Thung Nam Bird Garden is also a great attraction of Ninh Binh, so it would be great if you could share with us some experience when travelling to Thung Nham Bird Park in terms of : travelling, ticket prices, going sightseeing and cuisine, etc?

Thung Nham Bird Garden

Thung Nam Travelling Experience

thung nham bird valley in ninh binh

Introduction about Thung Nham Bird Park, Ninh Binh

Thung Nham belongs to Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district and is surrounded by tropical forests over limestone mountain chains with a lot of valleys and caves. Thung Nham has been extensively exploited for tourism purposes because of its diversified landscapes including accomodation , restaurants, recreation and teambuilding areas.

Thung nham bird garden eco tourism area

What is the best time for travelling to Thung Nham Valley?

Travelling to Thung Nham Bird Valley, Ninh Binh takes around 1 to 2 days to explore, which depends on your arrangement. Our suggestion of  two-day visit to Thung Nham valley will be the best choice for you to explore all of the views here.

Birds in Thung Nham valley often get back to their nests from searching for food at around 5:30 pm, so this will be the most suitable time for you to visit this place. Nevertheless, there is one key note here which is that in the cold season, birds have the tendency to hunt for their food at sorroundings. This means that they will come back to their nets earlier; therefore, you should visit Nham valley in autumn.

A best way to visit thung nham bird park

Entrance Fee Ticket Of Thung Nham Bird Garden

Address: Hai Nham Hamlet, Ninh Hai communie, Tam Coc area, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province
Contact number: 0912.900.887 – 030.2247.491 – 030.3624.097

Ticket price:

  • Thung Nham Bird Garden ticket price: 100.000 VND per visitor –
  • Children below 0.8 meters are free of charge
  • Children from 0.8 – 1.3 meters: 50% of price ticket value; children from 1.3 meters and more are considered as adults.
  • Thung Nham boat tour ticket: 20.000 VND per visitor
  • But Cave (Buddha cave) ticket price: 20.000 VND per visitor
Visiting Thung Nham Bird Garden

Entering the tourism area, you will see the boat ticket area. You can come to Nham Valley by two ways: going on a boat right from the beginning to Bird valley, rowers will take you through mountain cliffs and caves then But Cave.

Experience of Thung Nham Bird Garden, Ninh Binh in 2019 is that if you do not prefer boat trip, you can travel to Thung Nham Bird Garden by road.

Tourist map of thung nham bird garden

How to get to Thung Nham Valley

Travelling to Bird Valley Tam Coc from Hanoi, you can go by motorbike and coach, which is both very convenient. Below are some our recommendaitons for you to refer:

  • By coach: You can take a coach from Hanoi to Ninh Binh following the highway. When you reach Ninh Binh city, you can also catch a motorbike or grab a taxi to Nham valley. Coach fare is around 70.000  to 90.000 VND. Going from Ninh Binh station to Thung Nham Bird Garden costs around 50.000 VND.
  • By motorbike: From Hanoi you follow 1A highway to the three-way crossroad, you turn left and look at the instruction sign. From here you keep going to Thung Nham tourism area.
Thung Nham Bird Garden – Thung Nham Valley

Thung Nham Trip Recommendations: Travelling, Accomodaiton and Food

If you plan for Thung Nham visit of 2 days one night, you can consult one of the below places for staying:

  • Thung Nham tourism area offers a lot of logdings and facilities for staying over night as well as cuisine. Staying overnight here will give you the chance to visit all of places, Bird Garden in particilar.
  • For groups of travellers, there are also team buliding and fire – camping activities at night and
  • Besides, you can also combine visiting Nham valley with visiting Tam Coc beauty spot, Thien Ha cave and Bich Dong pagoda.
  • For the option not to stay overnight at Nham valley, kindly please check this article for finding the most suitable lodging: 9 Best Place to Stay in Ninh Binh 
  • For travellers who is visiting Thung Nham Bird Garden within a day, some interesting attractions are: But Cave, Vai Gioi Cave and Bird Garden. If you can not do sightseeing of Nham valley in the afternoon when birds get back to their nests after their hunt of food, you still can also visit this place at 3:00 pm although there are a fewer birds.
Rowing Boat Trip at Thung Nham Bird Park – Image Source: Vietnam Eco Travel

Suggested Itinerary for visiting Thung Nham Bird Garden for one day

In the morning: Exporing Nham Valley

Vai Gioi cave is located on the top of a mountain, 5000 square meters in width with 3 caves containing fanciful stalactite called as “ human life, hell and heaven”.

But cave is a natural one with 500 meters in width, in which there is But statue (Buddha statue) who appears like sitting next to the river

Birds at Thung Nham Valley

Middle of the day

Taking rest, having lunch and enjoy specialities of Ninh Binh

In the afternoon

Visiting Tien Ca cave and thousand  – year streblus asper  and banian tree , enjoying fruits and finishing the trip with Nham valley then back to Hanoi.

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We hope that this article will give the most detailed and complete experience for Thung Nham Bird Valley in Tam Coc area, Ninh Binh Province

How are you planning to explore the area? Share your feedback in the comments below!

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