Ninh Binh province is not only own intact and wild beauty of moutains and forests but only offer interesting trips to Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Cuc Phuong national park which has thousand – year but sacred white meranti , and Bai Dinh pagoda, the biggest one of Southeast Asia. So, have you had the chance to visit these places? There are many means of going on a tour to Ninh Binh. Will you willing to explore those Ninh Binh by motorbike?

Motorbike Tour in Ninh Binh

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Itinerary for Ninh Binh Tour 2 Days 1 night by motorbike

There are many means of visiting Ninh Binh and going on a motorbike tour  will be relatively easy experience. As usual, you should  take a trip for 2 or 3 days. Hanoi Explore Travel is very pleased to suggest you the common itinerary  for Ninh Binh tour from Hanoi by motorbike

Motorbike tour from hanoi to ninh binh

Day 1: Hanoi – Bai Dinh – Trang An

5:00 am: Departing from Hanoi

7:00 – 8:00 am: Arriving at Bai Dinh pagoda

8:00 – 12:00 pm: Visiting Bai Dinh pagoda with the following places:

  • Bai Dinh pagoda, Bao Tower of Bai Dinh and ancient Bai Dinh pagoda (4km from the new Bai Dinh pagoda)
  • Sang and Toi caves
  • Thanh Nguyen and Cao Son temples, Ngoc welll, etc…

To save time and energy, you should buy electric – car service because of the fairly large area of the pagoda

When you finish visiting Bai Dinh pagoda, you can also move  to “ Tuyet Tinh Coc” to take superb photographs

Trang an Bai Dinh in Ninh Binh

12:00 pm: Having lunch and some test for around 1-2 hours

1:30 pm: Visiting  Trang An tourism area with total time spent from 3 – 5 hours

Main vacation spots:

  • Trinh Temple, Temple worshipping the Tran dynasty and Cay Thi temple
  • Vu Lam imperial palace
  • Kong island

6:30 pm: Getting on the coach back to Ninh Binh city, checking in the room, having dinner and taking rest

Evening time: For dinner, you should go to Van Bao Ngoc restaurant because of not only its welcoming and cozy atmosphere for taking photographs but also cool souvenirs that features for the characteristics of the ancient capital

After having dinner, you can stroll around streets number 8, where there are stadium, square, Trang An greeting gate

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Temple of three identical statues of Buddha in Bai Dinh Pagoda

Day 2: Conquering Mua Cave  – Van Long

6:00 am: Having breakfast (eel vermicelli noodles made by Mrs.Phan – recommended)

7:00 am: Starting off to conquer Mua Cave

11:00 am: Having lunch at Chinh Thu restaurant then take rest at the hotel and prepare the belongings and luggage

2:00 pm: On the way to Van Long

5:00 pm: Finishing Ninh Binh tour and back to Hanoi from Van Long

Amazing van long nature reserve – Image Source: Phungtungkhanh

Notes for Ninh Binh Motorbike Tour

  • If you are going to plan your trip at the weekend or on holidays, you should reserve service in advance to avoid the cause rooms are full or service is not guaranteed
  • Ninh Binh has many tourist attractions and each of them has its own beauty. So, you should arrange the detailed schedule and destinations so that everything will be smooth.
  • Being on the boat, visitors should follow the boater’s instructions to ensure safety. Besides, you have to wear life jacket complying with regulations of the tourism area
  • Most of toursim areas in Ninh Binh are complex of caves and mountains; therefore, you should bring a pair of hiking shoes and clothes which has thin clothing  and absorb sweat well
Van Long Nature Reserve

Travelling by motorbike from Ninh Binh Province

Execpt from that, if you are not confident of your driving ability and your health condition when you travel long distance, you should take a bus from Hanoi to Ninh Binh then grab a scooter in Ninh Binh because currently, there are many bus and coach routes running continuously. Also, it is going to take you around 1hour and a half to reach Ninh Binh if you take a Limousine Bus.

