Best Itinerary Day Cruises for Halong Bay One Day Tour

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world recognized by UNESCO, Halong Bay is a well-known tourist attraction in Vietnam with a lot to offer visitors. If you are unable to schedule time for an overnight cruise in Halong Bay, don’t worry. Day cruises are available and considered as the ideal option for tourists who have limited time but still want to visit Halong Bay.

Your experience at Halong Bay won’t be constrained just because you’re taking a day trip there. In contrast, you may still engage in a variety of activities, such as swimming at Soi Sim Beach, rowing a boat through Luon Cave, exploring Thien Cung and Sung Sot Caves, or kayaking through the clear water.

In this article, Hanoi Explore Travel  Team will assist you in selecting the best itinerary (6 hours, or 8 hours) with suitable options for cruise ships (wooden boat, steel boat) at reasonable pricing. Additionally, you can find out what activities you will partake in during your Halong Bay One Day Tour.

Why should you choose a Halong Bay One Day ?

  • A day excursion will be an ideal option for you if budget is your main concern.
  • One-day trips to Halong Bay might save you time. In contrast to a day excursion, a lengthier journey necessitates spending the night on cruise.
  • You can experience a lot of activities in a day tour, both on land and on the bay.
  • A day cruise in Halong Bay is the best way to have the most impressive experience at the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What do you expect in Halong Bay 1 Day?

Have a look at:

Best Halong Bay One Day Tour Cruise


  • Along with sightseeing from the cruise ship, a day trip in Halong Bay usually includes a 30-minute to 1-hour kayaking experience. Kayaking is the best way to get close to the limestone islands in the bay and you will find it enjoyable to explore the bay’s various nooks and crannies on your own.

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Kayaking at Dark Cave & Bright Cave

Exploring caves

  • Halong Bay is home to many interesting natural caves such as Sung Sot cave, Thien Cung cave, Trinh Nu cave and Thien Canh Son cave. You can get to the island, go inside the caves, then admire the wonderful landscapes bestowed by nature.

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Sung Sot Cave in Halong Bay

Taking a bamboo boat

  • If you don’t want to kayak, you can take a bamboo boat rowed by locals, explore Luon Cave, and take in the beautiful landscape covered by limestone mountains.
Bamboo boat in Halong Bay

Swimming, climbing, and sunbathing

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  • The bay’s beaches are small but lovely. You can find a beautiful beach on Titop Island and many small beaches scattered throughout the bay. Here you may take it easy on the beach, go swimming, or hike to the top of the mountain for a panoramic view of Halong Bay and the best selfies.

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Having afternoon tea, taking a cooking lesson

  • Many visitors choose to take part in these relaxing activities. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, or a glass of wine while waiting for the sunset in Halong Bay. As it’s difficult to capture this moment, so good luck!
Cooking Class on Cruise

Which is a Best Route for Halong Bay One Day Tour?

To explore Halong Bay in a single day, there will be different routes available. Similar natural scenery of limestone islands on the blue sea can be found along all routes, but each route offers advantages of its own.

Let’s take a look and find out which route is best for you!

Halong Bay sightseeing route

  • Departure point: Halong International Port & Tuan Chau International Marina
  • Attractions: Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Titop Island, Luon Cave, etc.
  • Time to visit the bay: 4 hours, 6 hours, 7 hours, 8 hours on the bay

This sightseeing route is the most popular Halong Bay day tour route, which departs from Halong International Port or Tuan Chau International Marina. According to the local management board, there are two specific routes to visit Halong Bay, namely Route 1 and Route 2.

  • Route 1: 4-hour cruise: Departure Port – Cho Da (Stone Dog) Islet – Ba Hang Fishing Village – Thien Cung Cave
  • Route 2: 6-hour cruise: Departure Port – Stone Dog Islet – Fighting Cocks Islet – Sung Sot (Surprise) Cave – Luon Cave – Titov Island

This route offers the most beautiful scenery of Halong Bay but usually gets crowded in summer when domestic tourism is in peak season

Halong Bay Route Map

Lan Ha Bay Sightseeing Route

  • Departure Port: Tuan Chau International Port (in Halong city) or Beo Pier (Ben Beo, in Cat Ba Island)
  • Attractions: Hang Sang (Bright Cave), Ao Ech (for kayaking), floating village
  • Activities: kayaking, cave visiting, swimming
  • Time to visit the bay: 5 hours, 7 hours or 8 hours on the bay

This is a new sightseeing route for Halong Bay tourism. Tour starts at Tuan Chau Port in Ha Long City or Beo Pier in Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong Province). On the day trip to Lan Ha Bay, there will be several activities including kayaking, relaxing on the beaches, and taking a bamboo boat to a cave. A lengthier itinerary can include a bike ride through the jungle on Cat Ba Island.

