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What Halong Bay is Famous For?

Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is well-known for its stunning limestone mountains rising from the jade-colored waters which were formed thousands of years ago.

Coming here, you can also have the chance to learn more about Halong’s culture and fascinating caves.

What Things to do in Halong Bay?

There are always a lot of things you can do in Halong because it is a large location that caters to both economic and tourism demands.

In Halong, a variety of itineraries are available, from outdoor and physically demanding activities to trips that are more leisurely and food-focused.

Along with visiting the well-known attractions while traveling Halong Bay, tourists should engage in the following extra activities.

Explore Agriculture Tour

Tourists will find a variety of healthy and unique Vietnamese plants through experiencing and learning how farmers grow the organic foods served on board


Is one of the things you should definitely do in Halong Bay. However, this activity is only suitable and possible to do at specific times of the year, so it might be ignored by many tourists.


Trekking can be easily found in many famous sites in Halong, particularly on Cat Ba Island and in the primeval forests. You will definitely have a lot of fun with this experience.


Similar to trekking, cycling may be done throughout most of the major areas of HaLong Bay and HaLong City, including Cat Ba Island and the city center.


Kayaking through Ha Long Bay is one of the best ways to discover the bay for those who like to explore on their own and for those with an active lifestyle.

Rock Climbing

Climbing is advised for sport enthusiasts, from amateur to expert, however there are few choices as it is currently only offered by one travel company in Cat Ba Island.

Tai Chi Exercises

Doing Tai Chi is among the most popular early-morning activities for overnight tourists in Halong Bay cruise. It is a fantastic alternative for morning exercises on the cruise.

Join Cooking Class

Also one of the most popular activities on overnight cruises, cooking classes usually take place in the late afternoons just before everyone gets ready for dinner.

Spa & Wellness

Spa and wellness services are frequently offered on opulent cruises for those wishing to make the most of their relaxing time in Ha Long Bay, ideally while cruising the tranquil waters of the bay.

Squid Fishing

Going squid fishing is the onboard activity that everyone looks forward to when the night falls. In addition to uniting people, this activity also brings a lot of fun.

What’s the Best Time to visit Halong Bay

October through December is the peak travel season for tourists. As the weather is not too hot, less storms and the sea is calm as in the summer, it may be the best time to visit Halong Bay for some people.

The main drawback is the huge influx of visitors from all over the world to Halong Bay during this time, especially during the Christmas to New Year season.

In addition, the winter in Northern Vietnam often begins at the end of November and can linger until the beginning of April, so the weather can be frequently gloomy, grey, and rather chilly. It hence can be considered as another drawback of visiting Halong Bay during this peak season.

Most Popular Halong Bay Cruise Routes

The Halong Bay Management Board provides tourists and travel agencies with three different ticket kinds (following the three routes listed below) in an effort to manage the overflowing tourist population in Halong Bay. If you purchase a ticket for route 1, you may only visit the attractions that are permitted along this route.

You will need to buy additional tickets to the attractions if you want to visit more attractions of different routes.

The majority of tour companies will only purchase tickets for one route, so you should talk to the tour operator about the places you would like to go before booking a tour.

Route 1

Tien Ong Cave

Although it has just been put into operation, Tien Ong Island with its pristine beauty will surely captivate visitors.

Cua Van Fishing Floating Village

A visit to Cua Van village, which is ranked one of the world’s most picturesque small villages by Huffington Post, will provide tourists an opportunity to learn more about the long-standing local culture.

Viet Hai Village

A typical example for a peaceful place in the crowded Ha Long Bay is Viet Hai village. As a village on Cat Ba Island, Viet Hai with a unique local identity offers up a whole new world to its tourists.

Three Peach Island

Ba Trai Dao Islet features a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters, which is ideal for kayaking or swimming.

Coc Cheo Islet

Hon Chen Islet with an interesting shape is known as filming location for Kong: Skull Island. For movie fans, exploring this islet’s unspoiled beauty is like going on a treasure hunt!

Me Cung Cave

Me Cung Cave (Maze Cave), like its name, has an oddly complicated structure and is a remnant of the early Halong civilisation (7,000 – 10,000 years ago). With lighting effects, caves currently become more stunning.

Route 2

Vung Vieng Fishing Floating Village

Kayaking through Ha Long Bay is one of the best ways to discover the bay for those who like to explore on their own and for those with an active lifestyle.

Tung Sau Pearl Farm

The isle has the appearance of a finger pointing upward. Visitors can take highly distinctive backdrop shots on this isle thanks to its surroundings.

Finger Islet

This island is one of the most hidden gems of Halong Bay, surely bringing fresh experience to visitors.

Dau Be Island

When viewed from above, the beach looks like a crescent moon. With its beauty, Titop Island is well-known among travelers throughout the world.

Route 3

Titov Beach

When viewed from above, the beach looks like a crescent moon. With its beauty, Titop Island is well-known among travelers throughout the world.

Ho Ba Ham Islet

Ba Ham Lake offers incredibly tranquil moments thanks to the water, which is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Surprise Cave

As the largest cave in HaLong Bay, the interior of this cave will leave you in awe during your visit.

Trinh Nu Cave

Every cave frequently has a legend that increases the cave’s appeal! Let’s visit Trinh Nu Cave to get to know its interesting story and take in its amazing beauty that nature has offered.

Luon Cave

When admiring stalagmites and stalactites in the close distance, visitors will be mesmerized by the picturesque and tranquil scene. Additionally, you can take a boat ride on the pure and calming water to pass through the beautiful cave.

Cong Do Island

Cong Do Island in Bai Tu Long Bay is less well-known than other islands, but it has a diverse ecosystem that is constantly developing.

How To Choose The Right Halong Bay Cruise?

This could be among the most crucial parts of your plan for an unforgettable Halong Bay Cruise.

You and your family will spend most of your time on the cruise for several days.

We’ll highlight the top cruise companies in Halong Bay that have an excellent reputation for their customer service, amenities, and their cruise license from the Management Board of Ha Long Bay.

Steps to have a great cruise:

Step 1

  • You will decide your itinerary length
  • How long do you want to spend in HaLong Bay?Day Cruise
  • 2 Day 1 Nights
  • 3 Days 2 Nights
  •  Days Cruise

Step 2

What is your budget?

  • High End & Private
  • Luxury Cruise
  • Middle-Range Cruise
  • Budget Cruise

Step 3

  • Do you go with your children?
  • Halong cruises usually can accommodate 2 people only.
  • If you are looking for a larger room for 2 adults and 2 children, or a connecting room, let’s consider mid-range to the luxury cruise.
  • Mid-range to luxury cruises are a better option for travelers with specific needs like special diets or more amenities.

Step 4

  • The entire Halong Bay area includes Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay.
  • Both Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay have many of the same geological features as Ha Long Bay but are less touristy.
  • However, you can miss famous attractions such as Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Cave), Luon Cave, Titop Island…

Step 5

  • Now that you have completed steps 1-4, you are better able to decide what kind of Halong cruise you want.
  • The question is, how do you pick the best one?
  • For the finest experience at Halong Bay, revise the points below.
  • Think about the rating and years of business on TripAdvisor.