Tam Coc literally means three grottos located in Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province. Once upon a time this place was full up with flapping sea waves, passing many centuries the waves eroded into the cliffs created different shapes of karst landscapes. The only way to visit Tam Coc by waterway which normally takes about 3 hours.

Far from Hanoi about 100 km, Tam Coc is known as the ‘Ha Long Bay on land’ is a great destination for your holiday in north of Viet Nam. In Tam Coc Ninh Binh you’ve got the perfect recipe for calm and impressed on this beautiful countryside.

Here below are some tips for you to arrange your trip to Tam Coc Ninh Binh

Best time to visit Tam Coc caves

Stunning Tam Coc River

In all seasons in one year you totally can plan your time to explore Tam Coc cave and Tam Coc river. But the prettiest period of time is in the spring from January to April in Viet Nam, this time will be preferred because of the comfortable weather and fresh air.

Another Best Time to Visit Tam Coc is from May to July when all Tam Coc rice fields are in harvest season. The beauty of Tam Coc now looks like a young lady’s long, soft, bright and yellow hair.

How to get to Tam Coc Ninh Binh

Generally visitors will come to Ninh Binh from Hanoi or Ha Long city so I will suggest some ways to go to NinhBinh as below:

From Hanoi city to Ninh Binh – 2 hours

By Shuttle bus

It gets easier for you to buy a bus ticket from Travel Agency in Hanoi or get one from your hotel. If you just use the shuttle bus to transfer to Ninh Binh then spending 1 day or few days you can buy 1 way tick or 2 ways tickets. In case you book a day trip Hoa Lu Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour the price includes transportation

By local bus

Some visitors are interested in experiencing as a local to save their cost for transportation a bit. So it is possible for you to catch a bus from Ha Noi to Ninh Binh province. You can go to Giap Bat bus station and find many bus companies with route to Ninh Binh. But, they will not drop you off in Tam Coc directly but stop at Ninh Binh bus station. From there you should take a cab to go to Tam Coc with the cost is not much expensive than motorbike. This way is not highly recommended for you because it’s complicated or you may receive poor service from public transportation.

By train

Ninh Binh Train Station

Everyday there are some train from Ha Noi  to Ninh Binh station. The earliest one usually starts at 6:00 am. One day in advance you should buy your train ticket at Ha Noi station

From Ha Long city – 5 hours

If you are looking a answer for question : How to get from Halong Bay to Ninh Binh. It’s to easy. After finishing your trip in Ha Long bay or Bai Tu Long bay with cruises you want to go ahead to Ninh Binh. Hiring a private car from Halong to Ninh Binh if your group is big is a good choice with reasonable price. The cost roundly 120USD/Car/Way

Another way is sharing minivan with other people. You can buy your tickets or book your private car with some Travel Agency or hotels. Or you can book Shutle Bus from Halong to Ninh Binh. This is tourist bus, not local bus, so you no worry about quality of bus. It runs from Halong at 12.00am from Halong City and from Tuan Chau Harbor. The cost roundy from 12USD/Pax/Way. It’s reasonable price for traveler who travel alone or a coupble. If you don’t know how to contact to them, you can drop your comment or send us an email or what’s : +84915815535. We make sure will help you to get best deal for you.

Another way is Local bus From Halong City to Ninh Binh Province. You can by the ticket at Halong bus station. They have 2 times : o6.00am and 12.00am. The cost from 120.000VND. But this will take longer time than Toursit Bus. Because they stop many time to get more customer
When you are in Ninh Binh, take a taxi to Tam Coc wharf directly. It takes about 20 minutes

Travel guideline in Tam Coc Ninh Binh

Tam Coc accommodation

Since the distance between Hanoi and Ninh Binh is quite short, it is easy to take Tam Coc day trip. However, if you want to stay overnight in Tam Coc there are also many hotels or homestays for you to choose.
Here are some clean and comfort hotels, homestays with many good reviews: Queen hotel, Chez Loan hotel, Ngoc Anh hotel, Tam Coc rice fields resort, Tam Coc garden homestay, the Reed hotel, the Vancouver hotel…

You can book it online on Agoda, Booking, Expedia.. It will help you get best accommodation in Tam Coc and it’s a easy way then you arrive Tam Coc and looking by yourself

What To Eat in Tam Coc 

On the way to visit Tam Coc, you certainly don’t want to miss a chance for trying some specialties Ninh Binh. Here are two main products you should try:
Meat goat: This dish is extremely nutritious and delicious because the goats live on the mountainside. They usually eat the leaves growing on the mountain.

Crispy rice: Special flavor

A tip for Tam Coc boat tour

Tam Coc Boat Tour

Take a Tam Coc Boat Tour is the only way for you to explore Tam Coc. Whilst visiting Tam Coc, you should discuss with the local boatman if you want to stop somewhere for taking photos, find out some panoramic views or climb Bich Dong pagoda…With a lot of experiences boat riders know where to stop and find best places for you to climb the cliffs. Mostly local people know how to speak English otherwise you should company with a local guide.

The provided information above is enough for you to prepare for a trip to Tam Coc Ninh Binh. If you need any further support, feel free to contact us. We are always be here to assist your special vacation in Viet Nam as well as in Tam Coc Ninh Binh!

Travel Guideline in Tam Coc Ninh Binh
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