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Is It Worth Taking A Halong Bay Day Tour?

Halong Bay day tour helps you save not only time but also money. As one of the most touristy places all over Vietnam, accommodation in Halong can’t be cheap.

A tour longer than just one day will need a accommodation, a night on boat, while with a 1 day tour, you can go back to your place within the night or move to a less expensive area.

If budget is one of your concerns, Halong Bay day trip is a great choice

Also, if you are lucky enough to get a great trip, you will be able to experience lots of activities, both on land and islands.

A well-designed one day tour will give you a brief but impressive look at the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sometimes the number of days spent does not matter, what matter is the things that you are able to experience.

If you have visions of craggy limestone islands rising majestically out of turquoise waters, head immediately to Ha Long Bay.

This iconic landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site visited by millions of people every year.

Of course, the top activities are boat tours of the bay, which can guide you to sites like the colorfully illuminated Sung Sot Cave, Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Most beauty of Titop Island, the island of Tuan Chau, and the serene bays of Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay

Is Halong Bay Safe?

Halong Bay is a safe destination for both male and female tourists in terms of violent crime, assaults, and bag snatching. However, safety regulations don’t always correspond to the international requirements, thus the cases of boat sinking are quite common.

Can you swim at Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is said to be one of the best place to swim in Vietnam with numerous beaches. The bay is not only an ideal place for sunbathing with dazzling sunlight, but also a beautiful beach with calm tides, clean, and green water.

What is the best time to visit Halong Bay?

Temperature rises from 25ºC. Summer promotion rate can be found during this time. Spring ( March, April) and Fall ( September, October) seems to be the best time to visit Halong bay.

It is possible to visit Ha Long Bay year-round, with the best time to visit from October through April, although during the winter months of December, January and February, the weather can be cool and overcast with low visibility.

How long does it take to get to Halong Bay from Hanoi?

Normally, the distance from Hanoi to Halong Bay is about 170 km.  If you go by private car, it takes around 2.5 hours.

Shuttle Bus takes you around 3.5 hours, included haft-hour for break time from Hanoi to Halong Bay.

Public transportation is not a good option for day trips to Ha Long Bay. A guided tour is highly recommended for this excursion.

How do I get from Hanoi to Halong Bay?

How to travel to Halong Bay: There is a bus from Hanoi to Halong city, 160 km away, takes roughly three and a half hours and from the bus station to the pier is about 15 minutes.

Then you can go to the ferry pier which has the boat to go to Koh Gadbah island. Another choice is driving from Hanoi to Haiphong province.

Public buses leave from  Gia Lam Station (other side of Red River, 2km from Hoan Kiem Lake) to Bay Chai (Halong City) every 30 minutes from 6AM to 6PM and cost 150,000 dong/person each way.

What is Halong Bay famous for? What to do and see

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, famous for its scenic rock formations. Ha Long Bay (also “Halong Bay”) is in northern Vietnam, 170 km east of Hanoi. The bay is famous for its scenic rock formations.

Ha Long Bay is a beautiful area with 1969 limestone islands jutting imposingly upon the skyline.

With just one day to visit it, you should know everything that’s worth seeing or doing before you go, and this part will show you just that.

Assuming that you’re in Hanoi and start at 8, it’ll be at least a 3hr drive to Halong Bay

Kayaking through the Bay& Pearl farming

Halong bay is one of the best sea kayaking destinations in Asia. This is an outstanding feature that only can be found in Halong.

Because the activities are not various too much between cheap and expensive cruises, kayaking is offered regularly by cruise companies from day cruises to overnight cruises

Visit Fighting Cock Rocks – Trong Mai (Ga Choi) Islet

Trong Mai Islet is found in the Southwest of Halong Bay close to Dinh Huong Islet, around 3 miles (5 kilometers) from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf.

This recognizable islet takes the form of two chickens: a rooster and a hen, said to be kissing.

