Travel to Ninh Binh with Kids

Traveling to Ninh Binh with Kids: The Most Suitable Things to do for Families with kids

Ninh Binh is the perfect destination for the whole family to enjoy peaceful moments together. With just a 2-hour drive and 90 kilometers from Hanoi, Ninh Binh offers a plethora of captivating sites to explore. Families with children will find it to be the ideal vacation spot, as you can spend valuable time discovering the stunning natural beauty made up of many rivers, lush green rice fields, and towering limestone mountains.

However, it’s not always simple to travel with kids. As having over 15 years of experience in the tourism industry and having counseled thousands of travelers about tours in Ninh Binh, Hanoi Explore Travel can confidently assist you with any concerns you may have about traveling to Ninh Binh with kids.

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Best Ninh Binh Tour for Kid

Is Ninh Binh the right choice when traveling with kids?

As one of the top 4 tourist destinations in Northern Vietnam, Ninh Binh is an ideal option to spend a few days with your kids.

If you start your trip in Hanoi, which has all the hustle and bustle of city life, and you are looking for somewhere to get away from it, let’s head to Ninh Binh to experience the rural atmosphere. Here you can breathe fresh air, see rice fields, and take in the breathtaking natural scenery.

the most attractive places in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh has everything to please your family and is worth spending a few days there. Imagine nothing better than riding through small roads around quiet rural villages or relaxing in a bamboo boat on the river while taking in the stunning scenery of towering limestone mountains.

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How to get to Ninh Binh from Hanoi when traveling with kids?

Depending on your preferences and budget, there are a variety of options available, including trains, private shuttles, tour buses, and local buses.

By tour bus

Tour buses are an affordable, convenient, secure, and comfortable way to travel with kids. You don’t have to worry about your luggage because you can ask them to pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation.

There are a number of bus options available that you can select from, including shuttle buses and limousine buses.

If you travel with little luggage, it is recommended to take a 9-seat Limousine. There are no child seats on the bus but the seats are comfortable and safe.

The 17-seat Limousine with pick-up and drop-off service is a suitable choice for families with a lot of luggage.

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Limousine Bus from from Hanoi to Ninh Binh

By coach bus

Families with kids may find this to be an unsuitable option as it requires them to take a taxi to the Giap Bat bus station and look for the coach (the coach leaves at the exact time, but it may stop on the side of the road to pick up additional passengers). The bus station in Ninh Binh is the final stop.

From there, a taxi ride to your lodging will cost an additional 8 to 10 USD. This is not a highly recommended option because you will wind up wasting money and time.


Hotline/What’s App: + 84 974 805 797


By train

The procedure is similar to traveling by coach but the experience is quite different. It only takes 2 hours by train from Hanoi to Ninh Binh. The cost of each ticket is approximately 150,000 VND.

By private car

Taking a private car from Hanoi to Ninh Binh is a great option if your budget allows it.

Thelimousine bus ride costs about $12 USD per person, while the one-way transfer by private car is quite reasonably priced at just over $100 USD.

Tam Coc Ninh Binh in Sunset

Top Best things to do for Families with kids

Ninh Binh is one of the attractive tourist destinations that families should visit once. This location combines river tourism, cave exploration, temples, and relaxation. In particular, there is a famous Trang An Scenic Complex which has been recognized as part of the world cultural heritages by UNESCO. Let’s check out the should-not-miss locations below for families traveling to Ninh Binh with kids.

Cruising boat trip with Ninh Binh Private Tour

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Cycling around Tam Coc

Nothing makes you happier than taking your family and kids for a leisurely bicycle ride along scenic roads while you take in the tranquility of the Vietnamese countryside, complete with rice fields, limestone mountains, and historic pagodas. This activity will bring you a feeling of relaxation and peace.

cycling on tam coc golden rice field

In the event that your child is still too young to ride alone, child seats are also available for bicycles; however, arrangements must be made in advance.

It is advisable to make the trip early in the morning or late in the afternoon, particularly during the sweltering summer months.

