Thac Bac Waterfall Sapa – A majestic beauty for nature lovers

Thac Bac Waterfall, or Silver Waterfall in Sapa, Lao Cai province is considered one of the most beautiful and well-known waterfalls in Vietnam. This is also one of the tourist attractions that draw the greatest number of tourists in Sapa every summer.

Let’s join Hanoi Explore Travel to learn interesting things about Sapa Silver Waterfall tourism area.

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Thac bac waterfall – A must visit place in Sapa

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Where is the Thac Bac Waterfall? How to get there?

About 12 kilometers west of Sapa town center, Sapa Silver Waterfall is located on Highway 4D, in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. At a height of up to 200 meters, the waterfall is also upstream of the Muong Hoa stream.

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Thac Bac Waterfall is one of the most famous stopovers in Sapa

How to get to Thac Bac Waterfall Sapa ?

Only about 12 kilometers from Sapa town center, Thac Bac waterfall is accessible by motorbike. From Sapa town center, just follow the west road of Highway 4D. Silver Waterfall is located right beneath Quy O valley.

If you are not a confident driver or are coming here with your family, you can take a taxi. However, riding a motorbike there will provide you with the greatest experiences, based on past traveler experiences.

It is easy to get from Sapa to the waterfall

Which time of year is best to see Thac Bac Waterfall in Sapa?

You can go to Sapa Silver Waterfall in any season. However, the best times to visit are in the spring and summer, which are February through June each year.

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The summer is best time to visit Thac Bac Waterfall in Sapa

The Thac Bac waterfall is at its strongest and the surrounding landscape is at its most breathtaking during this time. In the winter, it’s challenging to appreciate the waterfall’s splendor because it frequently lacks water.

What to do in Thac Bac Waterfall? TOP 3 must-try activities in Silver Waterfall

Immerse in the tranquil beauty of the waterfall

Check in with the majestic beauty of Silver Waterfall

Cau May – Thac Bac Waterfall has a height of more than 200 meters, bringing you the chance to admire the wild and breathtaking natural surroundings. If you want to reach the base of the waterfall, you have to pass two sizable verdant woodlands. Otherwise, follow the right path if you like to go upstream and take in the panoramic view of the mountains and forests.

The majestic beauty of Silver Waterfall

Visit the salmon farms

The salmon farms are open for visits. They are separated into three sections: the first is where salmon eggs are raised and hatched, the second is where adult fish are raised, and the third is where salmon are prepared in order to be sold. Specifically, to guarantee salmon survival, there is a 1000-meter water pipeline from Silver Waterfall.

Visit salmon farm in Sapa

Go shopping for souvenirs

At Sapa Silver Waterfall, locals sell a variety of items and souvenirs, including scarves, brocade shirts, and delicacies, which make excellent gifts for loved ones.

Don’t forget to bring home a souvenir from Thac Bac Waterfall Sapa

Famous Tourist Attractions nearby Sapa Silver Waterfall

Sapa Heaven Gate

Sapa Heaven Gate is a Sapa tourist destination loved and chosen by many young people. Located along Highway 4D, with an altitude of 2035 meters above sea level, Sapa Heaven Gate offers you the opportunity to see the panoramic view of the vast majestic and charming mountains and forests from above. Entrance tickets range around 80,000 VND/person.

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Tram Ton Heaven Gate – Paradise in the clouds

O Quy Ho Pass

Connecting the provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau, O Quy Ho Pass is sometimes referred to as “the most beautiful pass in Sapa ”. O Quy Ho Pass features numerous treacherous zigzag parts that are appealing to experienced travelers, particularly backpackers, to come and conquer it. The entrance ticket is 120,000VND per adult and 60,000VND per child.

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A spectacularly cheesy tourist attraction!

Muong Hoa Stream

According to Silver Falls travel experience, Muong Hoa Stream is also a tourist attraction that you should not miss. This stunning stream travels around 15 kilometers, passing through the Muong Hoa valley before coming to an end in the Ban Ho area. Coming there, you can take in the untamed, gentle natural landscape with a serene atmosphere.

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Muong Hoa stream Sapa

Love Waterfall

At a height of around 100 meters, Love Waterfall boasts a poetic and peaceful beauty, with white foamy water cascading down the side like a giant silk strip.

n addition, this location is also associated with the love story of the fairy and the woodcutter. To visit Love Waterfall, the best time you should go is in the morning or at noon. Ticket price is about 75,000 VND/person.

Visit Love waterfall in Sapa

What to eat when visiting Thac Bac Waterfall?

Coming to Thac Bac, you should not miss the delicious Northwest dishes with rich flavors of the mountains and forests. These are dishes made from stream fish, sturgeon, grilled meat, wild boar meat, thang co, hill chicken…

Don’t miss try to enjoy Special Local Foods

Sapa Thac Bac Waterfall salmons

Cau May – Thac Bac Waterfall is well-known for its salmon-based dishes. Because the fish meat is expertly prepared and fresh, it doesn’t taste fishy. It is advised that you try the salmon salad with mustard and herbs; it will leave a lasting impression.

Salmons is one of most famous food in Sapa

Tips before visiting Thac Bac Waterfall Sapa

  • Prepare a jacket when going to Thac Bac waterfall, wear comfortable clothes to easily move around.
  • Wear sneakers because the mountainous terrain here will make it difficult to move.
  • Bring some cash because there are not many ATMs.
  • Remember not to visit Silver Waterfall when the sun goes down.
  • Bring extra snacks and drinks when going to Silver Waterfall.
  • Prepare medical supplies and some basic medicines, insect sprays, etc.

All of the information you need to know about Silver Waterfall is provided above. We do hope you find this post helpful for your next trip to Sapa. Please get in touch with the Hanoi Explore Travel Team right away if you’d like a detailed itinerary! We are always willing to assist you!


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