The floating villages in Halong Bay are popular tourist attractions

The floating fishing villages in Halong Bay are popular tourist attractions and are regarded as some of the most enticing places to visit in the bay.

Among all the activities that take place in this bay, intriguing trips to the floating fishing villages are what, according to foreign tourists to Ha Long, draws their most attention.

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History of Floating Village in Halong Bay

  • In the past: Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay used to be home to a large number of floating villages. But, life in these settlements was extraordinarily hard and constrained, especially for school children. Therefore, the Vietnamese government made a lot of efforts to assist the locals relocate to the mainland by giving these families work and housing.
  • Nowadays: These fishing villages are now inhabited by just a few families that remain the same fishing traditions of their ancestors, which gives Halong Bay tourism a really unique and constant draw.
    Coming to Halong Bay, you will have a wonderful time visiting one of these floating villages. Floating villages are all great, but still different from each other. They are an important part of Vietnam’s network of floating villages and contribute to the dynamic ecosystem of Halong Bay.

How to get to a fishing village in Halong?

Halong Bay is unsurprisingly home to numerous fishing communities given that it is almost entirely surrounded by water and limestone rocks. The appearance of both well-known and obscure floating fishing villages brings wonderful sceneries and feelings for visitors. Here we will provide you with the best ways to reach the most beautiful and worth-visiting fishing villages in Halong Bay.

You can pick from a variety of tour packages, including Halong Bay overnight cruises for 1 or 2 nights, practically all of which include visits to floating fishing villages.

Visiting Floating village by a bamboo boat

Choosing one of the well-known Halong Bay cruises that frequently pass by one of the floating fishing villages is another alternative. As one of the more alluring activities on the trip, cruises frequently make a stop at a floating village. During the trip, visitors will have time for a little rest in the fishing village, which will be a wonderful opportunity for visitors to learn about the fishing culture of fishermen here and understand more about their daily lives.

Some locals will come and pick you up in their little bamboo boats when you get to these fishing villages. If you wish to gain a deeper understanding of both daily life and the distinctive cultural beauties of these villages, you can feel free to ask them for information and experiences.

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Best floating village in halong bay

Top 6 Floating fishing villages in Halong Bay that you should not miss

There are many options for fishing spots, however the most well-known fishing villages in the World Heritage Site of Halong Bay are listed below. The list is based on a variety of sources, including my own experiences and opinions.

Other recommended things to do in Halong Bay

Cua Van floating village – the largest and oldest fishing village in Halong Bay

  • Location: Hung Thang precincts, Halong City, around 20km from the mainland attached to both Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay.
  • The largest and oldest floating village in Halong Bay.
  • Top 10 beautiful seaside villages in the world by Travel + Leisure.

This village regarded as the priceless gem of Halong Bay, is one of the oldest and most picturesque fishing villages in the world. After traveling by boat for two hours, you will reach Cua Van Fishing Village, which is calmly situated between clear emerald sea and towering limestone mountains.

Cua Van Fishing Village – the largest village in Halong Bay

Coming to Cua Van floating fishing village, you will admire the pristine and peaceful natural scenery. The colorful houseboats, rafts, and boats that are connected to one another are the village’s main attraction in addition to the lovely surroundings. Moreover, you will have the chance to interact with the kind and hospitable locals. Visitors can row bamboo boats or kayaks to explore this beautiful village, observe the lives of the diligent fisherman, and take in the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay.

Booking a cruise ship is a great option for travelers visiting Cua Van floating village because of the village’s remote location from the mainland. Some cruises including the village on the itinerary are:

Recommened Cruises To Cua Van Floating Village

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Vung Vieng fishing village

  • Location: the center of Bai Tu Long Bay, about 24km from the mainland

Due to their distance from the well-known Cat Ba Island, Bai Tu Long and Vung Vieng Fishing Village are off the beaten path for tourists.

There are only approximately 50 families in the fishing village of Vung Vieng, which makes up 200 to 300 inhabitants.

Vung Vieng Floating Village

Numerous tourists go to the Vung Vieng region because it still has the rustic charm of a typical fishing village. Visitors can learn about local fishing activities and experience fishing themselves. In addition, you can take a kayak or sit on a bamboo boat rowed by locals to explore the untamed beauty and get close to serene nature.

