10 best coffee shop in ninh binh

Top 10 Beautiful and Unique Coffee Shops in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh province is renowned among both locals and visitors for not just popular tourist destinations, regional specialties but also its beautiful and unique coffee shops. With the proliferation of coffee shops, many people will wonder how to find a good coffee shop with a nice setting for drinking. This article will help you find out the answer. Let’s discover the top 10 beautiful and unique coffee shops in Ninh Binh!

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May Cafe & Bakery

  • Address: 02 Le Hong Phong Str, Dong Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh
  • Open on Google Map
  • Reference Price: From 40.000VND – 80.000VND
  • Opening Hours: From 07.00am to 22.00pm

Located in a prime location on Le Hong Phong street, one of the busiest streets in Ninh Binh city, this coffee shop is right next to the campus of Trang An Hotel.

The 2-floor coffee shop is a combination of modern and classic styles. Inside the coffee shop, there are several distinct spaces with varying capacities, providing visitors with a range of seating options. Seating in the balcony, where there are no partitions to limit the space, is ideal for viewing the crowded street full of automobiles.

Otherwise, the back area on the first floor will be best suited if you prefer to be quiet and relax. Curtains, reading lamps, and unique books are all available in this area. You can also opt to sit in the middle of the coffee shop – the skylight area – to be immersed by nature.

This space is naturally decorated with many miniatures and items, giving visitors a sense of comfort. Furthermore, if you want to see everything from above, the second floor is a really nice place to sit. The drinks of this coffee shop are mostly coffee-related, such as capuchino, latte, and so on.

May Cafe & Bakery is definitely an ideal place to go if you’re looking for a coffee shop with a coffee machine in Ninh Binh.

may-coffee-ninh-binh May-coffee-in-ninh-binh

Mau Dich – A vintage-style coffee shop

  • Address: No 05/75 Lane , Luong Van Tuy Str, Ninh Binh
  • Open on Google Map
  • Reference Price: From 30.000VND – 150.000VND
  • Opening Hours: From 07.00am to 22.00pm

Just by hearing the name “Mau dich” (which is a commonly-used phrase in the past), visitors might visualize the vintage design of this coffee shop.

Its space exudes nostalgia about the rustic and genuine beauty of ancient Vietnam. Everything in the coffee shop, including the antique chairs and tables with red peacock pattern chair cushions, TV cabinets, vintage radios, and French-style green wooden window frames, seems to transport you to the wartime.

mau-dich-coffee-shop-ninh-binh mau-dich-coffee-shop

Cafe DuBai – A unique cafe in Ninh Binh.

  • Address: Ninh Khanh Ward, Ninh Binh
  • Address: No 05 – 75 Lane , Luong Van Tuy Str, Ninh Binh
  • Open on Google Map
  • Reference Price: From 30.000VND – 150.000VND
  • Opening Hours: From 07.00am to 22.00pm

Located in Xuan Thanh urban area, Cafe Dubai with the view of the castles, is a new check-in place in Ninh Binh for visitors, especially for those who love photography.

This coffee shop has both outdoor and indoor spaces that are decorated in a Mediterranean style with tree backgrounds and lovely textures painted on the walls. Coming here, you will certainly be able to capture many beautiful photographs.

dubai-coffee-in-ninh-binh dubai-coffee-shop

Tu Tu Coffee – A beautiful coffee shop in Ninh Binh

  • Address: 14/ 248 Ngo Gia Tu Str, Ninh Binh
  • Hotline: + 84 988 358 635
  • Open on Google Map
  • Reference Price: From 30.000VND – 150.000VND
  • Opening Hours: From 07.00am to 22.00pm

Located is near the old Ninh Binh station, has a unique background of industrial objects and classic-style decor. The shop is small but has many outdoor and indoor private areas for you to sit.

