afterwards, grab a bite for breakfast at the buffet served in the dining room.

  • Visit Luon Cave and Cua Van Floating Village

The first point of this classic 2-night Halong Bay cruise is Luon Cave, an open-air cave that can only be reached by boat. To enter the cave, you have to row a small boat or kayak through an arch that is 100 meters long and 3 meters wide

As you pass through the cave, you can admire the beautiful limestone cliffs that rise out of the emerald water

The next destination of the itinerary is Cua Van Floating Village, which is surrounded by rocky mountains named Va Gia – Cua Van. Coming to Cua Van fishing village, you can not only immerse yourself in the quiet, peaceful, and extremely charming ambiance, but also admire the charming natural beauty as well as learn about the life of fishermen.


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  • Have Lunch and visit Pearl Farm

After lunch, you will continue your tour with the Pearl Farm. This place is the most famous pearl farming village in HaLong Bay and also a tourist attraction where you can visit and learn the whole process of harvesting and producing pearl products. The craft village is located in a lagoon, surrounded by undulating limestone islands. Visiting the pearl craft village is a very special experience included on a Halong Bay Cruise Itinerary

  • Relaxing on a Cruise

Return to the cruise at dusk and admire the beautiful sunset. Then, there are many activities for you to relax after a day of traveling on this itinerary. You will have dinner on board and be able to participate in exciting night activities until midnight.

Halong Bay

Luon Cave in Halong Bay

Vung Vieng Floating Village

Halong Pearl Farm

Day 3: Titop Island – Halong Bay – Hanoi

  • Visit to Titop Island

Following the Tai Chi session and breakfast, tourists will be taken to Titop Island, a tourist site that attracts many tourists to check-in. After an hour of exploring the island, you can climb to the top of the mountain to view the beauty of the bay or relax and swim on the beach.

  • Have a full breakfast and transfer to Hanoi

Once returning to the boat, you will have half an hour to take a shower and complete check out. After that, a brunch will be served at 10.30 and tourists can enjoy it while the cruise moves back to the harbour. Around 11:50, the car will take you from HaLong to Hanoi.

Option 2: Halong 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary to Lan Ha Bay

  • Leave Hanoi early in the morning and take a cruise in Halong Bay later that day.
  • Cruises depart from Got Wharf (Hai Phong) while some other cruise operators choose to depart from Tuan Chau harbor.
  • The itinerary will give you the opportunity to visit the beautiful and poetic Cat Ba island, which has been the new itinerary in recent years. Lan Ha Bay is in the south of HaLong Bay and close to the Cat Ba archipelago. There are many attractions including Luon Cave, Ba Ham Lake, Nam Cat Island, Monkey Island, Bright Cave, Dark Cave and more.

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Day 1: Hanoi – Halong – Lan Ha Bay – Dark & Light Cave


  • 08:30: Leave Hanoi and arrive in Ha Long after 2.5 hours by limousine

In the afternoon:

  • 12h00: Arrive at HaLong Bay. Have lunch and take a short break.
  • 13h00: Cruise leaves the harbor. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of Ha Long Bay. Along the route, you will have the chance to kayak and swim. Make a stop at Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Cave) to visit one of the largest caves in HaLong Bay. Then, tourists can spend time relaxing on the beach.

In the evening:

  • 18h00: Have a shower, take a rest before dinner.
  • 19:00: Enjoy a sumptuous party with a variety of dishes on the cruise.
  • 20h00: Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of HaLong Bay at night. Or you can take part in games on cruise, enjoy drinks at the bar, and participate in night squid fishing.

Have a look at:

Day 2: Lan Ha Bay – Viet Hai Village – Cat Ba Island


  • Wake up and start your day by doing Tai Chi on the sundeck. Under the early sun and cool morning air, Tai Chi exercises help your body balance and relieve stress to enjoy a full 3-day Halong Bay Cruise.
  • 08:00: Enjoy breakfast on the cruise. Grab a cup of coffee or tea on the deck and get ready for a new day in a paradise-like destination. The cruise will sail to Cat Ba Island.
  • 09:00: Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery as the cruise takes you across HaLong Bay into Lan Ha Bay.