If you accidentally visit the village of Vung Vieng at night, you can sit on bamboo boats beside a sputtering fire, listen to duets, release flowers and coloured lanterns for good luck, and watch locals at work under the moonlight.

Taking a cruise is the most popular way to visit this lovely fishing village. Why don’t you consider scheduling a cruise to this beautiful fishing village on Bai Tu Long Bay?

Cruises with itineraries to the village: 

Idyllic Ba Hang floating village

  • Location: The foothill of Dau Go island, close to Thien Cung cave, Ha Long Bay.

When you visit the fishing village of Ba Hang, you can enjoy fresh air, get to know friendly locals, and engage in distinctive farming and fishing activities.

The floating village is close to Thien Cung Cave, and day boat tours leaving from Hanoi or Tuan Chau Port make it simple to visit. You can explore the floating village and take part in water sports such as kayaking and swimming on this boat tour:

>>> Visit Ba Hang village with Halong Bay Day Tour

Ba Hang Fishing Village

Little-known Cong Dam fishing village

  • Location: Bai Tu Long Bay, in the Northeast region of Vietnam, far from the mainland.
  • The isolated and unspoiled fishing village of Halong Bay.

Cong Dam, a remote fishing village, attracts many tourists from around the world because of its untamed natural beauty formed approximately 340 million years ago.

Similar to other ancient fishing villages, Cong Dam Fishing Village features a few clusters of floating houses in many various colours dispersed against the backdrop of gorgeous mountains. There are over 120 locals residing here, and fishing is their primary source of living. Coming to the village, you can participate in a variety of fascinating activities. For instance, you can kayak or sit on a traditional bamboo boat through the village to take in its majestic surrounding beauty, explore caves, and soak up the sun on the beach.

To visit Cong Dam village, the most preferred option is to book a cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay that includes this location in the itinerary.

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Cap La floating fishing village

Cap La fishing village is located between Bai Tu Long and Halong Bay. The village has only 80 households with more than 200 people, most of whom are in difficult economic conditions and rely mostly on fishing for their living.

Visitors can take in the undiscovered beauty of numerous coral reefs, underground limestone cliffs, and underwater caves because tourism is not yet very developed in this area.

Here, visitors can go fishing with locals while interacting with them about their daily lives.

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Cap La Fishing village

Viet Hai fishing village – An enchanting village with countless entertainment activities

  • Location: Cat Hai District, Hai Phong Province, around 6 miles (10 km) from Cat Ba Town

The fishing village of Viet Hai is a part of Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island, and it is situated in the lush Cat Ba National Park. For many visitors to Lan Ha Bay, especially foreigners, the village is a must-see site. Natural landscapes, ecological attractions and a series of engaging activities are the most impressive features of Viet Hai Fishing Village.

Even though tourism is developing quickly in this village, farming and fishing remain the primary livelihoods of the locals. Viet Hai Village offers visitors with a variety of engaging activities. You can ride your bicycle around the meandering, tree-lined village roads and enjoy regional cuisine at traditional stilt houses and restaurants. Kayaking, swimming, canoeing, trekking, and cooking are also other activities you shouldn’t miss.

Cruises with itineraries to the village: 

Travel Tips To Halong Bay Fishing Village

The fishing village in Halong Bay is one of the most alluring features of this World Heritage Site, with values upheld through many generations. Here are some tips from knowledgeable locals to make the most of your time at these attractions:

  • To interact with local fishermen, only Cua Van and Vung Vieng floating villages are worth visiting because people in other villages have moved away.
  • Wear a life jacket and bring only light belongings if you go kayaking or rowing.
  • The best time to visit these floating villages is from September to November because the weather is mild and pleasant.
  • To visit these fishing villages, you can choose many tour packages from travel companies with a visit to fishing villages in the itinerary.
  • Another option for you is to take a journey to explore all of Halong Bay, stopping at a number of other well-known locations like Sung Sot Cave, Ga Choi Islet, Thien Cung Cave, and Bai Tho Mountain.
  • During the journey, you will have a stop at a fishing village, which will be a great opportunity for you to observe and learn about the daily life of the fishermen here.
  • Keep in mind to protect the environment of Halong Bay in general and floating villages in particular.

Floating Village is truly a should-not-miss destination in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Contact Hanoi Explore Travel Team if you would like additional details so that we can work together to help you get unforgettable experiences

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