Ham Rong Mountain – Sapa: A perfect location for admiring stunning scenery above the clouds

Having a charming beauty with magical mists, Sapa is akin to a splendid and beautiful feng shui picture.

And Ham Rong Mountain is one of the most wonderful places in Sapa that you should not miss!

Discover the legends and landscapes of Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa, Vietnam. You’ll find all the necessary information and useful advice in this travel guide to help make your trip unforgettable!

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The mountain in the sunset

Ham Rong Mountain and its highlights

Tucked away in the center of Sapa, Vietnam, lies the magnificent Ham Rong mountain. Its crest, which has a dragon’s jaw-like form, is the source of its name. With breathtaking panoramic views of Sapa and the surrounding surroundings, it provides tourists with a unique opportunity to experience Vietnam’s natural beauty.

Situated in the heart of Sapa town, the Mountain is dubbed “the most spectacular mountain park”.

The more stairs you climb, the more chances you get to discover beautiful spots like the peach garden, orchid garden, heaven gate and cloud yard.

A spectacularly cheesy tourist attraction!

Ham Rong Mountain Park is a great place to go on a wonderful trip to Sapa, especially for those who enjoy sightseeing and shooting photos.

If you are wondering what to do in Sapa, trust us, Ham Rong will make your trip far beyond your expectations!

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The most recent Ham Rong Mountain opening times and ticket prices

Ham Rong Mountain opens daily from 6 a.m to 6 p.m. The cost of a ticket is 70,000 VND for adults, 20,000 VND for children over 1.2 meters tall, and free for children under that height.

The more stairs you climb, the more chances you get to discover beautiful spots

TOP things to do in Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa

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Visit Ham Rong flower garden

The garden is designed according to the natural terrain of the mountain. The scenery unfolds before your eyes with every step, resembling a vibrant little Sapa filled with an endless supply of flowers.

Flower Garden at Ham Rong Mountain

Not to mention, there are innumerable varieties of Sapa flowers to be seen on the path to Ham Rong Mountain. Roses, orchids, and azaleas all have their vivid colors.

The Ham Rong flower garden is also the ideal location for young people and photographers to capture the most beautiful photos.

  • The Orchid Garden boasts an astonishing collection of over 200 varieties of colorful orchids.
The Orchid Garden
  • Peach blossom garden: Here, you can not only admire the delicate and charming Japanese cherry blossoms. There are also old peach trees with large roots, rich blossoms, and a wide canopy.
Peach blossom garden
  • The central flower garden has beautiful flowers imported from Europe. Skilled artisans have carefully planted and arranged flowers here to form the word “Sapa”.

Visit Thach Lam rock garden

There’s more ecstatic beauty ahead when you travel farther, you’ll be able to take in the wide meteorite area.

One of the most recommended activities in Sapa is a visit to Thach Lam rock garden. Your imagination can freely flow as you explore the Thach Lam Stone Garden, with each stone and layer of stone placed together offering diversity in color and shape.

Thach Lam rock garden

Thach Lam is a beautiful garden having numerous intriguing cliffs with unusual formations. It is a wonderful natural gift that the Creator has bestowed on this land.

Walking among the towering stone forest will give you a mysterious, gloomy feeling like being lost in a maze.

Visit the Statue Garden

The Statue Garden is divided into many sections and encircled by cypress trees, big-leaved hydrangeas, dahlias, and gerbera daisies, among other plants. A concrete bridge in the center of the garden is a popular spot for young people to take pictures.



Enjoy breath-taking views of Sapa from the summit of Ham Rong

Apart from Fansipan Peak, Ham Rong is a great location to take in the breathtaking scenery.
After a long ascent to conquer Ham Rong Mountain, this is the outcome that brings people the greatest satisfaction and pride. You won’t be able to look away from Ham Rong Mountain’s breathtaking panoramic vista of Sapa.

The hues of burned yellow, dark green, and blue are all beautifully combined.
Actually, there are three locations on Ham Rong Mountain where you can see a distant view of Sapa: Orchid Garden 1, the Sapa Telecommunications Station, and the Cloud Yard at the summit of the mountain.

Ham Rong Mountain offers stunning views of Sapa town

Every altitude offers you a new perspective on Sapa, but the greatest location to do so is regarded as Ham Rong Peak.

Dense fog often shrouds the Muong Hoa valley and charming Sapa villages, including Cat Cat, Ta Phin, and Lao Chai.

The clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds will make you feel like you have entered another majestic world.

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A panaroma view from Telecommunications Station

Admire the sea of clouds at Cloud Yard and Heaven Gate

From the top of the mountain, you can not only admire the immensity of Sapa but also experience the feeling of “cloud hunting”.

The moments you spent peacefully sitting at a height of more than 1800 meters, taking in the fresh, cool air, and taking in the expansive panorama of Sapa will be unforgettable memories in your life.

The Cloud Yard is the prime viewpoint of Ham Rong Mountain.

What is the approximate duration required to reach the summit of Ham Rong Mountain is a frequently-asked question. It will actually take you between 1.5 hours and 2 hours to see every part of this place.

Experience cultural performances of ethnic minorities

Unique and striking art performances are frequently presented at Ham Rong Mountain’s common house. It is a place where traditional H’mong music and dances of talented men and women combine harmoniously to create a unique cultural identity.

Try on wearing Ethnic national costumes

Walking around Sapa love market

Located close to Ham Rong Mountain, Love Market is a distinctive and fascinating weekend market in Sapa, Vietnam.

Love Market offers a wide variety of goods and souvenirs, just like other Sapa marketplaces. The market also serves as a meeting spot for single boys and girls to go on dates.

Shop in Sapa, take in the distinct cultural charm of this hilly region, and hear interesting tales and catch-up on some great music from the locals!

Sapa love market

The best time to visit Ham Rong Mountain

The ideal time of year to visit Ham Rong Mountain is in the spring, from January to April. It’s a great time to go sightseeing because the plantation is lush and the weather is pleasant with less rain and mist. You can witness Sapa’s flooded rice field terraces if you go there in the summer, which runs from April to June.

Ham Rong Mountain in Spring

For cloud hunters, the greatest time to view the hilly landscape is between October and December, when there are more clouds and mist, making cloud hunting easier.

Things to eat when visiting Ham Rong Mountain

There are several eateries and establishments on Ham Rong Mountain that serve delectable grilled cuisine, which can assist you sate your hunger and have more energy for the journey. You can have grilled sweet potatoes, grilled eggs, grilled corn, grilled pork skewers and grilled sticky rice with salt and sesame.

Enjoy Sapa Special Local Food

Some useful advice when deciding to visit Ham Rong Mountain

Sapa has the coldest climate in Vietnam and Ham Rong Mountain with an altitude of nearly 2000 meters experiences a little bit lower temperature.

The average annual temperature on the mountain ranges from 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, and in winter there may be light snow. It’s necessary to pack warm clothing for Sapa weather, even if you’re visiting the mountains in the summer.

The road to Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa is not too difficult, but it is also a long way so be prepared to bring about 1-2 bottles of filtered water. There are also a few shops along the mountainside that offer water, but the costs will be higher.

After exploring Sapa, consider visiting Ninh Binh, or the breathtaking natural wonders of Ha Long Bay. Those are all outstanding tourist destinations in Vietnam that travel enthusiasts should not miss.

Are you looking for a unique holiday experience? The fantastic journey to Ham Rong Mountain is about to begin!

Kindly get in touch with the Hanoi Explore Travel Team right now to find out what other alluring places are waiting for you!

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