Followed by Part 1, for Part 2, Hanoi Explore Travel is going to share you the rest expereince for the special tour Ninh Binh – Sapa – Hanoi with interesting valuable and practical experiences  and  superb photographs during the tour of John’s team. Let’s browse through and find out the details for your trip!

In part 1, we saw eye – catching and great tourist attractions of Ninh Binh, Sapa, Hanoi. Below are some valuable experience about expenses and some important notes for travelling. We hope that these recommendations will be useful for you.

Full Detail Hanoi ninh binh Sapa travel guide

Detailed expenses for the trip

Flight ticket and other expenses related to flying

  • Total expenses: 1.850.000 VND/person (can be cheaper)
  • Flight ticket Ho Chi Minh city – Hanoi: 1.750.000 VND/person/ return tiket
  • A seven – seat car from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi : 450.000/VND, costing each member of the team around 75.000 VND
  • Grabbing a taxi from the old quarter to Noi Bai airport: a seven – seat car cost you from 270.000VND  to 300.000VND, so each member of team is charged around 50.000 VND. You can book a taxi right at your hotel or you can contact us by email or whatsapp number: + 84 974 805 797 or leave your comment right here, we will contact you very shortly

You can also take a bus number 86, which runs the two-way route Hanoi – Noi Bai and costs  you only 20.000VND/ person/one way ticket

Ninh Binh Sapa Hanoi

Expenses for each tourist attraction (inlduing transporation, food, rest and visiting expenses)

Ninh Binh Province Vietnam

Ninh Binh – 810.000 VND/person/day (around 36USD)

John’s team leased seven – seat car by themselves priced at 2.000.000 VND/ car, so it costs each member over 300.000 VND/person. If you catch a coach from Hanoi to Ninh Binh and then grab a motorbike to reach the destination, you also will have to pay from 300.000 – 400.000VND/person

  • Entrance ticket for visitng Trang An: 200.000VND/person, including boat ticket,  gate ticket, etc…
  • Electric car price in Bai Dinh pagoda: 80.000VND/person
  • Lunch expense: from 130.000 VND – 180.000VND/person
Ninh Binh Vietnam

Sapa – 1.900.000VND/person/2 days 1 night

With this expense, you can freely enjoy food and drink and stay at a 2.5 star hotel


  • Lao Cai province: Taking a train running the route Lao Cai – Hanoi with beds costs you around 560.000/VND/ one way ticket
  • Sapa Mountain Queen House (Hotel) price: 520.000/VND/room/ night
  • Cat Cat villiage entrance ticket: 50.000 VND/person
  • Expenses for hiring clothes of ethnic people: 50.000VND/person
  • Motorbike-leasing expense: 100.000 VND/motorbike/day, fuel cost around 40.000 VND/day
  • Baked food: 80.000VND/peson, very delicious and full
  • Having chicken at Ta Phin village: 350.000VND/kg, which can be made into many kinds of food and costs each member 100.000VND/person
  • Having hot pots in Lao Cai province, which is very delicious, nutritious and cheap. You only need to order a serving for 2 people  because that can be shared for 6 people. Each member will pay around 60.000VND/person
  • Having snacks and breakfast: 100.000VND/person
Sapa valley view – Hanoi Explore Travel

Hanoi – 580.000VND/person/ one day one night

  • Hotel price: around 250.000VND/person/night, located in the old quarter for convenience of travelling
  • Food expenses including: hot pot, baked food, noodles, fired tofu  with shrimp taste: 260.00VND/person
  • Taxi price: 40.000VND/person
  • Entrance ticket for the imperial citadel of Thang Long: 30.000VND/person
Hanoi Conner Beer

What should you prepare and bring for your trip?

  • Necessary belongings like: toothpast, perfume, shampoo, skin cream, wash cloth, insect repellent, etc…
  • You should plan which location your team are going to visit to prepare clothes and match your clothese that fits the background of that place, especially when you go for a walk or climb mountains
  • Remember to bring necessary identity papers in case it is necessary
  • If you are sensitive to weather, you should bring cold medicine, heat rub, etc or some medical tools for taking care of your health if needed
  • A map, a thing you should never forget to bring when you go on a tour because you can easily get lost
  • Water and beverages, which can help you feel less hungry or thirsty on the way you go to the destination
  • Travelling by motorbike, please read this article to have an interesting trip: Necessary things you need to carry when you travel to Ninh Binh my motorbike
Hanoi Train Street

Some important notes

In John’s trip, he mentioned very much  useful experience and thanks to this, we hope you can enjoy  your trip at the best level

  • You should always bring a raincoat when you visit Sapa; also travelling by motorbike needs cautiousness because the way is covered with quite a lot of fog, dangerous and hard to move also
  • Weather in Sapa is particuarly changed quite fast in a period. So, today can be very nice, but tomororw it might have thick fog, so please don’t forget to carry types of necessary clothes
  • Reaching Ninh Binh, you should visit Bai Dinh pagoda before Trang An. If you go for Trang An first, you will feel very tired because Trang An is too large, which discourages you to explore other locations
  • Walking in Bai Dinh pagoda is very tiring because it is very large , around 4km, so you should grab an electric car instead
  • In case you don’t have a high-end camera, you can also use your smartphone to take good photographs
Sapa Village Homestay

In addition, if you want travel by tour, below are some good recommendations for you, please click on the link:

After John’s valuable and detailed experience, do you have any plan for your trip? In fact, this is not fixed, so you can also change the schedule of your trip according to your demand

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