Visit Viet Hai Village

  • Visiting Viet Hai village, a local village on Cat Ba island, you can ride a bicycle along a village road imbued with Vietnamese countryside. Additionally, let’s admire the ravishing scenery of the rice fields along the way.

Visit Van Boi floating village

  • After a fresh and delicious lunch on board, you will have a visit to Van Boi floating village, the largest of the five remaining floating fishing villages in HaLong Bay. On the bamboo boat to Van Boi floating village, tourists can get a deeper insight into the daily life and local people here. If you want something more adventurous, go swimming and kayaking to explore the bay and relax in the secluded area.

Have some cocktails before dinner and cooking class

  • At dusk, the 3-day cruise will anchor overnight at Coconut Tree Island. Tourists can sip a cocktail or two and enjoy some nice music as the sun sets over the karst. If you miss the chance to watch the beautiful sunset on your first day in HaLong Bay, don’t forget to watch the most amazing sunset in the Gulf of Tonkin on the remaining days.
  • In addition, the cruise also offers a cooking class for tourists to learn about Vietnamese cuisine and how to make the traditional dishes.

In the evening:

  • By following this 3-day cruise in HaLong Bay, you will not lose time choosing what to eat because everything wonderful has been offered on the Halong Bay cruise. If you prefer some privacy, let’s have dinner in your cabin or on the sundeck.
  • When dinner is over, a variety of nightlife activities await you to enjoy your final night on cruise.


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Day 3: Cat Ba National Park – Trung Trang Cave – Halong – Hanoi

  • 08:00: After breakfast on cruise, tourists will be taken to visit Cat Ba National Park
  • 10:00: Discover the beauty of Cat Ba Island. Besides flora and fauna, tourists can also find a cave that was once used as a military hospital during the war. Trung Trang is the cave with the most beautiful stalactites. It is located in the middle of Cat Ba National Park and also in the largest valley of Cat Ba Island.

Brunch and tea ceremony

  • After discovering Cat Ba, you return to the cruise to check out. After that, brunch is served while the cruise returns to the harbor. At the restaurant, there is also a tea ceremony for you to enjoy Vietnamese tea and culture.
  • 12.30pm: It’s time to get on the bus and return to Hanoi. Travel time might be more than two hours.


Cat Ba Island

Viet Hai Fishing Village

Cooking Class on Halong Bay Cruise

Tai Chi on Cruise

Option 3: Halong 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary to Bai Tu Long Bay

  • This itinerary is to visit the eastern part of Ha Long Bay, named Bai Tu Long Bay. This is a large, quieter and less touristy area than the central area. Cruise on Bai Tu Long Bay takes you to visit Thien Canh Son Cave, Cong Do Island, Cap La Fishing Village, Thay Cave, Vung Vieng Floating Fishing Village.
  • Cruise starts from Hon Gai port or HaLong international cruise port

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Day 1: Hanoi – Halong – Bai Tu Long Bay – Thien Canh Son Cave

In the morning:

  • 08:30: Pick up at your hotel or the meeting point.

In the afternoon:

  • 12:30: Arrive at Halong Bay marina.
  • 13:00: Board the cruise and enjoy a refreshing welcome drink.
  • 13:30: Have lunch outdoors on the cruise, admire the beauty of the amazing karst along the way and the unspoiled scenery of the magnificent Bai Tu Long Bay.
  • 15:15 – 15:40: Explore the Thien Canh Son Cave.
  • 15:45 – 18:00: Relax on the white sand beach at Hon Co Island, go swimming or kayaking.
  • 18:00 – 19:00: Back to relax before having dinner on board.
  • 19:00 – 20:10: Elegant dinner is served on board.
  • 20:30: When night falls, we can experience night squid fishing, take part in on-board games, or simply spend time with your loved ones at the bar. Overnight on Bai Tu Long Bay.

