Ha Long Bay is an ideal destination that you can not miss when you plan a trip to Viet Nam – one of the seven wonders of the world recognized by UNESCO. With a sense of excitement and eagerness before entering this beautiful landscape, perhaps you are still worried about the safety of swimming in Ha Long Bay.

There is no better way to experience the wild nature of Ha Long Bay than swimming . Immersed in the cool emerald green water of Ha Long Bay, visitors will be so relaxed and comfortable.

Ha Long Bay is a safe place to swim because of calm water and visitors will be provided with useful equipment such as life jackets. Furthermore, the crew and staff of the ship will monitor you swimming to warn you of potential dangers. Bathing in Ha Long Bay is really great and refreshing.

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Why Halong Bay is an ideal destination for your vacation

Ha Long Bay is one of the most beautiful and impressive destinations in Viet Nam that you should not ignore . Ha Long Bay has twice been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage with a special scenic spot and one of the greatest natural wonders in the world.

Discover and admire for yourself: Cruise in Ha Long is a great opportunity to escape the busy life and be enchanted by nature.

Bathing in Ha Long Bay is an absolutely wonderful feeling . There is nothing better than cooling off the hot summer by swimming freely in the cool clear water.

Beside that it has many beautiful beaches with a collection of green limestone such as Titop Beach, Bai Chay Beach, … will make you fall in love immediately. These spots are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the landscape and sunshine.

Swimming in Halong Bay is a best activities

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Is it safe to swim in Ha Long Bay?

Bathing in Ha Long Bay is definitely the best experience I have ever tried in my life, a combination of the thrill and excitement of being immersed in the freshest water and relaxing in the midst of nature . However, there will still be risks, right? If you follow recommendations below, it’s surely give you a great experience and a safe way to swim in Ha Long Bay.

  • Do not go swimming alone, if possible. It is better to swim in groups as people around will help you if something goes wrong.
  • Ha Long water is about 19 to 25 degrees in a year so you can swim in winter. However, know how to stay warm after swimming in winter, otherwise you could catch a cold.
  • Don’t swim too early in the morning or early in the afternoon.
  • Know your own swimming skills to choose suitable beach activities.
  • If you are caught up in big waves, the best action is diving as deep as possible as when wave approaches. Then, once a wave crashes, swim ashore.
  • Only jump into the water after getting helpful information from the tour guide.
  • Do not swim where currents are known or when you do not know its depth.
  • Never swim while drunk. The effects of alcohol slow down your reactions and can lead to accidents.
  • Do not sunbathe for too long, you could get sunburned.
  • Children swimming under water should be supervised by their parents at all times.
Swimming in Halong Bay

Where to Swim in Halong Bay?

  • Titop Beach

The beach on Titop island is 14km from Bai Chay area. It has the shape of a full moon embracing the island, small but very quiet and suitable to relax.

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  • Ngoc Vung beach

Is an ideal beach for those who like an immense beach, far from the shore and not as polluted as others. Ngoc Vung beach is becoming more and more attractive to swim in Halong bay.

  • Tuan Chau beach

Although the beach on Tuan Chau Island is an artificial beach, it is nearly beautiful as the natural beach with white sand stretches 2km. It’s not so far from Halong city.

  • Bai Chay beach

An artificial beach locates in the center of Halong city. Bai Chay beach has a sandy beach more than 500m long, 100m wide, suitable for a lot of fun activities.

Swimming in halong bay in summer is a great choice

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Are there any water activities in Halong Bay?

  • Diving

Participating in scuba diving, foreigners can explore the mysterious beauty of the underwater world. Ha Long prides itself on biodiversity with thousands of gorgeous coral reefs and marine animals. Snorkelling in Halong Bay offers tourists a closer chance to touch these coral reefs and follow the fish’s path.

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  • Parachute fly over the sea

Long time in Ha Long, activities such as canoeing to serve tourists. Participants in this game will be able to sit on a parachute rope then hook the rope to a canoe to start the journey in the air and enjoy the panoramic view of the beach and nature on the sea . The activity is calculated by the organizers for safety by flying at an altitude of 50 meters and equipped with life jackets for players. Moreover, a rescue team is always on duty when problems arise. The feeling of landing, pounding yourself into the sea water will also bring you a very “cool” experience!

Try the thrills of riding a motorbike at sea
  • Calm and melodious kayaking

If you like the placidity, want to explore the panorama of Ha Long and go into the nooks and crannies to admire the beauty of this place, let choose Kayak. It’s easy to wriggle through islands and small caves, the boat will take you to visit each foot of rocky mountain, see with your own eyes the countless vivid scenery of the marine world under the clear blue water, sparkling the sun.

  • Try the thrills of riding a motorbike at sea

If you are a fan of speed sports but are afraid of danger, try the game of motorcycling at sea. The feeling  likes flying on each wave, then the curves of the body is really an opportunity for you to unleash your passion for speed.

You can ride one or two people on a scooter. After paying for 30 minutes or 1 hour, you will be instructed how to control the scooter, how to keep the steering … When you want the motorcycle to stop, just release your hand is safe.

  • Price: 800,000 VND/ 15 minutes
  • Location: Tuan Chau Beach, Titop Island.

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