The islet stands at about 30 feet (10 meters) above sea level, and according to those with a more romantic outlook, the two chickens have stood by each other for thousands of years, representing the steadiness of faithful love.

Dinh Huong Islet

Dinh Huong Islet (Incense Burner Islet) is so – called Lu Huong Islet. It’s located in the southwest of Dau Go Island (about 6 kilometers from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf, Halong).

Dinh Huong Islet comprises only one huge stone. When the tide is low, tourists can see its four pins underneath

The islet is in the shape of an incense burner in the middle of the sea. In the majestic setting of sea and islands, Dinh Huong Islet seems like a holy symbol dedicated to national heroes who died to protect the country.

Dinh Huong Islet is an outstanding site of Halong Bay that draws the attraction of several tourists coming to Halong

Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave (the Cave of Wooden Stakes) is one of the biggest caves of Halong Bay. The Cave is 7km or 30 minutes boat trip from the shore.

The Cave of Wooden Stakes is believed to have been the place where General Tran Hung Dao hid weapons in the war against the invaders in the 13th century A.D.

The cave offers stunning stalactites and stalagmites. A complete tour of Dau Go Cave may take up to 1 hour or 1 and a half hour.

The trip can be combined with a visit to the Thien Cung Cave  – The Heavenly Palace Cave.

Thien Cung Cave

The next cave that you should visit is Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave is located in the north of Dau Go island, 4 km south of the tourist port. It is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong.

The cave is wide with many compartments and a lot of stalactites and stalagmites in strange shapes.

With the total area of 10,000 square meters along with its complex interior structure, the cave fascinates all of its visitors.

But what makes it famous is its unique system of stalactites and stalagmites, which come in different shapes and sizes

Sung Sot Cave

The name Sung Sot cave can be translated to Shocking cave. Much like its name, tourists tend to be in a state of shock and awe when they first stepped into the cave.

The cave is divided into two main parts, with multiple sites to see. In the first part, the ceiling is covered with a layer of glittering stalactites forming numerous shapes that resemble things like statues, elephants, flowers and much more.

To reach the second part of the cave, you have to walk through a small road. The second part opens up with a stream of colorful and brilliant light and the vast bank that can hold thousands.

The scenery in this part is just as bizarre as the first part, with stalactites in the form of seals, dinosaurs, tree etc.

Luon Cave

Luon cave is located on Bo Hon Island, 14 km south of Bai Chay. In front of the cave is the Tortoise islet, on the right is the Heaven Gate.

Here the cliffs upright, in four seasons the water is clear blue as a mirror. At the edge of the water, a bow gate opens at the foot of the island, which is Luon cave.

This type of cave in Halong Bay is not many, but perhaps the most interesting thing attracting tourists is the natural scene.

It is a combination between the shape of the mountains, the color of clouds to each grass that can not find here a defect of nature.

Thien Canh Son Cave

Thien Canh Son is a wild cave located on Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay belonging to the Cong Do Sanctuary.

This ia an interesting destination for both Vietnamese and foreign visitors thanks to its natural beauty, pristine limestone stalactites and beautiful landscapes.

Inside the cave, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the exotic beauty of the limestone stalagmites formed thousands of years ago that make up unique images such as the image of a lotus or a foal.

Ceiling of the cave is covered with a layer of shiny carpet with shining stalks like hanging lights, stone statues, elephant stone, seals, flowers. All seems to create an imaginary world.

Try climbing in Halong

Not only attractive by the charming beauty of water, romantic sea, Halong Bay – with diversifying and rugging terrain – is also a challenge for tourists who love climbing.

If you are a fan of this adventurous sport, perhaps the thorny cliffs, the spectacular views of the mountains, the caves at Halong Bay will give you a sense of desire to be conquered.

Visit the fishing villages on the Bay

Vung Vieng fishing village and Cua Van Fishing Village are most unique architecture in the world.

All houses here are floating house on the sea, surrounded by multi-shaped boats and rafts. Unlike the living in the mainland, almost activities of the locals here are closely associated with the waters and spectacular limestone islands.