Day 2: Cap La – Vung Dang – Cong Dam – Thien Canh Son

In the morning:

  • 07:00: Start the day with some exercise. You can greet your day in comfort with Tai Chi exercise on the upper deck.
  • 08:00: Have an outdoor breakfast while the cruise departs to Vung Vieng Fishing Village.
  • 9:30: Visit Vung Vieng fishing village by a traditional rowing boat.
  • 11:30: After the fishing village, continue to visit Thien Canh Son cave.

In the afternoon:

  • 12:30: BBQ lunch will be served on the beach.
  • 15:00: Return to the cruise and move to Hai Quan, where tourists can have a chance to explore the bay by kayak.

In the evening:

  • 19:00: After a long day, it’s time for dinner.
  • 20:30: If you haven’t tried squid-fishing on the first night, let’s spend this night to experience it.

Day 3: Cap La – Vung Vieng Village – Hanoi

  • 06:00 – 08:00: Take a morning view of the Bay with a cup of tea or coffee. Have breakfast in the fresh air.
  • 08:30 – 09:30: Visit Vung Vieng fishing village by a rustic rowing boat, meet local people, pass by floating fishing villages and fish farms.
  • 10:00: Check out. Start heading back to the harbor while a lunch buffet will be served.
  • 11:30 – 12:00: Get off the cruise. Then get in the car and arrive in Hanoi around 3.30pm

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Option 4:  Sunworld Halong Park + Day Cruise + Museum – Itinerary

  • Visit Sun World Halong Complex, a world-class amusement park including two main areas, namely a Complex Coastal Amusement Park and Amusement Park on Ba Deo Hill with the unique Queen Cable Car.
  • Go to HaLong Museum, where you can observe countless artifacts spread over three floors of the museum.

Day 1 – Hanoi to Halong and Sun World Park


  • 06:00: The car picks you up at the meeting point, then stops at Sao Do town before tourists start the itinerary in Ha Long.

In the afternoon:

  • 12h00: Arrive in Ha Long and enjoy a delectable seafood feast for lunch.
  • 13h00: Check in at the hotel, take a rest and have a shower.
  • 14h00: Visit Sun World Halong Park. The park is divided into two main areas: Bay Chay beach side and Ba Deo hill area, which are joined by a world-class cable car. With a height of nearly 190 meters, this is known as the tallest cable car tower in the world. It also holds the world record for the highest passenger capacity in a cable car cabin with 230 people at once.
  • On Bai Chay Beachside: Here tourists can find Dragon Park, the only park in Vietnam with more than 30 different attractions.
  • Ba Deo Area: Move from Ocean station to Sun station by Queen cable car. Sitting on the cable car cabin, tourists will have a great chance to take in the view and enjoy the splendor of the park.

In the everning:

  • 19h00: Have dinner around the Bai Chay beach area. Overnight in Ha Long.

Day 2 – Halong Bay Day Cruise


  • 06:00: Wake up early to catch the sunrise and have breakfast at the hotel.
  • 07:45: Get ready for a 1-day  cruise.
  • 08:00: After departing, the cruise will stop at Thien Cung Cave, and Dau Go Cave. After that, it takes tourists to take in thousands of towering limestone karst, which definitely astonishes you the majesty of the bay. Other stops are: Dragon Rock, Ga Choi (Fighting Cocks) Islet and Con Coc (The “Toad”) Islet.

In the afternoon:

  • 12h00: Have lunch at the restaurant and check in to rest.
  • 16h00: Get on the car to Bai Chay beach to swim, participate in watersports activities or simply sunbathe and unwind.

In the everning

  • 19:00: Enjoy dinner at the restaurant and overnight in the hotel.

Day 3 – Museum and back to Hanoi


  • 08:00: Have breakfast at the hotel, then visit Quang Ninh Museum which keeps numerous artifacts spread over 3 floors. After the museum, drop by Ha Long market to buy some souvenirs or enjoy delicious seafood dishes.

In the afternoon:

  • 12:00: After checking out, have lunch and enjoy free time before returning to Hanoi.
  • 14:30: Depart for Hanoi.

In summary, you should choose the most suitable 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary in Halong Bay that fits your preferences about routes, attractions and activities. Let’s follow our top-rated recommendations for The Best 3-Day Halong Cruises.

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