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  • Duration: 1 Day
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Ninh Binh – one of the enormously  impressive and diversified tourist destination of many foreign travellers. Owning magnificent and stunning views;  ideal and convenient spot together with generous hospitality, Ninh Binh has many forms of tours. It offers  both group tour and private tour, which is up to you. You can also book a Hanoi  – Ninh Binh Tour by bus or private car if you are staying in Hanoi because these days there are many creditable travel agents to choose, in which Hanoi Explore Travel is ranked among Top 5 of the Best Tour Operator for Ninh Binh Tours on Tripadvisor. Particularly, over 1000 travellers highly appreciate its quality, service and price (95% Excellent Review). Below are Top Best-Selling Ninh Binh Tour with the most competitive price and best quality we would like to introduce to you

Best Ninh Binh Day Trip

The first one we could not forget to mention is Ninh Binh Day trip,  which is particularly suitable for travellers who don’t have much time doing sightseeing. However, please don’t worry because there are also many places for you to admire sceneries. First, you need to choose your departure place. If you stay in Hanoi, you can go for the tour starting at 8:00 am and ending at the Old Quarter Streets. Additionally, choosing a tour starting off right at Ninh Binh is another option if you are staying there. The following are some highly recommended tours of Ninh Binh Day Trip

Hoa Lu Tam Coc Day Trip

It gives you the chance to visit two famous places of Ninh Binh. The first one is Hoa Lu – the first capital of Vietnam’s feudalism where it left a range of ancient architectures, pagodas and other historical heritages. Besides, you can also have the opportunity to experience peaceful feeling when taking a boat ride on Ngo Dong river to visit Tam Coc and 3 well-known caves: Ca, Hai and Ba Caves. Then you continue the adventure with riding a bicycle through rice fields and picturesque villages. This tour departs at 8:00 am and ends at 6:30 pm in Hanoi. The price of the tour include two-way tickets, sightseeing fee, one bottle of mineral water, buffet for lunch, tourguides with foreign certificate, Tam Coc boat ticket and bicycle riding

Trang An Bai Dinh Tour

Combination of spiritual travel and natural exploration

Trang An is a well-known tourist attraction of Ninh Binh and also one of three most beautiful places appearing in Kong Skull Island of the American film director Vogt – Roberts. Visiting this interesting spot, you can find out the village of aboriginals that comes out on the film, admire spectacular views of the karst mountains and the superb clear river when taking a 3-hour Trang An boat tour. Additionally, you can also have to chance to observe natural caves of various forms representing cultural and spiritual value with your naked eyes. Bai Dinh is the greatest pagoda of South East Asia with many recognized set of records. Ticket price of Trang An Bai Dinh Tour consists of two-way ticket, buffet lunch, electric car to get to Bai Dinh pagoda, mineral water, Trang An boat ticket and tourguide

Cuc Phuong National Park Full Day Tour

Suited to travellers who  are into exploring wilderness of nature, trekking, climbing mountains and don’t want to get through places of flocks of travellers. There are two options for you: Group tour, maxium of 16 members and Private Cuc Phuong National Park Day Tour with private cars and tourguide. The price of the tour includes two-way tickets, sightseeing fee, tourguide, lunch and water

Ninh Binh Boat Tour

The best way to explore the wild nature of Ninh Binh is taking a boat ride through renowned places like: Tam Coc, Trang An, Thung Nham, Van Long nature reserve. Not only do we sit on the boat but also we can climb the mountains and ride bicycle around villages.

Hoa Lu – Tam Coc – Mua Cave Tour

A perfect combination of a tour for a day. You still can enjoy doing sightseeing of 3 well-known places, explore history and culture of Hoa Lu ancient capital,  experience the feeling of sitting on a bamboo boat , go through caves of Tam Coc, trek to the mountain of Mua cave with 500 stairs, which is a great place to have a panoramic view the beautiful city Ninh Binh and take great photos.

Hoa Lu – Trang An – Mua Cave Tour

It is the same as the above tour; the only difference is that it is taking a ride boat here is going to last for 3 hours and travellers can explore more caves and more imposing mountains compared to Tam Coc. This tour is suited to touriests who want to have longer time feeling this place and finding more about history of Trang An. Price of 2 mentioned tours are also reasonable, which includes two-way travelling by convenient and opulent Luxury Limousines, professional tourguides, buffet lunch, free entrnace ticket, Mua Cave ticket, Boat trip ticket. In summary, this is a great choice for you to explore many must-visit destinations of Ninh Binh.

Ninh Binh Private Tour

Above are forms of Ninh Binh tours for small groups, maxium of 16 members. For travellers who can pay more,prefer to spend more and have their own atmosphere for their family, we strongly advise you should choose our Private Ninh Binh Tour since it is perfectly suitable for above 2 tourists  and also saves costs. There are many activities like: Cooking classes, having lunch at restaurants, few tourist, quite atmosphere with the most speical foods. Time and places are fully flexible based on your requirements. Price of this private tour includes two-way travelling, careful, experienced and enthusiastic dirver, professional tourguide, sighseeing fee, drinks during the meals,mineral water during the trip and Trang An and Tam Coc boat ticket.You can choose the following tours: PrivateTam Coc Mua Cave Tour, Hoa Lu Trang An Mua Cave Private Tour…for your trip

Ninh Binh 2 Days 1 Night Tour

For tourists who prefer to spend much time on exploring almost well-known places of Ninh Binh, this is the best choice.Frist day of your trip, some recommended places to visit: Hoa Lu Tam Coc, Trang An Bai Dinh, Hoặc Cuc Phuong National Park…After the first day, you can have the chance to stay at  the best homestay, bangalow, hotel and resort in Ninh Binh, depending on your requirements we will arrange the most appropriate itinerary for you with the most reasonable price. It can be a group tour or private tour..Apart from that, if you have more time, we highly recommend you to try Ninh Binh Tour for 3 days 2 nights to explore the whole of Ninh Binh and try renowned, special cuisine.

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