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cycling is a most interesting for kids

Taking a bamboo boat ride in Tam Coc

When visiting Tam Coc, you will have the chance to take a leisurely and comfortable 1.5-hour boat ride on the Ngo Dong River. The boat ride departs from Tam Coc pier, making it convenient for tourists staying in the Tam Coc area, the most popular overnight destination in Ninh Binh.

The boat trip will allow you to visit 3 caves: Hang Ca, Hang Hai and Hang Ba and go past amazing limestone cliffs, rice fields and local houses.

Explore Tam Coc by Boat

Two adults and one or two children are permitted in each boat. Since children over the age of 12 are regarded as adults, your family might have to board two boats.

May and early June is the best time to see the golden rice fields during the harvest season. The scenery at this time is extremely impressive.

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Amazing boat trip in Tam Coc

Taking a boat trip at Trang An Scenic Complex

Tourists are drawn to Trang An Scenic Complex by its breathtaking mountain landscapes, small meandering rivers, and immaculate valleys. Ticket price to visit Trang An is 250,000 VND per adult and 100,000 VND for kids under 1.4 meters.

There are three boat tour routes that you can take to visit amazing caves.

  • First route: takes visitors through 9 caves and 3 temples (Trinh temple, Tran temple, Khong temple).
  • Route 2: passes through 4 caves – Cao Son Saint temple – Vu Lam palace – Tran temple – Suoi Tien Temple.
  • Route 3: passes through 3 caves, Trinh temple – Tran temple – Suoi Tien Temple – Vu Lam palace. Each boat tour lasts 2 – 3 hours.
    It is recommended to take the boat trip in the morning or afternoon after 3pm to avoid crowds and heat.
boat trip at Trang An Ladscape Ninh Binh

Climb to peak of Mua Cave Mountain – Mua Cave viewpoint

Hang Mua is known as the most beautiful viewing spot in Ninh Binh with stunning views of towering limestone mountains, green rice fields and the river. From the top of Hang Mua, you can view the Ngo Dong River, through which your bamboo boat ride passes.

There are 486 steps up to the summit. For children, it can be a little challenging, but the breathtaking vistas are worth every step.

The landscapes of Mua Cave Ninh Binh in summer

The higher you climb, the more caution you have to be when descending. It is preferable to hold your child’s hand and go down.

It is recommended to ascend the Hang Mua viewing point in the late afternoon, around 5pm to watch the sunset, especially in summer.
In spring, from March to early April, there may be fog, but the panoramic vistas are still spectacular.

Trekking at Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park, which is only an hour’s drive from the city center, is a fantastic place to hike through primeval forests, discover the diversity of flora and fauna, and more.

Learn more about various species of turtles and langurs at the Turtle Conservation Centre, as well as animals at the Endangered Primate Centre.

Cuc Phuong is a fantastic place for kids, offering many outdoor activities like a two-hour trekking through a densely forested jungle, leading to a tree that is believed to be 1,000 years old.

Your kids will undoubtedly find it fascinating to ride a bike through beautiful, poetic roads and be able to hear the chirping of birds.

If you have the time, ascend the 200 steps to the ancient cave’s entrance. Bring a flashlight because the cave is quite dark.

Cuc Phuong National Park in Summer

Bear sanctuary

Your kids certainly will enjoy this place. It is situated a few kilometers away from Cuc Phuong National Park, on the route to the park and founded by FOUR PAWS, a worldwide animal welfare organization. The reserve serves as a new home for many rare animals, especially bears rescued from bile farming and illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam.

You should contact them in advance to arrange a 45-minute to 1-hour guided tour of the reserve. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs at the store to support the center.

Thung Nham Bird Park

Thung Nham Bird Park is a lesser-known attraction but a perfect location for families traveling to Ninh Binh with kids. It has everything kids could possibly want to do, including hiking, biking, exploring limestone caves, boat rides, and plenty of photo opportunities.

Located 5 kilometers from Tam Coc, Thung Nham Bird Park is accessible by car, motorcycle and bicycle. Remember to arrive after 5 p.m. to witness the birds returning after a tiring day of travel.

