Lan Ha Bay - Vietnam
Lan Ha Bay – Vietnam

Lan Ha Bay Map and Overview

  • Lan Ha Bay, roughly 30 kilometers from the city of Hai Phong, is located between the eastern part of Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay. From Cat Ba island, tourists simply need to take a 30-minute boat ride to get there.
  • Lan Ha Bay is made up of more than 400 islands and islets occupying an area of over 7000 hectares. It is well-known for its stunning natural beauty and many unspoiled beaches. Compared to the neighboring Halong Bay, Lan Ha is less touristy, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a more relaxed and serene experience.
  • Lan Ha Bay is a great destination for kayaking and biking, with several scenic routes and trails to explore.
    There are hundreds of pristine white-sand beaches in Lan Ha Bay for visitors who like to swim and relax.
    Some sandy beaches lie between two rocky mountains here, providing tourists with a peaceful and one-of-a-kind experience.
Lan Ha Bay Route Map

How to get to Lan Ha Bay

Tourists must travel to Cat Ba Island to get a boat to Lan Ha Bay. Nowadays, traveling to Cat Ba Island is quite convenient due to the abundance of expressways that save travel time.

From Hanoi to Cat Ba Island

  • Visitors departing from Hanoi must complete two routes in order to reach Cat Ba Island. The first route from Hanoi to Hai Phong is approximately 120 kilometers long. Then, proceed to the ferry pier and board a ferry for the 40-kilometer ride to Cat Ba Island. As the crow flies, the distance between Hanoi and Cat Ba Island is only about 130 kilometers.

From Hanoi to Hai Phong 

  • Via motorcycles: Getting to Hai Phong by motorcycles is a suitable option for those looking for different experiences. However, as motorcycles are not permitted on the Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway, you must take the National Highway 5A to Hai Duong before turning to Hai Phong and entering the automobile lane.
  • Traveling by public transportation: If you want to save energy for the trip, take a bus directly from Hanoi to Hai Phong. You can board the bus at Nuoc Ngam or Gia Lam bus stations. After arriving in Hai Phong, take the ferry to Cai Vieng from Got Pier. There will be a shuttle bus from the pier to the town of Cat Ba Island.

From Hai Phong to Cat Ba Island

  • Once in Hai Phong, you can choose an appropriate mode of transportation to Cat Ba Island. The distance between Hai Phong and Cat Ba Island is about 40 kilometers, so you can take a ferry or speedboat there and then a shuttle bus to the town. There are two ferry routes from Dinh Vu Wharf: Dinh Vu – Ninh Tiep and Ben Cat – Cai Vieng.

From Cat Ba to Lan Ha Bay

  • From Cat Ba Town, take a cab or a motorbike taxi to Ben Beo Pier. Here, buy tickets to visit the bay for 30.000 VND per person, then select a suitable means of transportation, such as private sightseeing wooden boats for 1.2 million to 1.5 million VND per boat. Also, if you only want to cruise around the bay and save money, you may take a motorboat, a suitable alternative for a small group.

If you travel from Hanoi to Lan Ha Bay, there are a couple of options available:

  • Travel to Cat Ba Island from Got Pier; this is an excellent option for individuals seeking independent adventures because you must arrange everything yourself.
  • Take a day trip and return to Hanoi the same day. The tour operator can provide a 1-day cruise tour that allows you to explore the breathtaking splendor of Lan Ha Bay, however it may be a little rushed for you.
  • Join an overnight cruise or, for a better experience, take a 3-day, 2-night trip. These package tours are an excellent way to learn more about each location.

Lan Ha Bay Weather

The climate in Lan Ha Bay is generally pleasant and cool all year round. The average temperature is between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius. Summer temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees, while temperatures range from 15 to 20 degrees in winter time.

Lan Ha Bay Weather

Best time to visit

  • From April through June: The weather is getting hotter and perfect for going to the beach. Also, the sea is calmer during this time of year, making swimming, relaxing, or recreational activities safer and more enjoyable.
  • July and August: These two months are when storms and tropical depressions often form in the North. Yet, there are still great days available for sightseeing and relaxation. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of the weather in order to avoid days of dangerous rough seas.
  • From September to April: This is the ideal time to visit Lan Ha Bay if you are seeking for a budget trip or a more peaceful experience. Even if it is winter, you can still engage in activities such as kayaking or climbing. Also, the number of visitors to Lan Ha Bay during this time is not too big, and the cost of travel is also cheaper.