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Lan Ha Bay Route Map

Bai Tu Long sightseeing route

  • Departure port: Halong International Port
  • Attractions: Thien Son Canh Cave, Vung Vieng fishing village, Cong Do Island
  • Time to visit the bay: 6 hours on the bay
  • Route 4: Departure Port – Cong Do area – Thien Son Canh Cave – Vung Vieng fishing village

This route is less crowded but only a few cruise operators exploit this tour, primarily for foreigners.

Bai Tu Long Bay Route Map

When to visit on a One Day Cruise Halong Bay?

Halong Bay Weather

Whether or not your trip is ideal depends on the weather. Let’s look at the best season to visit Halong Bay first:

  • The best time of the year to visit Halong Bay is in the spring, which lasts from February to April. The weather is pleasant and dry, and the sea is calm. However, because there are so many foreign visitors at this time, the destination is frequently crowded.
  • It’s getting hot and humid in summer (from May to August). Although high temperatures can make you sweat a lot, the hot weather is ideal for water sports like swimming and kayaking. However, storms and strong rainfall do occur occasionally. When traveling at this time, keep an eye on the weather forecast because cruise trips can be canceled in the event of a storm.
  • In autumn, from September to November), it is cool and windy. However, the sea is often rough when storms make landfall in the coastal provinces of Vietnam. Autumn is the low season for Halong Bay tourism, but you can still consider visiting at this time if the weather is good enough.
  • Winter months from December to January are not the best time to visit Halong Bay because it is sometimes freezing cold, cloudy and constantly raining, making it hard to do water activities like swimming.

Which Halong Bay One Day itinerary is suitable?

Halong Bay Sunset

6-Hour itinerary with bus transfer from Hanoi

This 6-hour itinerary is the most popular Halong Bay day tour, with bus transfers from Hanoi. On this tour, you will see Sung Sot Cave, one of the largest and most stunning caves in Halong Bay, kayak in Luon Cave, go to Titop Island to unwind on the beach, and trek to the top of the mountain for a panoramic view of Halong Bay.

  • The tour begins at 8:30 a.m. with a shuttle bus at your hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter and ends at 08:30 p.m.
  • The cruise ship departs from 12:00 p.m and finishes at 5:30 p.m, lasting for 5-6 hours on Halong BayThe cruise follows Route 2: Departure port – Sung Sot Cave – Luon Cave (for kayaking) – Titop Island (for beach & panoramic view)
  • Vietnamese lunch included
  • Departure from Ha Long International Port or Tuan Chau International Port

Detailed itinerary

  • 08:45 a.m – 09:15 a.m: Car and guide pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter to Halong Bay.
  • 12:15 p.m: Arrival at Tuan Chau port, board the ship and get safety instructions. Embark on a 6-hour cruise to explore Halong Bay, passing by thousands of limestone islands, including Fighting cocks and Thumb islets, while enjoying a delicious Vietnamese lunch on board.
  • 13:45: After arriving at the Bo Hon island region, your guide will take you to Sung Sot Cave where you can observe a variety of stalagmites and stalactites in different shapes. From there, you may kayak or take a bamboo boat to Luon Cave to see its stunning beauty. Visit Titov Island to unwind on the white sand beach, or climb the island’s summit to take in the panoramic views of the Gulf.
  • 16:30: Back to the cruise ship for Afternoon Tea while the cruise returns to Tuan Chau Port. There is plenty of time to sunbathe and listen to music on the upper deck, or to enjoy fantastic time with friends and your special someone in the midst of the world’s renowned natural scenery.
  • 17:45: Get on the bus back to Hanoi
  • 20:30: You are dropped off at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter. End the tour.

7-to-8-Hour itinerary with bus transfer from Hanoi

  • This is the bay’s longest day trip, giving you plenty of time to explore the islands, kayak on Halong Bay’s calm seas, and visit the caves and beaches.
  • In contrast to other cruises that leave at noon, this cruise starts from the port at 9:30 am, therefore you’ll need to leave Hanoi between 6:40 and 7:00 am.
  • Tourist attractions and activities included in this itinerary are quite similar to those in the 2-day, 1-night itinerary. In the past, tourists used to have to rent a private boat to get such a lengthy cruise. But there are now so many exciting 8-hour itineraries to pick from.

