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As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay should be included on every traveler’s itinerary to Vietnam. For those who are a lover of nature and adventure, your trip to HaLong Bay will not be complete if you miss undertaking scuba diving or snorkeling in Halong Bay to take in the beauty of the undersea world.

Halong Bay Snorkeling & Scuba Diving: Complete Guide

Halong Bay with numerous stunning coral reefs is inhabited by marine animals including starfish, holothurian, shrimp, fish, and other species. Visitors to this area have the option of booking a scuba diving or snorkeling tour to observe the stunning coral reefs at the ocean’s bottom and learn about underwater life.

That’s why Scuba Diving or Snorkeling is at the top of the to-do list when visiting Halong Bay.

Noted that:

  • The best time for diving or snorkeling activity in HaLong Bay is from May to November (or from summer to autumn). The water temperature ranges from 25 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius. During this time, the water is clear, making it possible to clearly see undersea life. In winter, due to the chilly conditions and low water temperatures in the north of Vietnam, diving activity will become considerably more difficult.
  • Coral reefs are normally found near Van Gio island, Cong Do island and Trai cave. These areas are therefore regarded as some of the top diving spots in HaLong Bay.
  • In addition to special tours including snorkeling offered by many cruise lines, tourists can also find local companies with scuba diving training services.

If you want to explore more of Halong Bay and enhance your travel experiences, our Tips for Things to Do in Halong Bay will give you further suggestions and practical advice to make your trip much more pleasurable.

Best Places for diving or snorkeling activity in Halong Bay

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Halong snorkeling in Halong bay

Lan Ha Bay

With 300 islands, Lan Ha Bay provides visitors with a variety of diving and swimming spots, including Turtle Island, Nam Cat Island, and Monkey Island. Nam Cat Islet is the best diving and snorkeling location of these top diving spots. Visitors can readily locate stores on the island that sell the equipment needed to participate in diving activity. White sand beaches, pleasant temperatures, and tranquil water are particularly present, adding to the beauty of your diving experience.

Cat Ba island

The island of Cat Ba, often known as “the pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin,” is now a must-visit destination for travelers. Cat Ba is by far the biggest island in HaLong Bay with a diverse coral reef system. The coral reef clusters that surround the island’s foot are home to many marine creatures such as red swamp bullfish, abalone, pearl oysters along with many vibrant shoals. This island is a promising place for a wonderful diving experience.

Cong Do island

Cong Do island in the Southeast of Ha Long is 25 kilometers from Bai Chay Harbor. It is regarded as one of HaLong’s most beautiful islands that remains its pristine beauty. The lagoon around Cong Do island is also home to many marine species like shrimps, crabs, squids and various aquatic plants.

Particularly, tourists coming here will have the chance to view the precious red coral which is rarely found in other islands.

Vung Ha island

Situated in the center of Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Ha Island is a large island between Vung Vieng fishing village and Luoi Liem island. In addition to its breathtaking landscape, Vung Ha Island is renowned as one of the few diving sites in Halong Bay. Tourists should not miss the diving activity here due to its calm and clear water which makes it easy to explore underwater life and see a variety of fish and other marine creatures in the area.

Van Don island (Cai Bau island)

Van Don island district is the largest, most populous and most developed in Bai Tu Long archipelago.

The Van Don district covers 551.3 kilometer square and 20 out of 600 islands and islets are inhabited. Cai Bau, lying close to Cam Pha town, is the largest island of the district with 17.212 hectares in size. All of the islands in Van Don are formed on limestone ground, mostly 200–300 meters above sea level with many beautiful caves.

Going snorkeling or scuba diving will definitely bring you memorable and wonderful moments.

Co To island

If you have the opportunity to visit Co To island, Quang Ninh province in summer, tourists should head to Hong Van beach to experience coral reef diving in Co To Park.

Co To Beach features clear and blue sea water, enigmatic coral reefs, schools of colorful fishes, which await tourists to explore.

Its crystal-clear waters make diving and viewing coral reefs considerably simpler. Those who enjoy exploring activities, this experience definitely will not disappoint you.

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Tips for a wonderful and safe diving trip

It is necessary to get to know the basics of diving if you take part in a diving activity for the first time. The physical state of the diver, the clarity and temperature of the water, the types of equipment required, and the various diving techniques all factor into diving or snorkeling activities. Here are some tips for diving.

  • Make a detailed plan for your dive, including an estimation of the maximum depth and dive time.
  • Ask a professional diving guide for some advice.
  • Wear a diving helmet with air supply
  • Before diving, get to know the weather to avoid any possible risk
  • It is better to book a diving tour from a travel agency

Why should we choose to book coral reef diving tours instead of free diving?

Advantages of booking diving tours

  • Include many services
  • Have a guide to ensure safety
  • No longer be concerned about getting lost in such a big tourist area when having no idea of where to go
  • Experience the full service without worrying about accomodation
  • Minimize the likelihood of fraud and overpayment

Compare between go diving freely and book diving tours to sightsee coral reef in Halong bay

Booking Diving Tour Go diving freely
  • Ensure safety during diving
  • Save time and money
  • Planned services

  • Have low level of safety
  • Find where to eat and stay by your own


We hope that the information provided above will be helpful to anyone planning to travel to Halong Bay, a wonderful tourist destination in Vietnam. And do not hesitate to contact Hanoi Explore Travel if you need any assistance with scheduling a cruise tour in Halong Bay or travel tours to any of the stunning locations mentioned above.


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