What draws visitors to Lan Ha Bay? Best things to do in Lan Ha Bay

There are numerous tourist attractions in Lan Ha Bay, and here is the list of the most well-known sites that you should not miss.

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Best Places to visit in Lan Ha Bay

Kayaking at Luon Cave

Cua Van Fishing Village

Nam Cat Island

Van Boi Beach

Cua Van Fishing Village

  • Located about 12 kilometers from Ben Beo Pier, Cua Van fishing village is one famous attraction that you should not miss once you visit Lan Ha Bay. All of the houses and boats here are brightly colored, creating a one-of-a-kind picture of the fishing village.
  • Visitors will be able to participate in interesting activities such as rowing, casting nets, fishing, and catching shrimp with fishermen. Cua Van fishing village, as a result, always has a special allure to visitors.

Luon Cave

  • Luon Cave is a tourist attraction that offers visitors not only one-of-a-kind experiences but also a great opportunity to shoot numerous beautiful pictures. To access Luon Cave, you can take a bamboo boat or kayak through a bow-shaped limestone gate and enjoy the amazing beauty inside. A visit to Luon Cave will undoubtedly be an amazing experience in Lan Ha Bay.

Nam Cat Island

  • Nam Cat Island, known as a little paradise in the middle of Lan Ha Bay, is an ideal destination for visitors looking for an escape from the summer heat. The scenery here is so stunning that visitors are driven to astonishment and excitement. Coming to Nam Cat Island, you will be able to immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the sunrise, and participate in a variety of enjoyable activities such as swimming and kayaking. Furthermore, there are many bungalows built on the island attracting many visitors to unwind.

Monkey Island

  • To reach Monkey Island, visitors must take a boat from Ben Beo Pier via Cai Beo fishing village and many small islands. Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2 are two stunning beaches on Monkey Island. Visitors can climb to the mountain’s summit and take in the entire stunning Lan Ha Bay. On Monkey Island, you may not only be able to immerse yourself in the clear blue water, relax on white sandy beaches but also play with more than 30 naughty and friendly monkeys.

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Van Boi Beach

  • Van Boi Beach, located just opposite Turtle Island, has been dubbed the most beautiful beach in Lan Ha Bay. Tourists can lie down to unwind here all day and enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom and the colorful coral reefs underneath it. Everything on Van Boi beach has retained its pristine beauty, and the sea is calm, making it excellent for kayaking or diving to see the coral.

Turtle Island

  • Turtle Island is a small island in Lan Ha Bay that resembles a swimming turtle. The island is close to the route from Ben Beo Pier to Viet Hai Village.

Hon Chuong – Chuong Islet

  • Hon Chuong, also known as But Islet, Nen Islet, and Bap Chuoi Islet, is a beautiful islet on the way from Cat Ba Island to Cua Van fishing village.

Hang Sang & Hang Toi – Bright & Dark Caves

  • Bright – Dark caves are located on the border between Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay, in the Cat Ba archipelago. Kayak is a popular option for visitors to explore the Bright – Dark Caves. While the Bright Cave is lit by the sun, the Dark Cave is fairly long and filled with water, making passage impossible. After passing through a small gate, visitors will encounter a large lake with a lovely jade green color.

Ba Trai Dao Island – Three Peaches Island

  • This is an island in Lan Ha Bay that is known for its beautiful mountain landscape. It is called “Ba Trai Dao” island because of three little mountains around 20 meters high that resemble peaches. The water is clear enough to see the bottom, along with the shallow and airtight beach, making it ideal for activities like kayaking and swimming. When you come here, you will be able to view the strangely shaped limestone cliffs.