Detailed itinerary

  • 06:50 – 07:10: Pick up at hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter
  • 10:00: Arrive at Tuan Chau Marina and do check-in procedures on board.
  • 10:30: The boat will take you around the bay to discover the most beautiful islands such as Dau Nguoi (Wooden Stake) Islet, Dog Stone Islet, Lu Huong (Incense Burner) Islet, Hoa Cuong Fishing Village, and Ga Choi (Fighting Cocks) Islet – the symbol of Halong Bay. The cruise will stop for 5 minutes for you to take pictures to keep the beautiful moments here. Then, continue to move to Sung Sot (Surprise) cave.
  • 11:30: Enjoy a BUFFET lunch (>30 pax) or Set Menu (< 30 pax) with Vietnamese dishes and fresh seafood when cruising to Halong Bay.
  • 12:30: You will leave the cruise ship and visit Sung Sot cave, which is the largest and most beautiful cave in Halong Bay.
  • 14:00: Explore the area of Luon Cave (three tunnels), a wet cave for kayaking, or taking a bamboo boat. You also can choose to stay on board to relax and take in the scenery while the cruise ship move slowly in the bay. For those who like to challenge themselves, kayaking is an indispensable water activity in Halong Bay to discover the tranquility of this land. Another option is to take a bamboo boat if you love to admire the bay’s breathtaking beauty in a gentle way. This is the moment you can get closer to Halong’s nature. If none of these activities appeal to you, you can unwind on the sundeck.
  • 15:00: Visit Titop Island. Here you can climb to Titop’s summit to admire the panoramic view of Halong Bay from above. There is also a white sand beach to swim.
  • 15:45: Return to the cruise ship and enjoy the Sunset party with coffee, tea, homemade pastries and fresh juices.
  • 17:30: Back to the port. End the Halong Bay 8-hour itinerary.
  • 20:30: Arrive in Hanoi. End the trip.
Highly Recommended 7-8 Hour Cruises
Luxury La Casta Daily Cruise The Halong Catamaran Premium Cruise Jade Sails – A Most Luxury Cruise
  • Launching: January 2021
  • Maximum number of guests: 99
  • Itinerary type: 1-day tour (lasting 8 hours)
  • Attractions: Sung Sot Cave, Titop Island, Luon Cave
  • Departure point: Tuan Chau International Marina
  • Facilities: Jacuzzi pool, restaurant, bar and sundeck, outdoor swimming pool.
  • A Premium Yachting Experience
  • Upscale furniture and elegant interior design
  • A Mix of Elegance and Modern Comfort
  • Enjoy the luxury buffet lunch with Vietnamese and Western dishes
  • Fulfilling experience at Lan Ha Bay with the catamaran and the slide of the ship
  • 2.5 hours riding luxurious comfort limousine via new expressway
  • 7.5hours- cruising with the top luxury cruise
  • Cooking demonstration and sunset party
  • Kayak orlocal rowing boat through anarrayof stalagmitecaves leaded into hidden lagoons
  • Swimming in a quiet cover with amazing backdrop
  • Passing the genuine float houses of local fisher folks
Explore-tour Explore-tour Explore-tour

Price of Halong Bay One-Day Tour Cruise

The Halong Bay Day Tour is a group tour that includes transfer from Hanoi, lunch, entrance fees to attractions, and activities. On your request, there are also private tours available. Below is the list of tour price, please contact for the best deal:

Day Tour Cruises Price/Per Person
66USD = 1.538.000VND
69USD = 1.608.000VND
79USD = 1.841.000VND
  • La Casta Daily Luxury Halong Bay Cruise – 8 Hours Cruising
89USD = 2.074.000VND
  • The Halong Catamaran Premium Cruise
99USD = 2.307.000VND
  • Jade Sails – A luxury Halong Bay & Lan Ha Bay 8 Hours Cruise
109USD = 2.507.000VND

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Lunch with seafood in the set menu or buffet depending on the tour.
  • Shuttle / limousine transfer from Hanoi to Halong
  • Cruise ship to visit the bay (in 4 hours – 6 hours – 8 hours), depending on the itinerary you choose.
  • Tickets to visit Halong Bay in a day (290,000VND/pax)
  • Professional tour guide throughout your trip
  • Drinks and personal expenses are not included.

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Price for private cruise rental

For the private tour option, you can hire a private boat to explore the bay on your own, led by the captain and local staff.

Type of Cruise Suggestion Price
  • 6 Hour Cruise
  • From 4.200.000VND to 4.800.000VND
  • 8 Hour Cruise
  • From 7.600.000VND to 8.000.000VND

Tips for choosing a Halong Bay Day Cruise

Consider the following advice to make your trip to Halong worthwhile:

Book online

  • If you are searching for information and travel booking sites, travel blogs, etc., you may be confused by the large number of online travel offering Halong Bay Day tours.

In this case,

  • Read reviews and information of the list of reliable travel agencies that specialize in planning Halong tours on TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, and other forums.
  • Find a suitable itinerary yourself on these forums. Sometimes, some people also commented on the names of the websites where they used the service. Once you have the information you require, contact that travel agency to make a reservation for a cruise excursion.

Book a tour in Hanoi

  • Using Google to search for A Reputable Travel Agency in Hanoi more easily. Then, you can go directly to their office for a consultation. By this way, you can get a lot of useful information as well as the best prices.

Have a look at:

Buy tickets at the port

  • This way is for those who are already in Halong city and want to get to the port quickly. Tickets to visit Halong Bay for the day cost about 40 USD/pax (or more). It’s recommended to pick a 6-hour cruise tour instead of a 4-hour itinerary for a better experience.


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