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Ninh binh is not only famous for tourist areas such as Tam Coc, Trang An, Bai Dinh – the largest pagoda in Southeast Asia, and historic places, ecotourism area… Another special thing about this place is Specialties Food in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh attract many tourists every year, it is really appreciated by many domestic tourists and international tourists. Here are some special places Ninh Binh we would like to introduce to you.

You might want to see most useful information about Ninh Binh:

Rice Crust in Ninh Binh

Most specialty restaurants and popular tourist areas in Ninh Binh sell burnt rice to serve the needs of visitors. Rice burned in Ninh Binh is crispy, delicious. There are a lot of different types such as burn- rice with meat, shrimp, onion, …

Where to eat Ninh Binh Rice Crust

  • Address of specialties in Ninh Binh: Burn- Rice Hoa Lu – Vo Thi Sau, Dong Thanh, Ninh Binh
Rice Crust in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh Goat Meat – Famous Ninh Binh Specialties

Ninh Binh mountain goat meat is delicious, it is not soft and chewy, because goats are raised and grazed on the hills and food here mainly is natural food. If you want to buy Ninh Binh goat meat for the whole family, you can buy at the market or restaurants, food shops.

Where to eat goat meat in Ninh Binh

  • Address Ninh Binh specialties: – Duc De Restaurant: No. 29 Doan Ket, Ninh Phong Ward, Ninh Binh.
    – Huong Mai Restaurant: No. 12 Tran Hung Dao, Ninh Binh.
Ninh Binh Goat Meat

Can alcohol (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) Nho Quan

This wine is usually contained in small to large jars depending on your preferences. Can alcohol Nho Quan is made from husked rice in brewing bark of trees, fruit and leaves.

  • Adress of specialty in Ninh Binh: Nho Quan town, Ninh Binh, on the intersection of highway 12B and provincial road 479, it is about 31km from Ninh Binh city center.

Nem Yen Mac – Fermented Pork Roll

Fermented pork roll is made from sour pork, chilli, peppercorn when you enjoy it, you should eat with chili sauce. I ensure that it is just too delicious to resist. Fermented pork roll come with the guava leaves, this leave is very fragrant smell and wrapped in banana leaf that look very beautiful.

Where to eat Yen Mac Fermented Pork Roll – Ninh Binh

  • Address: Tuan Binh restaurant in hamlet 4, Dong Son, Yen Mac, Yen Mo, Ninh Binh.
  •  Nem chua Yen Mac Trung Kien: House number 70, street 11, Van Giang ward, Ninh Binh.

Ricefield crabs are roasted in wild betal leaves 

Field crabs are roasted with crispy wild betal leaf, the food is quite simple and quick to prepare. But it makes the visitors really keep in their mind by the appeal of a dish that is not a delicious and unforgettable taste, it is also the meaning that it brings.

When you enjoy this food in the ancient capital, you will recall a poor country in Vietnam in the old years and the breathe simplicity of poor rural areas in Vietnam.

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Xoi trung kien (sticky rice with ants eggs)

When you hear the word “ant eggs” you will be curious about this dish like? The most important ants’ egg dish is the brown ant eggs that live in Nho Quan limestone mountains. In the second lunar month every year, the people start their journey to hunt eggs.

The ant nest will be cleaned with warm water, marinated with spices, after processed into a unique dish with strange name. Because ants’ eggs are quite difficult to find, the price of this sticky rice is quite high, from 50,000-100,000 VND / dish.

  • Ninh Binh specialty address: Nho Quan town, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh
Sticky rice with ants eggs ninh binh

Ninh Binh floating cake – bánh trôi

Let’s take a the journey of discovering the cuisine of ancient capital Hoa Lu moved to enjoy a familiar snack with Vietnamese people on every occasion of Third lunar month’s third day’s festival. The baker has his own secret of combining sugar, honey, dried peanuts and crushing toads to make kernels.

Ninh Binh floating cake is even more attractive than in another country, because in the cake with the smell of daisies and grapefruit flowers, it create an elegant and very traditional appeal.

Ninh Binh Floating Cake

Bun moc (Rice noodle with “moc” soup)

If you visit Phat Diem Cathedral, don’t miss to try “Bun moc”. “Moc” is made from pork, mushroom, green onion, lemon grass, chili). With the wellcooking skills of locals here, “Bun moc” has an amazing flavor, you won’t have second chance to try this dish everywhere else beside eating here.

ninh-binh-Rice -noodle-with-moc”-soup
ninh binh rice noodle with moc soup

Braised fish with Gao fruit

Braised fish is a strange dish with regional characteristics in Ninh Binh. Gao fruit is the name of a plant that grows along rivers, streams or in stone caves, it can be used to cooking and be an apothecary. Gao fruit is processed very special in that they will cut small pieces and then put them on the bottom of the pot and then put the fish on top and cover the top layer piecies.

This dish don’t have fixed taste because it depends on gao fruit, it could be slightly sour or slightly acrid. In general, the taste is quite strange and stimulates your taste buds, because of the attractive colors and sour taste of gao fruit.

Braised fish with Gao fruit in ninh binh

Ninh Binh Mountain Snail

This kind of snail lives on the limestone mountain, which is located in Tam Diep town, Yen Mo, Nho Quan. This snail just appears from April to August, which very tough and crunchy because it eats the natural plants on the limestone mountain. There are many dishes from this snail but the boiled snail is still the most favorite dish. The boiled snail usually be eaten with fish sauce.

Ninh Binh Mountain Snail

Lai Thanh Wine

From the grained glutinous rice seeds, local people in Ninh Binh have cooked the wine, fine wine improves with age. Even if it is hundreds of meters away, still cannot hide the fragrance. This wine is very suitable when used with frozen cooked bass, fish sauce, steamed seafood or a bowl of vermicelli in Ninh Binh.

  • Ninh Binh specialty address: – Number 1, Lane 41, Xuan Thanh Street, Ninh Binh City.
    – Lai Thanh town, Kim Son district. The commune headquarters is located about 33km from Ninh Binh city center
Lai Thanh Wine in Ninh Binh

Hoang Long Sweet Potato

With a fairly pure Vietnamese name, Hoang Long sweet potato has only appeared in recent decades. Although this variety is quite popular in the North, it is still considered a famous specialty of Ninh Binh, because many people think that this variety planted in other places is not as good as growing in riverside Hoang Long.

  • Ninh Binh specialty address: Yen Quang commune (Nho Quan)

Kim Son Nhech Raw Fish

In Kim Son, you do not only visit Phat Diem stone church, you can also enjoy the fish salad. When you eat raw fish, you will not feel fishy smell, there is a delicious taste, mixed with the taste of sticky rice, and the sour taste of vinegar and spicy taste of ginger, pepper, chilli and lemongrass in the sauce.

  • Ninh Binh specialty address: Vu Bao restaurant in Phat Diem town, Kim Son, Ninh Binh.
Kim Son raw Nhech fish salad

Salted shrimp Gia Vien – (Shrimp paste)

The type of this sauce made by hand from the fried shrimp, lined up in the jars of . After processing, they are sealed to from a month to bring cooked food. This sauce is delicious at the new sweet, strong, very attractive. Red is the characteristic color of this sauce. The shrimp paste has a salty taste and the sweetness of the shrimps which is the same with shrimp sauce, but it is much easier to eat. Don’t forget to buy shrimp sauce to make Ninh Binh gift.

  • Ninh Binh specialty address: Mam tep Trang Quyet: No. 68 Me street, Me town, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province.
Shrimp paste ninh binh

Hope this article suggest what you should eat when you are here.

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