It is the difference on natural conditions and living habits that creates unique cultural features.

In particular, the village is shielded by the natural limestone mountains with huge natural scenery, rolling rocks, jade green sea like an ink-painting picture.

On the immense waves, the floating houses seemingly closely linking with each other, together with the fishing boats anchoring make the village a unique beauty nowhere can be found.

Best Halong Bay Day Tours

While overnight boat excursions are arguably the most popular tours in Ha Long Bay, there are shorter yet equally fulfilling tours that are perfect for those traveling on a tight schedule.

Thrill-seekers can also opt for seaplane flights over Ha Long Bay, which offer unbeatable views of traditional fishing villages, forested islets and limestone pillars rising out of the clear blue waters.

Catering to a wide range of budgets, preferences, and group sizes, read on for our guide of Ha Long Bay’s most popular tours.

  1. Halong Bay Full-Day Boat Cruise
  2. Halong Bay Full Day Kayaking + Swimming
  3. Small-Group Halong Bay Day Cruise
  4. Seaplane Flight Over Ha Long Bay
  5. Private Full-Day Halong Bay Tour
  6. Halong Bay 2-Day 1-Night Boat Cruise

Tips to Choose a Day Cruise

Some of you will always prepare and make the itinerary for your tour in Vietnam as well as information about famous travel companies through the Internet, before the scheduled departure date. However, travel company fraud or travel agencies fraud is inevitable.

To ensure that you find the right address of prestigious travel agency and travel company in Hanoi, as well as in Vietnam.

We have experience and through practical research in tourism to send you useful information, just like the most exact detail advices for your next voyage when you want to visit Halong Bay.

Booking Online

If you have started to learn about travel booking sites and information sites, travel blogs, etc., you will be so confused and it is so difficult because there are so many online travel companies that offer Halong Bay Tours.

The way to get started is to read information in the forums such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet … These forum sites where you can read from other people’s experiences and know list of prestige company names.

At that, you can find schedule on your own. Some customers may even bookmark or mention websites of reputable travel companies that they have experienced

Finally, when you have enough information you need and have enough peace of mind to book tours with a travel agency, you can email or visit their website to book tour by your credit card.By this way, you are assured that your schedule has been set up and just wait for your great vacation before arrive in Hanoi.

On Top 10 of Travel companies on Tripadvisor website in Hanoi.

  •  Website with accurate information such as addresses, Hotline, Email, representatives and business license.
  •  Website has the terms of the rights, as well as cancellation policy for clients.
  • Website must be committed and compensation terms of contract, if they do not provide services like selling to customers.

Booking in Hanoi

If you’ve been waiting to set your Ha Long Bay journey until you’ve arrived in Hanoi. But do not worry about that. Because there are so many famous tourist companies or travel agents in Hanoi, they are selling tours to Halong Bay.  Another difficulty is that you do not know how to choose a reputable Travel Agency in Hanoi?

Another important Tip is that you should learn about history, representative of that office and as well as how many years they have been active in the tourism industry?

Thus, you will always receive the most useful information and good price from experts. Then, you can consult tour program via the website or send an email to book tours that you want

Find out a ticket at harbor: You will pay 40USD/person if you require being picked up at the harbor parking lot as that’s the price ports charge guides.

To avoid it, simply tell the booking agent that you’re willing to meet outside.

Time length: Normally there are 4-hour, 6-hour and 8-hour tours, you should consider them carefully as each of them will offer different activities. In our opinion, the 6-hour one is highly recommended.

One day trip to Halong Bay may leave much to be desired. But if you have no other choice than to visit it in just one day, this is our guide to try and help you find the best experience you can get.

Our objective will be to find a tour with not only reasonable price but also has great quality.

If finding a tour is too much of a chore for you, just consider the Hanoi Explore Travel. It covers all the expenses and also includes pick up.

For a one day tour with all the important sites covered, you won’t find a better offer.