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Kayaking in Trang An – Overview

Kayaking is a totally new and exciting activity to experience when visiting Trang An, Ninh Binh

This kayaking tour is a well-liked kind of travel that combines sightseeing and athletic pursuits.

Before tourists board the boat, The Trang An Landscape complex’s guide will provide you with a brief introduction to some fundamental kayaking techniques. Additionally, a rescue team driving motorboats, and standard life jackets are all accessible to ensure safety for tourists.

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Kayaking Main Routes in Trang An

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There are two kayaking routes available for tourists to choose from:

  • The first route departs from Trang An wharf, passing Trinh Temple, Tam Quan gate, Dark Cave’s mouth, Quy Hau Cave’s mouth and Nui Ngoc. For this 8-kilometer long route (round trip), tourists can take a lot of “check-in” photos on the boat, under a banyan tree at Tam Quan gate or visit Trinh Temple.
  • The second route is 5 kilometers long (round trip), departing from Trang An wharf to Kong Island wharf, passing Thuy Dinh (Pavilion on water) and Vu Lam Palace. Besides taking check-in photos on the boat, tourists choosing this route can learn more about the history of Vu Lam Palace.
Tourists experience kayaking tour in Trang An

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Detailed of Route 1

Check-in at Tam Quan gate, see langurs in Red book, visit Trinh Temple

  • Trinh Temple: with the meaning of “present”, is the first destination in this sightseeing route. The ancient Trinh temple, also known as the Dot palace, was built more than a thousand years ago, in the shape of a nail. Through many restorations, nowadays, the temple is dedicated to the four highest-ranking courts of the Dinh dynasty, who are the four meritorious officials along with King Dinh Tien Hoang, to quell 12 warlords and unite the country to establish Dai Co Viet.
  • Tam Quan Gate : This is one of the famous check-in spots in Trang An. You can opt to take pictures from the boat or check in at the top of the gate after ascending a few dozen steps.
  • Dark Cave’s mouth: Dark Cave is the longest cave of Route 1 with a length of 320 meters. The name “Dark Cave” is used by the locals due to the tortuous, dimly lit interior of the cave. You should take precaution when entering the cave because there are numerous beautiful stalactites that hang down from its rather low ceiling. You should also avoid venturing further into the cave for your own safety.
  • Quy Hau Cave’s mouth: Quy Hau cave, a 100-meter cave with the meaning of “Return” is the last destination before you return to the departing wharf to complete the tour. And similar to Dark Cave, you should not enter this cave for your own safety.
  • Ngoc Island: is home of three Delacour’s langurs, a species listed in the Vietnam Red Book. These langurs were released into the wild in Trang An in September, 2020 and if you are lucky enough, you can encounter them moving along the branches.
Kayaking at Trang An Complex

Detailed of Route 2

Check-in at Thuy Dinh (Pavilion on water), learn about the history against Nguyen – Mong enemy and explore the old Kong island wharf – Vu Lam palace

  • Old Kong Island wharf: This is the location where the renowned film Kong: Skull Island was filmed in 2017. The Kong movie studio was dismantled at the end of 2019 after two years of open access for tourists. In Trang An Landscape Complex, it is planned to restore an old Vietnamese village and use it as an outdoor museum that recreates prehistoric human models as well as the evolution and adaptation of humans.
  • Thuy Dinh (Pavilion on water): This is also one famous check-in place in Trang An. Many tourists returning from this attraction assume that if you haven’t checked in at Thuy Dinh, you haven’t been to Trang An.
    Vu Lam Palace: was a military base of the Tran Dynasty, located in the center area of the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex. As part of their resistance campaign to drive out the Nguyen – Mong invaders for the second and third times, the early rulers of the Tran Dynasty built a base here in order to fortify the counterattack army and liberate Dai Viet. Additionally, Vu Lam Palace also involves the events when the Tran monarchs departed from their home to practice and study Buddhism. The palace area has 7 temples, including the Temple of the Tran Kings, Duc Thanh Tran, the Khai Phuc Pagoda, the Mother Gods Shrine, and the Temple of the Dinh Dynasty’s Loyal Officials and Soldiers.

Kayaking Ticket Price

Boat type/hour Price
Single 2-hour Kayak ticket 250,000 VND/boat
Single 3-hour Kayak ticket  300,000 VND/boat
Double Kayak ticket for 2 hours 350,000 VND/boat
3-hour double kayak ticket 400,000 VND/boat
A new exceting activity in Trang An

Notes when taking a kayak in Trang An

  • Before boarding the kayak, pay attention to the instructions of the guide.
  • Do not throw trash in the river or on the river bank
  • Wear a life jacket during the boating journey
  • Do not enter water-borne caves; just kayak on the specified route.
  • Prepare ice-cold beverages and snacks in case you need them.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Question: Does kayaking cover the same distance as a boat with a ferryman?

  • Answer: The route for a kayak and a traditional boat with a ferry driver are totally different. Currently, there are 2 kayaking routes which are 5 kilometers and 8 kilometers long (round trip) for you to choose from.

Question: Is it possible for tourists who can’t swim to take a kayak?

  • Answer: Before starting the kayak tour, visitors must wear life jackets and get instruction from the guides on the fundamentals of kayaking, including safety, rescue, and rowing technique. Along the route, security and rescue teams will be on hand throughout the route to quickly react to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Because of this, even if you cannot swim, you are able to use the service safely.

Question: How can I save my belongings while kayaking?

  • Answer: Unnecessary items can be sent to the depository area before you board the boat. This depositing service is now provided free of charge to kayaking visitors.

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