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BEST Activities in Lan Ha Bay

Bamboo Boat

Kayaking at Lan Ha Bay

Sunbathing on the beach

  • When visiting the bay’s stunning beaches, it is difficult to resist immersing yourself in the clear sea, lying on the white sand, under the green coconut trees, and enjoying the cool breeze.

Swimming and scuba diving to observe corals

  • Depending on the tour itinerary, the cruise will often stop at one of the limestone islands to allow tourists to swim in the crystal blue water.
  • Swimming from the cruise to the island, exploring the cave, then back to the cruise is an exciting experience.
  • The diving center at Monkey Island Resort also offers diving service. There are several options to pick from: 30-minute scuba diving with a personal trainer (1,000,000 VND/pax) or 600,000 VND snorkeling service to explore on your own.

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swimminh at Lan Ha Bay


  • Kayaking through the small islands by yourself will be an unforgettable experience in Lan Ha Bay. You can kayak near the foot of the rocky karsts, seeing the unique shapes of the karsts and enjoying the peace and quiet. For your convenience, here are several kayak rental locations:

Manh Nu rafting house (at Ben Beo Pier): Prices range from 50,000VND to 100,000VND per boat/person/day, depending on the type.

Cat Ba Venture: Located at No.223, 1/4 Street, Cat Ba Town.

In addition, there is a kayak rental location on Monkey Island where you may rent a kayak for two people for 50,000VND/boat with no time limit for paddling.

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Experience the overnight cruise

  • For those who want a deluxe experience, we recommend staying on an overnight cruise around Lan Ha Bay.
    You will have the opportunity to experience a yacht with space and service comparable to a floating boutique hotel.

Enjoy seafood

  • Fresh seafood farmed on rafts, such as cobia, crabs, mussels, abalone, and grouper, is also available for your enjoyment.

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Rock climbing

  • If you are an adventurous traveler, let’s try rock climbing and conquer the rough, steep cliffs of the bay. There are many different types and levels of climbing available, so you don’t have to worry about whether climbing is a suitable activity for you.
  • For this activity, tourists can choose from three popular climbing spots: Dau Be island (2 hours by boat from Cat Ba island); the cliff at Ben Beo Pier (2 kilometers from Cat Ba Town); and Ba Trai Dao island (22 kilometers from the tourist port).

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Visit a Floating Fishing Village

  • Visit the nearby Cai Beo floating village to learn about Lan Ha Bay’s long-standing culture and traditions. Locals here have long practiced fishing in the deep sea, which is navigated by its limestone mountains.

Watch the sunset on the deck

  • Enjoy your peaceful day as the sun sets over the bay’s undulating limestone mountains. The best sunset in the area may be found on Ba Trai Dao Island. The islets feature three small limestone formations that resemble three peaches from a distance and a unique bow-shaped beach.

Sunset on Lan Ha Bay

Fishing with Local

Fishing with the locals

  • Don’t miss going fishing with the locals if you want to learn about their way of life. As you participate in fishing activities with the locals, you will get the opportunity to try out fishing equipment and engage yourself in real fishing life. The chance to do something like that only comes along once in a lifetime.

Explore Caves

  • Lan Ha Bay is well-known not just for its limestone mountains, but also for its caves. Many beautiful rock formations, as well as stalagmites and stalactites can be found here. Among the bay’s caves, Dark Cave, Bright Cave, and Trung Trang Cave are the most magnificent ones.

Trekking and Cycling at Viet Hai Village

  • Trekking and cycling are the greatest ways to explore old houses, photograph the forest, or observe the activities of people and buffalos working in the green fields. The Vietnamese countryside scenery here is so charming and lovely that you will undoubtedly feel peaceful and enjoyable.

The most recent Lan Ha Bay ticket price.