Ninh Binh Walking Street – Hoa Lu Ancient Town

When you bring your kids here, you should definitely check out Ninh Binh Walking Street, one of the entertainment complexes with a lot of fun nighttime activities. In addition to the sparkling and fanciful decorations, there are also many unique friendly-kid activities such as: free music events on a big stage and kid-friendly play areas with a variety of games.

You can also purchase tickets for a bamboo boat ride on the lake with your family to take in the glistening and stunning sight of the rows of lanterns surrounding the lake, which resemble the ancient town of Hoi An. With the quiet, airy space, your family will have great moments of chatting and relaxing together. In particular, you will be able to shop at the stalls here in comfort and savor delicious street food.

Kenh Ga Hot Spring

This place is a famous mineral hot spring that holds the record for being one of the top 5 hot springs that attract the most tourists in Vietnam. Take your kids to Kenh Ga Hot Spring after a long day of sightseeing to unwind in the clear, mineral-rich spring water, which can reach a temperature of 53 degrees Celsius. This will provide your family with incredibly relaxing and healthful moments.

Traditional craft villages

In addition to discovering nature, the unhurried pace of life in Ninh Binh’s traditional craft villages offers an entirely different viewpoint. Craft villages specializing in carpentry, pottery, and mat weaving are like vibrant dots on a picture of Ninh Binh’s lush greenery. Your family shouldn’t miss visiting craft villages, getting to know skilled craftspeople, trying on handicrafts, and browsing the ancient capital’s unique merchandise selection.

Co Vien Lau

You should visit this place if you want your kids to gain a deeper understanding of the dwelling architecture and way of life of the ancient people of Northern Vietnam.

There are more than 20 ancient houses from various locations in Ninh Binh and other provinces gathered in the ancient Vietnamese village of Co Vien Lau. All of the homes are bold in traditional Vietnamese architecture from the 18th and 20th centuries. Co Vien Lau was meticulously restored to resemble an ancient village with its communal house, people’s house, reception hall, village gate, roads, and alleys.

Where to stay in Ninh Binh when traveling with kids

Depending on your preferences and budget range, you can choose from a variety of options, including hotels, resorts, bungalows, and homestays. However, we suggest booking lodging that has a garden, a pool, or is close to nature and has bicycles. Families with kids might consider the following accommodations:

  • An Eco Garden
  • Horizon Bungalow
  • Tam Coc friendly family homestay
  • Ham Rong homestay
  • Latila hotel
  • Le Clos du Fil Boutique Hotel & Spa
  • Tam Coc Condeluz Boutique hotel
  • Emeralda Resort near Van Long nature reserve
  • Tam Coc Garden resort
  • Ninh Binh Hidden Charm Hotel


  • Look for a place with a swimming pool if you’re traveling in the summer
  • Check if the room price includes bicycle rental or not
  • Request a mosquito net if staying in a bungalow
  • Check if the accommodation serves lunch and dinner
  • If you’re going to Halong Bay the next day, ask your accommodation to prepare to-go breakfast or check if they can serve breakfast early.

Top family-friendly tour options in Ninh Binh

Group Tours for Families

These are the tours that can conveniently leave from Hanoi or Ninh Binh, with a planned itinerary, time, and cost. You can save time by selecting a trip that meets your family’s preferences for both cost and locations. The cost of the tour typically includes lunch, the tour guide, the shuttle bus, and sightseeing tickets.

It should be noted that this type of tour is group-based, so the locations and time cannot be changed according to your preferences. We recommend that you choose small group tours with few people and taking a limousine will be much more comfortable and convenient for your family.

Below are the top-selling small group tours for families with kids. Don’t miss them!

Ninh Binh Private Tours for families with kids

For families with kids, a private tour is the best option if money is not an issue. With this kind of tour, you can easily request extra activities or special dietary needs, as well as be proactive about the departure time and destinations. Additionally, there won’t be any rush when you visit tourist attractions. A private tour will cost slightly more than a group tour, but it is worth-taking for your family!

We do hope this article will be of assistance to you in organizing a wonderful family vacation to Ninh Binh with kids.

If you are looking for a comfortable short trip to Ninh Binh, please contact the Hanoi Explore Travel Team for the best recommendations for your family trip.


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