Imagine how it would be with sitting on a wooden boat in Viet Nam? In a far-off time it’s familiar to anyone when reminiscing about dreamy and romantic boatmen on the river, the boats appearing in some annual festivals, the boat carrying a man’s singing voice…And the Tam Coc boat tour in Ninh Binh everyday riding tourists on Ngo Dong river ( Ngô Đồng ) looks extremely interestingly and peacefully

Rowing boat trip at Tam Coc

To visit Ninh Binh, you have read a lot of information about what to do, where to visit especially how to visit some places, finally you’ve found a Tam Coc boat tour is a must-do thing in Ninh Binh. Are you curious about Tam Coc boat ride in NinhBinh? I’ll show you more information about the trip

Tam Coc Boat Ride Ninh Binh

Located far from Hanoi only 90km, Ninh Binh province is an ideal off-the-beaten track in Viet Nam.  It’s is known as an ancient land of Viet Nam with unspoiled nature formed by majestic karst mountains.

Besides, there is a large ecosystem offering various flora and fauna… All these things you can find them when visiting Hoa Lu – to learn about history of NinhBinh, listen to Vietnamese legends, Tam Coc – Trang An to see marvelous sceneries, temples, grottos,..or Cuc Phuong National park to trekking adventurously. They are the most popular tourist places

Boat Tour at Tam Coc

And now, i am sure the first thing you must know and it is not quite strange to anyone is Tam Coc boat ride in NinhBinh. If you want to experience Tam Coc you have to board a wooden boat by local people, so:

Why should you choose to travel by Tam Coc boat tour?

Meet local people who have skill of sailing with their great feet.

Tourism in Vietnam has made a number of strong developments in recent years and NinhBinh is not an exception. The high tourist rates mean the longer hour boatmen work. Although tourism is the major source of income for local people. They always have to sail long hours with hands, it makes their arm aches. For this reason, the Vietnamese have come up with a clever idea – sailing with leg

A-man-is-rowing-boat-ride-at-tam-coc - Hanoi Explore Travel
A man is rowing boat ride at tam coc – Hanoi Explore Travel

Rowing with leg is not only faster but also uses less energy

Furthermore, they can do a lot of things in parallel while they are using their legs for boating, they also can use their hands for other activities such as using the phone, eating or drinking. Because this method is quite effective, many people have chosen it. Rowing with leg have become popular and is really impressed in NinhBinh province.

Rowing tam coc boat tour

Economic Development of a Local Area

Many local people rely on tourism as their main source of income, including the boatman in Tam Coc. By taking a boat tour, you are helping local people have a better life. Please do not forget to leave a tip for them – those who are working really hard to serve you after finishing your trip.

Best accommodation in Ninh Binh

Enjoy the most beautiful scenery in NinhBinh

Tam Coc is known for wonderful views with the surrounding limestone mountains. The two banks of the river were full of fields of local people. At the halfway of this boat trips, you will have an opportunity to admire the peak of Mua cave from a different point of view. During this tour, you will relax and feel serenity of this place.

Amazing Tam Coc Ninh Binh

What to see in Tam Coc whilst sitting on your rowing boat

  • As the boat whisks you away onto mesmerizing sceneries of the blue sky, pure current of water, imposing karst mountains…you will actually see that the view of Tam Coc- NinhBinh is enchanting to feel every relaxing moments
  • During the trip, local people follow a ready-planned route for tourists to see a system of three caves including Hang Ca (Hang Cả) which is called the first grotto measures 127m, the second grotto is Hang Hai, it is far from Hang Ca 1km, with the length of 60m; Hang Ba, the third grotto is near Hang Hai, 50m in length. The system of three caves in Tam Coc has many shining stalactites hanging down, they are all strange-looking shapes this is a gift from nature
  • See the atmosphere of a floating market where local people sell a variety of food, snacks and drinks on boat
  • It seems to be interesting for visitors to watch the local people row their own boats with legs. According to local people, this unique way helps to reduce the pressure on the back and arm
Boat trip ride at Tam Coc

When to see Tam Coc rice fields

From the end of May to July (harvest season) this time, the rice fields which are ripe in bright yellow attract many visitors

Golden Rice at Tam Coc

Vietnamese farmers look so radiant in the harvest season along with their boats full of fruits lightly passing on the Ngô Đồng river

Amazing scenery at Tam Coc

Travel tips and Price of Tam Coc boat tours

Here are some tourist information helps you when you travel by yourself

Tam Coc boat tour price: You can buy tickets from Van Lam port at main gate. Maximum 2 Persons on a Boat

  • Adults: 195,000 VND per person in total for the tour
  • Children: 100,000 VND per child: from 1 metter to 1.4 metter. Child under 1 meter will be free

Tam Coc boat ride time : It takes you about 1.5 – 2 hours to visit all the caves ( 3 Caves : Hang Ca – Ca Cave, Hang Hai – Second Cave, Hang Ba – Third Cave

  • If you take a boat tour at noon, don’t forget to bring your hat as well as a bottle of water
  • Opening hours: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tam Coc Boat Ride Map

How to get to Tam Coc Boat Ride

If you are staying in Tam Coc, then getting to the lake should only take you a few minutes. However, if you are based in any other city in Vietnam, I recommend one of the following alternatives:

  • From Ha Noi, take a train at Hanoi Station or bus to NinhBinh at Giat Bat Station
  • From Cat Ba, Ha Longyou take a shuttle bus directly to NinhBinh in 5 hours

All transportation can be arranged if you contact some travel agencies to buy tickets.

  • From the Southern of Vietnam (Dong Hoi, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City…) there are also plenty of buses or train to choose from. However, keep in mind that these buses will leave you in Ninh Binh city. You will have to take a taxi from there to Tam Coc.
  • From Ninh Binh City to Tam Coc the distance is about 7km so you need to take to taxi in 20 minutes. (Taxi fare around 12,000 VND per kilometer).Or You can rent a motorbike for a full day at your hotel, homestay.. daily rate rental motorbike in ninh binh is roundly 100.000VND
Travel to Ninh Binh by Motorbike

How to spend 1 day with Tam Coc boat tours

If you have 1 day to visit NinhBinh and you are also interested in joining in a boat day trip, this tour is for you:


Rower is using his foot to control the boat ride

The package 1 day trip in Ninh Binh offers you interesting places in Tam Coc – Ninh Binh area

  • Hoa Lu ancient capital
  • Panoramic view from Mua Cave
  • Caves in Tam Coc ( Ngo Dong river)
  • Biking around villages watching rice fields
  • Hanoi Tam Coc Tour

Contact Hanoi Explore Travel to give you a chance to experience Tam Coc boat tours in Ninh Binh now!

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Tam Coc Boat Ride – Let’s Ride Your Trip to Ninh Binh Now
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