Visitors must purchase tickets to visit the island, and there are several different types of tickets available. Each ticket type will consist of a predetermined sightseeing route with its own tourist attractions. Details are as follows:

  • Route 1: Ben Beo Pier – Monkey Island – Cai Beo fishing village – Ben Beo Pier
  • Route 2: Ben Beo Pier – Monkey Island – Cai Beo fishing village – Turtle Islet – Viet Hai – Quai To – Ba Trai Dao island – Dark Cave – Bright Cave
  • Route 3: Got pier – Gia Luan – Tra Bau – Ang Ong Cam – Dark Cave – Bright Cave – Gia Luan – Got pier
  • Route 4: Cat Ba Ferry Terminal – Cat Ong island – Thien Ung pagoda – Cat Ba Ferry Terminal

The ticket price to visit Lan Ha Bay is as follows

  • Adults: 80.000VND/ticket/turn
  • Children aged 6 to 9: 40.000VND/ticket/turn. Children under the age of 6: Free

Furthermore, if tourists want to visit and stay overnight in the Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Archipelago area, the following rates will be applied:

  • 1-night stay: 300.000VND/adult, 250.000VND/child.
  • 2-night stay: 450.000VND/adult, 350.000VND/child.
  • 3-night stay: 500.000VND/adult, 400.000VND/child.

The cost of renting a boat for a day trip

  • Hourly sightseeing boat: Renting cost ranges from 1.6 million VND – 1.8 million VND for a group of 10 – 20 people in 2.5 hours, or 2.2 million VND for a group of 25 – 50 people.
  • Half-day sightseeing boat: The boat trip lasts 4-6 hours and costs 2.5 million to 3.5 million VND for a group of 10 to 20 persons. A larger party of 25 to 50 individuals must pay between 3.8 million and 5.5 million for each boat.
  • Full-time sightseeing boat: The rental cost is 6 million to 6.5 million for each group of 10 to 20 people and 6.5 million to 9 million per group of 25 to 50 people. The total time spent on the boat is 8 hours.
Lan Ha Bay Cruise

Should I book the Lan Ha Bay tour or travel on my own?

  • Travel on your own: Many young travelers prefer this option when visiting Lan Ha Bay because their time and schedule are not limited. However, if you choose this option, you must plan everything on your own, from sightseeing tickets, boat rentals to meals. As a result, it is preferable to plan ahead of time to avoid any difficulties you may have while there.
  • Take a tour: If you don’t have a lot of time to arrange a thorough itinerary, taking a tour with a travel company is a better option. A transfer car to the harbor is provided for pick-up, and you only need to board the cruise to enjoy the excursion.

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How to explore Lan Ha Bay – Recommendation for Lan Ha Bay Cruises

Lan Ha Bay, like Halong Bay, is best explored by cruise because most of the attractions and seascapes are on water.
Furthermore, visitors may find traveling in a cruise to be extremely convenient because practically everything, from the itinerary to the dining menu, is pre-planned. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about what to eat, where to go, or what to do.

However, such a planned excursion may limit your independence, but you will have the fullest experience at Lan Ha Bay. There are some areas exclusively known by locals, and only reached by boat. Lan Ha Bay cruises are both convenient and relaxing because they offer full facilities and you don’t have to worry about where to eat or where to stay.

It will, however, be difficult for you to do your own research on the cruises that operate in Lan Ha Bay. As a result, we’d like to suggest a few suitable options for this wonderful bay trip.
On the list recommended, itineraries will range from a day tour to an overnight tour, so you can consider and pick the one is best for you:

A day tour to Lan Ha Bay – Hanoi Explore Travel

  • As a local travel company, our objective is to assist tourists in making travel plans and to deliver the finest service to customers, giving you a better view of our country. We have a team of knowledgeable, well-trained, and enthusiastic tour guides that can share a wealth of information about the people and culture with you. We are also proud to be an organizer specializing in Northern Vietnam excursions with excellent service and competitive pricing.
  • A day journey to Lan Ha Bay allows you to view enchanting but less touristy areas of the Cat Ba archipelago. The beautiful splendor of the idyllic Lan Ha Bay will surely astound you, and you will be able to engage in several exciting activities like swimming, kayaking, making Vietnamese traditional food, or visiting a fishing village.
  • The tour departs at 9:30 a.m from Tuan Chau International Cruise Marina or 8:00 a.m from Cai Beo Wharf. On the 8-hour tour, you will be able to participate in some activities such as go kayaking, swim on the beautiful beach at Ba Trai Dao Island, or explore Monkey Island…
  • Depending on the itinerary you select, a lunch from a set menu or a buffet will be included. There is also a small Sunset Party that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

What is included in the Lan Ha Bay day tour?

