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A trip to Ninh Binh Rong Market – (Dragon Market) to learn more about the culture of the ancient capital

Shopping is considered as one of the must-do activities for tourists when visiting Ninh Binh. In addition to being blessed by nature with some of the most well-known tourist destinations in Northern Vietnam, Ninh Binh is also home to the Rong Market, where a wide range of goods are sold.

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About Rong Market

  • Address: No. 71 Van Giang street, Thanh Binh ward, Ninh Binh province
  • About 800 meters from the Ninh Binh bus station, Rong Market is situated at 71 Van Giang Street, on the bank of the Van River and close to Duong Van Nga and Le Dai Hanh Streets. With an area of 16,000 m2, Rong Market is regarded as the wholesale market in Ninh Binh Province.

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About its history

  • Previously, Ninh Binh city was selected as the Van Sang chief town of Son Nam town, the storage area of the Le Dynasty. Under the Gia Long reign (1814), the Ninh Binh citadel was erected with great sturdiness, so Rong market was constructed to meet the needs of trade and commerce at the time the French colonialists imposed their yoke of dominance.
  • After the resistance war was begun, many structures were destroyed as part of the “Empty Gardens, Empty Houses” campaign. In keeping with this, the old Rong Market was likewise destroyed. However, the location of this market is still in the subconscious of the locals.
  • The Rong Market then was rebuilt in the same spot as previously after independence was set, but with a more contemporary design.
Rong market was constructed to meet the needs of trade and commerce at the time the French colonialists imposed their yoke of dominance

Explore Ninh Binh Rong Market

There are 3 zones in Rong Market:

  • Zone A: includes the main market, the food court, the parking lot, and the technical infrastructure.
  • Zone B: The marketplace for vegetables and fruits and outdoor free trade.
  • Along Duong Van Nga street: Free business area.

The main market is housed in a structure with three floors, a reinforced concrete roof, two skylights, and four stairs. A wide range of products, including utensils, appliances, bedding, and household goods, are available here for purchase.

Right next to the main market and the parking lot is the food and fresh produce market. This area offers a variety of rice and cereals, as well as fresh goods like beef, fish, eggs, and shrimp.

The marketplace for fresh fruit and vegetable and outdoor trade area is opposite Tra La Bridge.

Opposite Tra La Bridge is the outdoor commercial area and marketplace for fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of the traders are temporary ones without long-term business goals. Since these stands are exempt from taxes and other charges, the cost of the goods is also somewhat lower.

Tourists can get food and shopping services at the food court along the corridor that follows the Van river. There are numerous rows of active stores selling food with distinctive Ninh Binh flavors.

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Dragon market in Ninh binh

Goods for sale at Rong market

Given that Rong Market is one of the biggest marketplaces in the Northern region, it is possible to say that everything is accessible there.

The main market provides necessities for daily lives during the daytime. You can shop for household appliances, electronics, food ingredients, clothes, shoes, and other accessories for fashion, among other things.

Rong Market in Ninh Binh transforms into a sizable commercial market for agricultural goods at night. Fresh fruits, vegetables, tubers, and dry products are brought in by small traders from the neighborhood to be sold here.

Enjoy the famous specialties of the ancient capital

Ninh Binh Rong Market is a cultural icon of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu. When you visit the market, you can quickly sense the local culture, people, and food.

Additionally, you should not miss out on any of the local delicacies available at Ninh Binh Rong Market, including mountain goat meat, Van Long shrimp, Muong pig, Nhech fish, Kim Son wine, and Ninh Binh crispy burned rice.

In particular, mountain goat meat is a well-known dish that has become a culinary specialty for the region of Ninh Binh. Goat meat from Ninh Binh is sweet, firm, low in fat, and quite fragrant, in contrast to goat meat from other regions. The flavor of goat meat especially is more superb when coupled with local vegetables and Kim Son wine or ruou can (wine is sipped via pipes from a jar).

Additionally, regional seasonal specialties like Tong Truong perch and Dong Giao pineapple also can be found here. From March through July, you can visit Rong market to savor pineapples during its prime season. And if you want to eat the succulent and firm perch, let’s visit here every year in April.

Ninh Binh Rong Market’s specialties are not numerous, but they are distinctive and one-of-a-kind. You can only truly and fully feel it once you step foot in this land.

Shopping at Rong Market Ninh Binh
Shopping at Rong Market Ninh Binh

Some other shopping areas in Ninh Binh

Dong Thanh Plaza Supermarket:

  • Address: Dong Thanh Plaza Supermarket, Dong Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh City.

Van Giang neighborhood: on Van Giang ward and limited by Tran Hung Dao, Le Hong Phong and Van river.

Hapro Mart Ninh Binh Supermarket: No. 01 Luong Van Thang street, Ninh Binh city.

Kien Anh Supermarket

  • Address: No. 744, Tran Hung Dao Street, Ninh Binh city.

Kien Anh supermarket, also known as Kien Anh digital supermarket is located at No.744 Tran Hung Dao street,Tan Thanh ward, Ninh Binh city. Kien Anh Supermarket specializes in digital devices, mobile phones, and electronics in Ninh Binh. When visitors have a need or intend to stay here for a while, this is a great place to shop in Ninh Binh.

Big C

  • Big C supermarket – Ninh Binh, which has been renamed as GO! – Ninh Binh (or Top Markets) is located on Tran Nhan Tong Street, Ninh Phuc Commune, Ninh Binh City. This is the busiest and largest shopping destination in Ninh Binh city.
  • Supermarkets often have great promotions for customers. In addition, a variety of large brands serving all needs of customers are located here such as Loteria, TiNiWorld, BlueExchange, Lotte Cinema…, so this is a shopping and entertainment place for tourists on weekends in Ninh Binh.
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