The drink has a great flavor and is sweet to a moderate degree. In addition to the tasty menu, the unique setting and enthusiastic owner may be the elements that draw visitors in.

tu-tu-coffee-shop tu-tu-coffee-shop-ninh-binh

Chago Tea & Cafe

  • Address: 32 Dinh Tat Mien Str, Ninh Binh City
  • Hotline: + 84 229 3888 866
  • Open on Google Map
  • Reference Price: From 35.000VND – 150.000VND
  • Opening Hours: From 07.00am to 22.00pm

Since its inception, Chago Tea & Cafe has been attracting young people in Vietnam with cups of milk tea. They have a strong natural tea and rich milk flavor, as well as pearls, which are the soul of each milk tea cup. Chago Tea & Cafe is well-known in Ninh Binh, not only for the taste of tea, but also for the space given.

Although Chago Tea & Cafe is a well-known coffee shop chain, it keeps offering the most professional service. The coffee shop features seven unique floors, each of which suggests youthfulness and dynamism.

In particular, visitors can enjoy a free musical exchange on the fifth floor and a panoramic view of Ninh Binh from the seventh floor. For those who enjoy photography, this coffee shop is a should-not-miss place.

chago-tea-ninh-binh chago-tea-ninh-binh

X Garden Cafe

  • Address: 26/Lane 2, Ton Duc Thang Str, Ninh Binh City
  • Hotline: + 84 943 669 866
  • Open on Google Map
  • Reference Price: From 35.000VND – 150.000VND
  • Opening Hours: From 07.00am to 22.00pm

Also located in the city center, this place attracts visitors by the space in harmony with nature. In the heart of the city, it is not easy to find a cafe with charming and romantic natural scenery. This is the most luxurious cafe in Ninh Binh city, with most of the seating outside.

The trees around the shop will offer a great background to take photos and also cools down our souls. Visitors can enjoy watching the goldfish swim in the café’s artificial goldfish-filled lake. In particular, Xcafe has a stage that may be used for amazing birthday celebrations.

xcoffee-garden xcoffee-garden

Dylanjet Coffee

  • Address: 255 Luong Van Thang Str, Ninh Binh City
  • Hotline: + 84 1900 9445
  • Open on Google Map
  • Reference Price: From 35.000VND – 150.000VND
  • Opening Hours: From 07.00am to 22.00pm

Dylanjet Coffee is a famous cafe in Ninh Binh with a one-of-a-kind design style. The cafe’s design is inspired from an airplane cabin, which arouses visitor’s curiosity to experience.

Coming to Dylanjet, you will be lost in a polite and luxurious space with elaborate decorations. The layout of the cafe is a balanced mixture between modern and classic styles. Choosing cold tones as the main color tone and then using yellow lights to illuminate, the design team has done a great work to show their creativity and flexibility in design.

Every little corner, every little detail in the cafe shows the owner’s interest in the space. This will be a great gathering spot for young people in Ninh Binh.

Apart from the unique setting, Dylanjet Coffee also ensures the quality of drinks and professional service staff from gestures to costumes.

Gac Xep Coffee

  • Address: 77 Van Giang Str, Ninh Binh City
  • Hotline: + 84 389 932 046
  • Open on Google Map
  • Reference Price: From 35.000VND – 150.000VND
  • Opening Hours: From 07.00am to 23.00pm

This is a cafe with a unique and beautiful structure. It is named Gac Xep (which means “loft”) since it only has two storeys and must be divided into blocks with loft-like space to expand. The cafe is small, and the majority of the interior is made of wood.

It also contains many lovely artificial flower pots, perfect for those who love photography.
The drinks here are pretty good and reasonably priced. Additionally, there are some extremely tasty desserts here, making those who have come before want to return.

racer-coffee-in-ninh-binh racer-coffee-ninh-binh-1

Racer coffee

  • Address: No 10, Lane 1, Tran Phu Str, Ninh Binh City
  • Open on Google Map
  • Opening hours: 7:30 am – 11:00 pm
  • Hotline: +84 912 515 098 or +84 982 110 995

Is a cafe that attracts visitors not only for its drinks but also for extremely interesting experiences. The shop is decorated in a dusty style, displaying items related to racing motorcycles such as: helmets of all kinds, repairing tools,…

Besides, this is a gathering place for Racer-holics to exchange, experience, and learn. Located on the edge of Bien Bach Lake, Van Giang Ward, the cafe offers an airy space and a view of the lake in front.

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