Motorbike rental in ninh binh

List of Reputable Motorbike Rental Shop in Ninh Binh

Kien Trang motorbike rental

Address: 49 Dinh Dien street, Ninh Binh province. (delivering motorbikes at customers’ hotel)

Price: 150.000VND/ motorbike, on sale days, readers of get a discount of 130.000 VND/ motorbike only

Support service: maps, safety helmet, giving advice during the tour enthusiastically

Mobile: 0972073293

Procedures: Very simple since you just need your identity card and you are staying at a hotel in Ninh Binh. They will deliver a motorbike to your hotel’s address

Comments: Motorbikes the store offers are safe, smooth running and quickly delivered along with simple and flexible leasing procedures

Kien Trang Motorbike Rental Shop

Mr.Manh specializing in motorbike rental

This is a trustworthy and credible lessor in Ninh Binh and is strongly recommended by many people because of its good quality and attitude service

Address: 800 Tran Hung Dao Street, Tan Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh city

Mobile: 085 205 0015 (Mr.Manh) –  and Mrs.Dung : 0943 551 799

Price: 100.000VND/day. They offer many kinds of vehicles and are the first one to open motorbike-leasing business in Ninh Binh

Procedure: Leaving your identity card

Delivering motorbikes at the place customers require

Mr Hanh Rental Motorbike Shop

Motorbike low-priced leasing in Ninh Binh

They specialize in leasing kinds of motorbike including the brandnames like: Nouvo, Attila . They also deliver high-quality motorbikes very quickily.

Delivering and receiving motorbikes at the place customers require and offering both long –term and short-term leasing

Mobile : Mrs.Huong:  0942 862 099

Address: 104/48 Le Thai To street, Tan Thanh ward, Ninh Binh province

Price is 120.000VND/day with simple leasing procedures.

Mr. Hoang – motorbike leasing in Ninh Binh

Offering all kinds of motorbikes for you to choose and delivering them right at the place you require

For Honda dream, wave, sirius, ez sym scooters, 90.000VND/day. For Honda win scooters: 130.000VND/day and Honda PCX: 190.000/VND

If you hire from at least 3 days: 80.000VND/ day

Mobile: Mr.Hoang: 0917.457.797 – 0904.232.341

Price: 100.000VND/motor scooter like Novo, Attila, sarch Amichi, Hayate

Address: Tuan Cao hamlet, Ninh Thang commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province

Ngo Quyen Motorbike Rental

Address: 21, 10 Lane, Trang An street, Tan An, Tan Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh city (opposite Trang An greeting gate, Bai Dinh)

Mobile: 0972.036.929

Price: Only from 90.000VND/ day  to 120.000/VND/day/motorbike

Rental Motorbike in Ninh Binh City

Some Tip notes for rental motorbike in Ninh Binh

  • When leasing motorbikes on holidays, to have a motorbike, you should plan and reserve it in advance a month , or at least 2 days
  • You should not lease a mtorbike just because of its cheap price  because it can be old, which will not offer smooth operation. Remember to find about every detail clearly before leasing
  • Before deciding to receive the scooter you meant to hire, you should check the front and back brakes thoroughly

What should you prepare for your trip to Ninh Binh by motorbike?

Going on a Ninh Binh  by motorbike has become a hot trend for many young people because of its risk and adventurousness. So how to have an enjoying and safe motorbike trip, what should you get prepared for? Let’s browse through the following suggestions of necessary items you should carry when you travel by motorbike with Hanoi Expore Travel!

Preparing and checking the motorbike

  • Before starting off, you should pay close attention and check every details of the motorbike to make sure that there are not any arising problems that will happen
  • Checking the chain very carefully to avoid too close chain stitch or dry fuel; otherwise, the motorbike will not bear such  long journey
  • Changing fuel: Check all of the engine of the motorbike and change fuel if necessary so that it can run smoothly and durably during the jouney
  • Tyers should be examined carefully and clinging of those tyers to the surface of the road. In case you travel long distance, you should change it into a new tyre if your current tyre is too old.
  • Setting up rear view mirrors for easy observation
  • Bringing  some spare parts and tools to replace and fix like: nbsp, bugi, mini pump, clutches, backup keys, lIghts, etc…
Cheap motorbike rental shop in Ninh Binh

Personal belongings

  • Identity papers: identity cards, driving license, motorbike legal papers
  • Bags where you can put belongings like: toothpaste, toothbrush, washcloth, shampoo, shower cream
  • Medical kits: Berocca (increase conciousness), Eferalgan (relieve pain, reduce temperature), Berberin (diarrhea treament and poison treatment), dressings, cleaning solution for injuries
  • Insect repellent: Should be brought to avoid insect biting, affecting your health
  • Safety Hamlet: Should be full-faced hamlets or third-fourth covered onces with high quality

Conclusion: Many thanks for reading our article about recommended itinerary to Ninh Binh for 2 days 1 night by motorbike. If you have any difficulty in tourist attractions , hiring a scooter, or  finding a good restaurant and hotel, don’t hesitate to make comments right below this article, we will contact and consult you the best choice. Or if you don’t want to travel to Ninh Binh By Motorbike, you may see our tour which organized and highly rated on Tripadvisor: Here

What do you think is the best way to explore Ninh Binh?

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