  • Lunch with seafood dishes will be served as a set menu or as a buffet depending on the tour.
  • Shuttle bus from the town center to Ben Beo Pier (with tour departing from Cat Ba)
  • 4-hour boat visit or 8-hour boat visit depending on the itinerary you choose
  • Tickets to visit Lan Ha Bay and attractions of the sightseeing route.
  • Professional Tour guide

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2-day, 1-night Lan Ha Bay Tour

Taking a Lan Ha Bay cruise is an excellent choice for your holiday because you may not only participate in numerous activities at sea, such as dawn and sunset watching and stargazing, but you can also have romantic parties for your beloved.

Here are the highlights of a typical cruise tour:

  • Participate in sea exciting activities such as using float house, kayaking
  • Enjoy a luxurious buffet
  • Stay overnight on the Bay
  • Do morning yoga
  • Take “check-in” photos on the cruise

Some reliable cruises with excellent service:

Stellar of the Sea Cruise

  • This is a luxurious yacht with 22 classy rooms in 4 different room categories, each with a size ranging from 28 to 60 square meters. The cruise provides tourists opulent amenities like a swimming pool, golf course, cigar cellar, kids’ play area, and a system of restaurants and bars that meet international standards.

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Le Theatre Cruise

  • Le Theater Cruise is a 5-star standard yacht with an elegant and opulent design. There are 21 luxurious rooms, each with a private balcony and a space of between 25 and 40 square meters. The yacht also has a cutting-edge restaurant and bar.

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Scarlet Pearl Cruise

  • Rated as a 5-star cruise on Lan Ha – Ha Long Bay, Scarlet Pearl
    Scarlet Pearl Cruise, a 5-star cruise in Lan Ha Bay in Ha Long, satisfies tourists with its opulence, elegance, and unique experiences. The 23-room, four-floor yacht offers all the modern amenities, including a gym, a massage area, a restaurant, and a bar.

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What to eat in Lan Ha

Geoduck Clam

Oven-roasted sentinel crabs

Squid in Lan Ha

Mantis shrimps

Tu hài (Geoduck Clam)

  • Geoduck Clam is a type of shellfish that has a crispy, chewy, and fragrant flavor and can be served in a variety of dishes such as grill, salad, and porridge. This is a specialty found only in Cat Ba and is frequently expensive.

Ghẹ Rang Muối – Oven-roasted sentinel crabs with salt

  • This crab food is not only unique to Lan Ha Bay, but it is also highly juicy and delicious, making you long remember it. The flavor of this seafood is suited to any palate because it is perfectly seasoned with salt.

Mực – Squids

  • Squids can be prepared in a variety of ways: boiled, steamed, lightly blanched in hot water, dipped in vinegar… The most famous dish, however, is the deep-fried spicy squid.

Bề bề – Mantis shrimps

  • Mantis shrimps can be found in almost all sea areas in Vietnam, however the ones in Lan Ha are known to be quite big, have glossy shells and their flavor is enhanced greatly after cooking. Aside from steaming with beer, fresh mantis shrimp shaken with garlic or fried with lemongrass and chili are all exceptionally fragrant and delectable.

Green mussel grilled with spring onions

  • “Vem,” scientifically known as Perna viridis, is a type of green mussel that pairs well with grilled spring onions and peanuts. Fresh mussels, properly grilled, can entice your senses from afar. When you go close to the eateries, the color completion of the food may tempt you to sample it, and then the flavor will catch your taste buds.

Tips for visiting Lan Ha Bay

  • If you decide to spend the night on Lan Ha Bay, bring some warm clothing with you because it might get cold at night.
  • If you’re not sure about the price, be wary of any invitation to go squid fishing. Typically, the cost is around 500.000VND/6pax.
  • Thoroughly research and consider before booking any service in Lan Ha Bay
  • To ensure that rooms are available, make your cruise reservation at least 7 – 15 days in advance.
  • Above are all of the best Lan Ha Bay travel experiences. We hope you find it informative and have a pleasant but cost-effective trip.


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