Located at the complex of Ky Lan Lake Park and Hoa Lu Hotel, the ancient town has been built with the aim of promoting Ninh Binh tourism to become an attractive spot for domestic and international tourists.

This work was inspired by the traditional culture of Dai Viet in the 10th century. Its goals are to recreate and restore the beauty of ancient architecture and culture.

Visitors will be able to see famous traditional products of long-standing craft villages such as Ninh Van fine art stone village, Bo Bat pottery village, Van Lam embroidery, Bodhi leaf paintings, Dong Ho painting village, Y Yen lacquerware and so on. Hoa Lu Ancient Town in Ninh Binh is divided into 2 areas: Product introduction area and food area.

Therefore, besides displaying a lot of traditional handicrafts of craft villages in Ninh Binh and neighboring provinces, this is also a place where visitors can enjoy delicious specialities from all parts of the country. These dishes are presented beautifully in traditional stalls that reminds of the social and cultural life of the past.

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Where is Hoa Lu Ancient Town?

It is located in the campus of Ky Lan mountain – Silver pagoda at No. 1 Tran Hung Dao, Tan Thanh ward, Ninh Binh Province (next to Hoa Lu Hotel, also known as Trang An Hotel). Due to the favorable proximity to the city center, tourists may easily reach this destination.

Entrance free ticket

The Ancient Town was inaugurated at the beginning of 2022. Therefore, the entrance ticket is now free in order to encourage locals and tourists from all over the world to experience and give their feedback.

How to get to Hoa Lu Ancient Town from Hanoi?

At Giap Bat bus station, visitors can catch any bus from Hanoi to move to Ninh Binh because this city is located right on the National 1A Highway. If choosing to travel by car, you should follow Phap Van – Cau Gie highway towards Ninh Binh.

Limousine service has also become increasingly convenient in recent years. There are many businesses providing door-to-door service on the Hanoi – Ninh Binh route.

In addition, you can also consider other ways to move to Ninh Binh in the article ” How to Travel from Hanoi to Ninh Binh by Bus? then you can go to Hoa Lu Ancient Town in Ninh Binh by renting a motorbike or taking a taxi.

What can tourists do in Hoa Lu Ancient Town?

This place can be shortly described as “Colorful during the day, shimmering at night”.
A special highlight of the Ancient Town is that two tower stupas are lit with shimmering lights at night, bringing the sparkling and magical beauty here.

At this time, Hoa Lu Ancient Town seems to be wearing a new coat with the magical appearance together with the brilliant colors of the lanterns. You will undoubtedly be impressed and drawn to this.

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Hoa Lu Ancient Town at night

Hoa Lu Ancient Town in Ninh Binh

Take check-in photos in the beautiful Ancient Town

Wearing either ancient ao dai or modern outfits are matched with the old town scenery which is modeled on the architecture of Dai Viet country in the 10th century. Tourists shall surely return home with a collection of images in different styles, according to personal preferences.

hoa-lu-ancient-town-4 hoa-lu-ancient-town-ninh-binh1

Enjoy regional specialties and local cuisine.

Visitors to Ancient Town will be able to enjoy some of the delicious and flavorful traditional dishes, namely banh mat (Molasses-sweetened glutinous rice cake), banh nep (Glutinous rice cake with green bean and lard), banh chung (Chung cake), banh gai (Thorn leaf cake), banh day (Day Cake), and banh da (Dry pancake). These long-ago ancestors’ specialties are hard to come by in today’s big cities.

special-food-in-hoa-lu-ancient-town local food in hoa lu ancient capital
special food in ninh binh local-food-in-hoa-lu-ancient-town

Explore traditional values

Hoa Lu is Ninh Binh’s most unique cultural, entertainment, and culinary area, where the original cultural quintessence is preserved. It was once the capital of Vietnam during the reign of the Dinh and Tien Le dynasties.

Hoa Lu is not only renowned for its spectacular natural beauty, but it is also the cradle of culture, retaining Vietnam’s heroic history throughout its time as the country’s capital.

Therefore, with a desire to restore, maintain, and promote the long history and cultural tradition of Vietnamese forefathers from the X century, the construction of Hoa Lu ancient town is to continue spreading the culture of the ancient capital to the young generation now and in the future.

Some concerns of tourists for Hoa Lu Ancient Town

How much do entrance tickets for Hoa Lu Ancient town and boat tickets to visit Ky Lan lake cost?
Entrance tickets are free now.

Sitting on splendidly-decorated rowboats, tourists can visit Ky Lan lake and enjoy the romantic charm of the ancient town at night and capture many stunning photographs.

  • Boat tickets on Ky Lan lake (return tickets)
  • Adults: 80000 VND
  • Children under 1,2 meter: 40000 VND
  • Free for children under 2 years old

What are the opening hours?

Hoa Lu Ancient Town is currently open to tourists around the clock, including holidays and Tet. Pottery, Bodhi paintings, seagrass, tea, traditional cuisine, and other traditional stalls will be open daily from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Additionally, during 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, folk games will take place.

Is it possible to rent ancient costumes and Ao Dai ?

Yes. Tourists can drop in at Y Van Hien stall (a famous place for ancient costumes in Vietnam), located in the area of Hoa Lu Ancient Town. This stall offers a variety of unique costumes featuring many dynasties of Vietnam.

What services does Ancient Town provide?

  • Accommodation at 3-star Hoa Lu Hotel, located near the Ancient Town.
  • Go sightseeing on Ky Lan lake.

Participate in a variety of folk games such as o an quan (Mandarin square capture), nhay sap (bamboo dance), choi chuyen que (bamboo jacks), and so on in the communal yard. In addition, the Ancient Town has food and coffee stalls that attract many tourists. It is also regarded to be just as beautiful as Hoi An Ancient Town – A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. It is presently becoming a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists.

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